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deutsch My thoughts about hydrogen
filling stations
Philippines A visit at the BATAAN Nuclear Power Plant in The Philippines,
February 2019  
english NEW! Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden  
english Visit to NOORo I to III
in Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference  
english The Hydrogen Energy Summit 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand (via Skype)
english Arno's Interview
 @ Hannover Messe 2017
deutsch 1. Klimaschutzkongress
auf der Insel Sylt
Arno's and Juan's Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Arnos und Juans Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Interview with Arno: This book is the crowning of my life's work
Interview mit Arno: Dieses Buch ist der krönende Abschluss meines Lebenswerks
About "Our" Energy- Infrastructure on the way to Energiewende
Arnos Vortrag:
Sind wir noch zu retten?
kulturstudio: Klartext No 50 - Arno A. Evers - Energiewende auf der Erde
Arno's EnergieGedanken
jetzt auch auf YouTube!
Fernseh-Sendung zum Thema Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen
Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany, the founder and to all members of the German Ethics Commission "Secure Energy Supply"
Offener Brief an Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin, die Gründerin und alle Mitglieder der Ethikkommisson "Sichere Energieversorgung"
Carta abierta al Angela Merkel, Canciller Federal de Alemania, fundador y miembros del Comité de Ética Alemán convocado por la Canciller de Alemania para “Asegurar el abastecimiento de energía”
Invitation to WORKerence
Visits at MagneGas™
Arno was invited speaker at WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
September 25-30, 2010
Arno's Activities on LinkedIn
Arno's Blog
Arno received the Hydrogen Award
for his Lifetime Contribution to Hydrogen Energy...
It`s all about Energy:
Energy Images
Objective and unbiased
Information Graphics
1. Energy Balances
1.1 World Energy Balance
1.2 Energy Balance in Germany
2. Production of hydrogen
2.1 Hydrogen from direct solar
2.2 Hydrogen from renewable energies
2.3 MagneGas™ from renewable energies
2.4 Hydrogen from fossil fuels
2.5 Hydrogen from nuclear energy
3. Production of electricity
3.1 Electricity from hydrogen
3.2 Electricity from renewable energies
3.3 Electricity from fossil fuels
3.4 Electricity from nuclear energy
4. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells on their way to commercialisation
4.1 A proposal to future energy supplies
Your Personal Power Provider (3P+)
4.2 Virtual Power Plant
5. Four steps to a new Energy Supply
5.1 Revolution in the garage
5.2 The cars are the keys
6. Energizing the world
6.1 Energy Efficiency
6.2 Global Energy Consumption
6.3 Digital Technologies and Consumer Electronics
6.4 Exampl. from Aircraft/Mining Industries
7 The 15 biggest global players
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H2/FC Links
Visits and Workshops
Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden
Visit at the Italian demonstration plant of MagneGas™ on February 7th and 8th, 2011
Hydrogen Plant of Emirates Industrial Gases Co. Ltd ( EIGC) at Dubai, UAE
Huerta Solar en Tabernas, Spain, October 2009
Andasol, Spain, October 2009
Antares DLR H2, Stuttgart, Germany, September 2009
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt eV, Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Technical Thermodynamics (ITT) Institute of Vehicle Concepts Stuttgart, Germany, June 2009
Brennstoffzellen-Boote für den Freizeitbereich, Hochschule Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany June 2009
AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Burnaby, BC, Canada June 2009
Powertech Labs Inc., a: "... wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro (a Crown corporation of the Government of British Columbia), Surrey, BC, Canada June 2009
Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spain
How Airbus conquered the
US market in the 70s
The Arecibo Observatory
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Hat Creek Radio Observatory,
Hat Creek, CA, USA
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV, USA
Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk, NC, USA
Fuel Cell Bus Trial, Perth, Australia
California Hydrogen Highway, USA
SPACEFEST 2009, San Diego, USA
Impressions from worldwide Conferences, which we attended to promote the commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells:
#117 2nd Edition of Internationalflag
Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy
#116 2020 6th International flag
Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2020), 24-26 February 2020, Hanoi, Vietnam
#115 4th Annual ASEAN Solar + flag
Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019 14- 15 Nov, 2019 The Bellevue Manila, Philippines
#114 SFERA-III 1st Summer School &flag
Doctoral Colloquium at CNRS-PROMES in Odeillo, France
September 9th-13th, 2019
#113 Starmus V, June 24 – 29, 2019flag
Zurich, Switzerland a global festival of science communication and art
#112 Visit to NOORo I to III in flag
Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference, October 6, 2018
#111 The Hydrogen Energy Summit flag
2018 Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand Arno's presentation: Off the Grid – Unveiling new ways for our Energy supply January 26, 2018
#110 1. Klimaschutzkongress auf der
Insel Sylt
25. September 2015 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Eine „Insel- Lösung“ für Sylt? Neue Wege zur Energieversorgung der Insel Sylt
#109 6. Hamburger Klimawoche
29. August 2014 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Physikalische und Gesellschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen der Energiewende
MesseKongress RegioEnergie+++ flagDreieich 2012
9. September 2012
Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Sind wir noch zu retten?
#107 WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
September 25-30, 2010

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Oct 2010
#106 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference WHEC 2010,
May 16 - 21

Essen, Germany

Jun 2010
#105 "Bright Horizons 6" - A Journey
to the Edge of the Cosmos

Eastern Caribbean

Dec 2009
#104 2009 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Palm Springs, CA, USA

Nov 2009
#103 Fuel Cell Technologies:
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Nov 2009
#102 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany
Sep 2009
#101 SolarPACES 2009
Berlin, Germany
Sep 2009
#100 5th Annual Hydrogen Implementation Conference
Charleston, WV, USA

Aug 2009
#99 Intersolar North America
San Francisco, CA, USA

Jul 2009
#98 European FUEL CELL FORUM 2009
Lucerne, Switzerland

Jun 2009
#97 HFC2009
Vancouver, Canada

Jun 2009
#96 telescon 2009
Vienna, Austria

May 2009
#95 Hydrogen Works
San Diego, CA, USA

Feb 2009
#94 ICEPAG 2009
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Feb 2009
Milan, Italy

Nov 2008
#92 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Oct 2008
#91 H2Expo
Hamburg, Germany

Oct 2008
#90 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 2008
#89 INTELEC 2008
San Diego, CA, USA

Sep 2008
#88 2008 Formula Zero Championship
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Aug 2008
#87 HyForum 2008
Changsha, P.R. China

Aug 2008
#86 WREC X 2008
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Jul 2008
#85 KMCM 2008
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jul 2008
#84 Lucerne FUEL CELL FORUM 2008 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jun 2008
#83 17th World Hydrogen
Energy Conference (WHEC) Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Jun 2008

The role of the young generation ...
#82 Renewable Energy Asia
Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
Jun 2008
#81 Selected Hydrogen Fueling Stations in California, USA USA
Apr 2008
#80 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2008USA
Sacramento, CA, USA
Mar / Apr 2008
#79 FC EXPO 2008 Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2008
#78 Der 4. Deutsche Wasserstoff Germany
Congress 2008
Essen, Germany
Feb 2008
#77 ISEPD 2008 Korea
Changwon, Korea
Jan 2008
#76 20TH World Energy Congress & Exhibition Italia
Rome, Italy
Nov 2007
#75 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Italia
Montecatini Terme, Italy
Nov 2007
#74 2007 Fuel Cell Seminar & ExpositionUSA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Oct 2007
#73 KOREA ENERGY SHOW 2007 Korea
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Oct 2007
#72 Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium GB
London, UK
Sep 2007
#71 Solar Tech India 2007 India
New Delhi, India
Sep 2007
#70 SES-Fachtagung
Zurich, Switzerland
Aug 2007
#69 HFCE 2007 China
Shanghai, P.R. China
Jul 2007
#68 IHEC 2007 Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Jul 2007
#67 KMCM 2007 Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Jul 2007
#66 Kick Off Meeting zur Leitinnovation Mikrobrennstoffzelle Germany
Munich, Germany
Jun 2007
#65 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2007: International Conference &
Trade Show
Vancouver, BC, Canada

April / May 2007
#64 GENERA - Energy and Environment International Fair
Madrid, Spain
Feb / Mar 2007
#63 World Renewable Energy Congress [WREN]
Fremantle, Australia
Feb 2007
#62 Environment 2007
Exhibition & Conference UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jan 2007
#61 2nd Annual Fuel Cells Durability & Performance 2006 USA
Miami Beach, FL USA
Dec 2006
#60 EDTA Conference & Exposition USA
Washington, DC, USA
Nov 2006
#59 The Fuel Cell Seminar USA
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Nov 2006
#58 Fraunhofer Symposium
Berlin, Germany
Oct 2006
#57 Renewables to Hydrogen Forum USA
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Oct 2006
#56 Alternative Transport Energies Conference Australia
Perth, Western Australia
Sep 2006
#55 Power-Gen Asia China
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sep 2006
#54 World Renewable Energy
Congress IX and Exhibition Italy
Florence, Italy
Aug 2006
#53 R&D in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in Germany and Europe Germany
Clausthal, Germany
Jul 2006
#52 Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum 2006 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jul 2006
#51 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) France
Lyon, France
Jun 2006
#50 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference
Long Beach, CA, USA
Mar 2006
#49 FC EXPO 2006
Tokyo, Japan
Jan 2006
#48 Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen im Automobil
Essen, Germany
Apr 2006
#47 Fuel Cell Seminar
Palm Springs, USA

Nov 2005
#46 Internationale ASUE-Fachtagung
Essen, Germany

Nov 2005
#45 EHEC 2005
Zaragoza, Spain

Nov 2005
#44 Fuel Cell Summit:
A Road Map to Commercialization
Uncasville, CT, USA

Oct 2005
#43 2005 Grove Fuel Cell Symposium
London, UK

Oct. 2005
#42 WHTC 2005 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Singapore, Singapore
Oct. 2005
#41 f-cell 2005, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2005
#40 The 27th International Telecommunications Energy Conference - intelec '05
Berlin, Germany

Sep. 2005
#39 IHK Nord Wasserstoff – Tagung
Lübeck, Germany

Sep. 2005
#38 ICHS - International Conference on Hydrogen Safety , Pisa, Italy
Sep. 2005
#37 IHEC-2005
International Hydrogen
Energy Congress & Exhibition

Jul. 2005
#36 93. Bunsen Kolloquium
Jun. 2005
#35 European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (HFP)
Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 2005
#34 Cairo 9th International Conference on Energy & Environment
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Mar. 2005
#33 1st International Fuel Cell Expo
Tokyo, Japan

Jan. 2005
#32 H2PS: The 2004 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum,
Washington, DC, USA

Dec. 2004
#31 Impressions from Shanghai
Nov. 2004
#30 Renewable Energies China incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
Shanghai, PR China

Nov. 2004
#29 Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004
Oct. 2004
#28 Energy Asia 2004
Oct. 2004
#27 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004
Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, ON, Canada

Sep. 2004
#26 Meetings in Singapore,
Sep. 2004
#25 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Futures Conference, Perth, Australia
Sep. 2004
#24 Exhibiting at World Renewable Energy Congress VIII
Denver, CO, USA

Sep. 2004
#23 Arno presenting at ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA, USA
Aug. 2004
#22 Promotion of FP6, for European Union, Delegation of the European Commission, Shanghai
Jul. 2004
#21 IHK Energy-Podium 2004
Jul. 2004
#20 15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC15)
Yokohama, Japan

Jun. 2004
#19 Impressions from the
Energy Forum 2004
Varna, Bulgaria

Jun. 2004
#18 Impressions from HYFORUM
May 2004
#17 Impressions from Dubai
United Arab Emirates

May 2004
#16 Impressions from Argentina
May 2004
#15 Promoting Hydrogen Production from Patagonia, Argentina
May 2004
#14 Impressions Zhuozheng Garden
in Su Zhou

Mar. 2004
#13 H2PS: The 2003 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#12 Impressions from
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#11 Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF), Shanghai, P.R. China
Nov. 2003
#10 Energy Asia 2003
PTC Asia 2003
CeMAT Asia 2003
Factory Automation Asia 2003
Shanghai, P.R. China

Nov. 2003
Nov. 2003
#8 NESC 2003 - 6th Int'l Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions
Nov. 2003
#7 Impressions from Busan

Nov. 2003
#6 2003 Fuel Cell Seminar
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Nov. 2003
#5 Impressions from Shanghai, Beijing, P.R. China
Nov 2003 - Jul. 2004
#4 f-cell forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2003
#3 Hypothesis V, Porto Conte, Italy
Sep. 2003
#2 1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France
Sep. 2003
#1 Cooperation for Energy Independence of Democracies in the 21st Century
Jerusalem, Israel

Aug. 2003
Shanghai International
Industry Fair (SIF) 2004

International Meeting Point with Conference, Renewable Energies China, incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, Shanghai, China  
In memoriam: Daniela Peschka
In memoriam: Ludwig Boelkow
Corporate Information
International commercial visitors 2005
Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
April 11-15

(some examples only. sort columns by clicking on (+) or (-))
+ Flag - + Job_Position - + Company - + Country - + City - + State -
General Manager System Components Business Area Automation Products NL Automation Technologies Division BeneluxABB B.v.The NetherlandsRotterdam 
CEOAccaGen SASwitzerlandMezzovico 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerAC-therm GmbHGermanyBielefeld 
Senior Vice President AllianceAcumentrics CorporationUSAWestwoodMA
Sales Director Europe Northadixen Alcatel Hochvakuum Technik GmbHGermanyIsmaning 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerAdmin GmbHGermanySandhausen 
Secret?rio MunicipalAdministracao Municipal Santa Cruz do SulBrazil  
Prefeito MunicipalAdministracao Municipal Santa Cruz do SulBrazilPraca da Bandeira 
Business Development ManagerAdo Mining Industry and Trade Co.TurkeyAntalya 
Dy. General ManagerAdvance-Tech Controls Pvt. Ltd.IndiaMumbai 
President & CEOAdventis Capital Inc.CanadaOakvilleON
Key AccounterAEG - Lafert Group Lafert GmbHGermanyDortmund 
Vice-PresidenteAEP - Associa??o Empresarial de PortugalPortugalLe?a da Palmeira 
Engineer, EconomistAgri ContactDenmarkHundested 
Gesch?ftsf?hrendes VorstandsmitgliedAHK Deutsch-Portugiesische Industrie- und HandelskammerPortugalLisboa 
Director, Sales Efficiencies, Services and E-BusinessAir Liquide Canada Inc.CanadaMontrealQC
Pr?sidentAkor Direkt GmbHGermanyN?rnberg 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerAktiv Sensor GmbHGermanyStahnsdorf 
Marketing + Development East EuropeAllegheny Rodney Metals An Allegheny Technologies CompanyGermanySchulzendorf 
Manager Hydrogen and Fuel Cell TechnologiesALPHEAFranceForbach 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerAMCG Unternehmensberatung GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Sales ManagerAppliedSensor GmbHGermanyReutlingen 
Chief Executive OfficerAPR - Advanced Prototyping ResearchItalyPinerolo/ Torino 
Sales and Service EngineerArbin (Europe) GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Technical ServicesArcotronics Fuel Cells S.r.l.ItalySasso Marconi (BO) 
Engineering ManagerArcotronics Fuel Cells srlItalySasso Marconi (BO) 
General ManagerArcotronics Fuel Cells srlItalySasso Marconi (BO) 
Sales ManagerArcotronics Fuel Cells srlItalySasso Marconi (BO) 
Fuel Cell SpecialistAstris Energi Inc.CanadaMississaugaON
PresidentAstris Energi Inc.CanadaMississaugaON
Vice President of Marketing and Corporate DevelopmentAstris Energi Inc.CanadaMississaugaON
ManagerAstris Energi Inc.Czech RepublicVlasim 
VorstandBaessler Kommunikation AGGermanyNiedernhausen 
System Operation DevelopmentBallard Power Systems AGGermanyKirchheim/ Teck-Nabern 
CEOBallast Nedam IPMThe NetherlandsLeerdam 
Divisi?n de Operaciones Departamento de I+DBESEL Division de Operaciones Dept. de I+DSpainBoecillo 
TechnicianBESEL Operations Division R&D Dept.SpainBoecillo 
Dy. General ManagerBhagwati Filters Pvt. Ltd.IndiaAhmedabad 
PresidentBHELSSIA Bhel Small Scale Industries AssociationIndiaTiruchirapalli, Thuvakudi 
Marketing ManagerBluechips Microhouse Co., Ltd.ThailandLamphun 
PresidentBMSI Waste to Energy Co.USAFt. RipleyMN
Marketing-SpezialistinBMW AG BMW CleanEnergy Group MarketingGermanyM?nchen 
Associate EditorBPP & T, Battery Power Products & TechnologyUSAGreenwood VillageCO
Vice President - Business DevelopmentBulk Molding Compounds, Inc.USAChapel HillNC
Vice President - Business DevelopmentBulk Molding Compounds, Inc.USAWest ChicagoIL
Technical SpecialistBulk Molding Compounds, Inc.USAWest ChicagoIL
StaatssekretBundesministerium f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitGermanyBerlin 
OberamtsratBundesministerium f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitGermanyBerlin 
Application ManagerB?rkert GmbH & Co. KGGermanyEgelsbach 
Beratung, Strategien & VertriebBusiness Development & ConsultingSwitzerlandEllighausen 
Business Development & Sales Manager, Energy MaterialsCabot CorporationUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Program Leader - High Temperature Fuel Cell and Electrocatalyst Development Energy MaterialsCabot Energy MaterialsUSAAlbuquerqueNM
PresidenteCadelec Cabral de Lemos C.xA.Dominican RepublicSanto Domingo 
CoordinatorCEA - Jessica France GrenobleFranceGrenoble 
Deputy Chief of Department Hypersonic Propulsion SystemCentral Institute of Aviation Motors - CIA State Research Center of Russian FederationRussian FederationMoscow 
ManagerCentro Estero Camere Commercio PiemontesiItalyTorino 
Chief Technology OfficerCeramic Fuel Cells LimitedAustraliaNoble Park, Victoria 
CEO (Europe)Ceramic Fuel Cells LimitedUnited KingdomChester 
Manager - Energy SystemsCeramic Fuel Cells LimitedUnited KingdomChester 
Marketing SupportCeres Power LimitedUnited KingdomCrawley 
Consulting EngineerCETH - Compagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Project ManagerCETH - Compagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Product DirectorCETH - Compagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Managing DirectorCETH - Compagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Engineer, Project ManagerCETH - Compagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Vice Executive PresidentChina Communications & Transportation AssociationP.R. ChinaYuetan Nanjie, Xicheng District 
Regional Sales ManagerChinney Alliance Engineering Limited Industrial Equipment DivisionP.R. ChinaHong Kong 
Alternative & Renewable Energy - Development Officer Chief Executive's OfficeComhairle Nan Eilean Siar Alternative and Renewable EnergyUnited KingdomStornoway, Isle Of Lewis 
Managing DirectorCompagnie Europ?enne des Technologies de l'Hydrog?neFranceMarcoussis 
Boord AdvisorConexel - Conex?es El?tricas Ltda.BrazilS.B. BrazilCampo 
Director Business DevelopmentCryostar SASFranceHesingue 
Fuel Cell Systems EngineeringDaimlerChrysler AGGermanyUlm 
Director of DICP - SAIT Joint Lab, Assistant Director of DICPDalian Institute of Chemical Physics, Chinese Academy of SciencesP.R. ChinaDalian, Liaoning 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerDalkia Energie Service GmbH Gesellschaft der Veolia EnvironmentGermanyNeu-lsenburg 
Project Manager/ Fuel Cell ComponentsDana CorporationGermanyNeu-Ulm 
Director - Fuel Cell ProductsDana CorporationCanadaOakvilleON
Sales and Marketing RepresentativeDana CorporationUSAParisTN
Director - Fuel Cell Business DevelopmentDana CorporationUSARochester HillsMI
Technical Account Manager GermanyDana GmbHGermanyNeu-Ulm 
VertriebDe Nora Deutschland GmbHGermanyRodenbach 
Product LeaderDe Nora North America, Inc.USASomersetNJ
ReklamationsbearbeiterDemag Ergotech Wiehe GmbHGermanyWiehe Germanz 
Area Sales ManagerDEMAT GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
National Project Coordinator, GEF-UNDP/China Cooperation ProjectDemonstration for Fuel Cell Bus Commercialization in China Project Management OfficeP.R. ChinaBeijing 
VorstandsmitgliedDeutsche Messe AGGermanyHannover 
KonzernentwicklungDeutsche Post World NetGermanyBonn 
ReporterDeutsche Welle TVGermanyBerlin 
Vorstandsmitglied DWVDeutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen- Verband e.V.GermanyBerlin 
VorstandsmitgliedDeutscher Wasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen- Verband e.V.GermanyBerlin 
Leiter Elektrochemische EnergietechnikDeutsches Zentrum f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.GermanyStuttgart 
Projektleiter Polymerelektrolyt BrennstoffzellenDeutsches Zentrum f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.GermanyStuttgart 
Electrochemical Energy TechnologyDeutsches Zentrum f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.GermanyStuttgart 
Elektrochemische EnergietechnikDeutsches Zentrum f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.GermanyStuttgart 
Regional Manager and EditorDiesel & Gas Turbine PublicationsItalyFirence 
Technische Beratung und VerkaufDomnick Hunter GmbHGermanyWillich 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerDressler HF-Technik GmbHGermanyStolberg Vicht 
Manager Research / DevelopmentDSM SolutechThe NetherlandsPN Heerlen 
Marketing, Business Manager-Europe/MEA - Fuel CellsDuPont de Nemours S.A.SwitzerlandGeneva 
PresidentDutch Hydrogen AssociationThe NetherlandsElst 
Engineering ManagerE.J. Bowman (Birmingham) LimitedUnited KingdomBirmingham 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerEAI Elektro- und Automatisierungstechnik GmbH IlsenburgGermanyIlsenburg 
RundfunkjournalistEasyonair - AudioserviceGermanyBarsinghausen 
Divisional Strategic Product DirectorEaton Electric LimitedUnited KingdomBirmingham 
Operations ManagerEcmac Eastern Cape Manufacturing Advisory CentreSouth AfricaSouth End 
Manager PEM FC and SupercapsECN - Energy research Centre of The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsPetten 
Process Engineer Fuel Cell Systems and Hydrogen ProductionECN - Energy research Centre of The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsPetten 
Senior ConsultantEcofys BVThe NetherlandsUtrecht 
EditorEditoriale DelfinoItalyRedecesio de Segrate (MI) 
Key Account ManagerEegholm A/SDenmarkSoenderborg 
Key Account ManagerEegholm A/SDenmarkSoenderborg 
Vertrieb + TechnikEGV-FRITZ + Co. Ingenieurb?ro Elektro-Geraete-VertriebGermanyStuttgart-Zuffenhausen 
Engineer, Production General ManagerEgyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Co.EgyptCairo 
Engineer, General Manager of R&D, Deep of Local ManufactureEgyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Co.EgyptCairo 
Engineer, Chairman and Managing DirectorEgyptian German Electrical Manufacturing Co.EgyptCairo 
ProjektmanagementEjot GmbH & Co. KG Gesch?ftsbereich KunststofftechnikGermanyBad Berleburg 
Vertriebsleiter/Sales ManagerELDIS Ehmki & Schmid OHGGermanyUnterschleissheim 
ManagerElectric Power Industry of Serbia Public Electric Utilities Department of Construction and WorkshopSerbia and MontenegroBelgrade 
Business Development ManagerElectroChem, Inc.USAWoburnMA
Leiter des AusbildungszentrumsElektro-Ausbildungszentrum Aalen e.V.GermanyAalen 
Electronics Engineer, General ManagerElektronik Ltd. Sti. - ESISTurkeyUskudar/ Istanbul 
Freier AutorElektropraktiker - Huss Medien GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Sales ManagerElmatik ASEstoniaTallinn 
Chairman of the BoardElmatik ASEstoniaTallinn 
Leiter EntwicklungElringKlinger Kunststofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeidenheim 
Unit Manager, Fuel Cell Technology DivisionENC - Energy research Centre of The NetherlandsThe NetherlandsPetten 
Energie- und UmwelttechnikEnergie AG Ober?sterreichAustriaLinz 
Diplom IngenieurEnergieConsultGermanySiebeldingen 
Development MangerEnergiGruppen Jylland A/SDenmarkHerning 
EditorEnergy User NewsUSACoxsackieNY
HYSY_LAB, Project DesignerEnvironment Park s.p.a.ItalyTorino 
Hydrogen System Laboratory Project DeveloperEnvironment Park s.p.a.ItalyTorino 
Hydrogen System Laboratory, R&D Manager; HySy-Lab, TurinEnvironment Park s.p.a.ItalyTorino 
EditorEPE Association / SRBE-KBVEBelgiumBrussels 
Leiter Forschung und Entwicklung, Material and PartsESK Ceramics GmbH & Co. KGGermanyKempten 
Staatl. gepruefter ElektromeisterEuchner GmbH + Co. Elektronik EntwicklungGermanyLeinfelden-Echterdingen 
Commercial ManagerEuro-Index B.V.The NetherlandsCapelle a/d Ijssel 
ExaminerEuropean Patent Office Directorate 1231 ElectricityThe NetherlandsRijswijk 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerEuropean Technical Center for Engineering & Distribution GmbHGermanyHessdorf 
Technology AnalystEuropean Technology Information ProgramFranceParis 
Managing DirectorE-Vision BVBABelgiumKasterlee 
StudentFachhochschule Wiesbaden University of Applied SciencesGermanyR?sselsheim 
Freelance JournalistFACTS 4UGermanyDortmund 
Team Manager, Marketing TeamFesto Korea Co., Ltd.South KoreaSeoul 
Student of MS in Energy Systems, B.E. MechanicalFH AachenGermany  
Managing DirectorFideris Inc.SwitzerlandZ?rich 
Chief Technology OfficerFideris Inc.USACollege StationTX
CEOFideris Inc.USACollege StationTX
Sales CoordinatorFideris Inc.USACollege StationTX
Marketing CoordinatorFideris Inc.USAEast LowellMA
PresidentFideris Inc.USALowellMA
Director, Marketing CommunicationsFideris Inc.USALowellMA
Vice President of SalesFideris Inc.USAScottsdaleAZ
PresidentFluid Metering, Inc. Metering Pumps & DispensersUSASyossetNY
ManagerFMM Services SDN BHDMalaysiaKuala Lumpur 
MitgliedF?rdergesellschaft Erneuerbare Energien e.V.GermanyBerlin 
General ManagerForschungsAllianz BrennstoffZellen Baden-W?rttembergGermanyStuttgart 
Master of ScienceForschungszentrum J?lich GmbHGermanyJ?lich 
Member of the Board of DirectorsForschungszentrum J?lich GmbHGermanyJ?lich 
Projektleiter HySafeForschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbHGermanyEggenstein-Leopoldshafen 
InhaberForschungszentrum Neue WerkstoffeGermanyRosbach vor der H?he 
Handelsrat, Stellvertr. Leiter der Wirtschafts-und Handelsabteilung, zustaendig fuer NiedersachsenFranz?sische Botschaft Wirtschafts-und HandelsabteilungGermanyD?sseldorf 
Leiterin Presseb?roFranz?sisches Informationszentrum f?r Industrie und TechnikGermanyD?sseldorf 
Zellulare metallische Werkstoffe, FasermetallurgieFraunhofer InstitutGermanyDresden 
EnergiesystemeFraunhofer InstitutGermanyOberhausen 
Leiterin Strategisches ManagementFraunhofer Institut Betriebsfestigkeit, Systemzuverl?ssigkeitGermanyDarmstadt 
MarketingFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEGermanyFreiburg 
Abteilungsleiter Abteilung EnergietechnikFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEGermanyFreiburg 
EnergieabteilungFreie Hansestadt Hamburg Beh?rde f?r Stadtentwicklung und Umwelt Amt f?r Immissionsschutz und BetriebeGermanyHamburg 
MinisterFreistaat Th?ringen Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und InfrastrukturGermanyErfurt 
OberamtsratFreistaat Th?ringen Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft, Technologie und ArbeitGermanyErfurt 
Research Analyst Energy GroupFrost SullivanUnited KingdomLondon 
CEO, Media ContactFuel Cell Markets Ltd.United KingdomIver, Bucks 
Director of ProgramsFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Director of SalesFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Administrative AssistantFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Chief ScientistFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Team Leader - SOFC SystemsFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Chief Financial OfficerFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
President and CEOFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Director, Corporate DevelopmentFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
PresidentFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.USAAlbuquerqueNM
VP / Software EngineerFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.USAAlbuquerqueNM
VP/Sales/MarketingFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.USASalemUT
Editor, ManagerFuel Cell TodayUnited KingdomLondon 
Chairman, President and CEOFuelCell Energy, Inc.USADanburyCT
CEO, VorstandFuelCon AGGermanyMagdeburg-Barleben 
CEO, VorstandFuelCon AGGermanyMagdeburg-Barleben 
General Manager, President/CEOFuMA-Tech GmbHGermanySt. Ingbert 
R&D ManagerFuMA-Tech GmbHGermanySt. Ingbert 
Membrane Production ManagerFuMA-Tech GmbHGermanySt. Ingbert 
VertriebsleiterGAIA Akkumulatorenwerke GmbHGermanyNordhausen 
Responsable de Diversificaci?nGamesa EnergiaSpainMadrid 
Asia-Pacific Business DirectorGamesa EnergiaSpainMinano 
Senior specialistGasprom Information and Publicity Center for the Gas IndustryRussian FederationMoscow 
Gesch?ftsf?hrender GesellschafterGeb?ude Management Systeme GmbH - GMSGermanyDortmund 
Entwicklung, Str?mungsberechnungGebr. Becker GmbH & Co.GermanyWuppertal/ N?chstebreck 
ProjektberaterGeovision GmbH & Co. KGGermanyWagenhofen 
ProkuristGertec GmbH IngenieurgesellschaftGermanyEssen 
DirectorGlobalTech India Pvt. Ltd.IndiaPune 
MinisterGovernment of RomaniaRomaniaBucharest 
Director, Fuel Cells and Energy ContainmentGrafTech Advanced Energy Technology Inc.USAClevelandOH
Marketing Communications ManagerGrafTech Advanced Energy Technology Inc.USAClevelandOH
Project Manager Fuel Cell DevelopmentGrafTech Advanced Energy Technology Inc.USAParmaOH
Marketing AnalysisGrafTech International Ltd.USAParmaOH
Ingegnere AmbientaleGreen Energy Studio energie alternativeItalyBrescia 
Director, Sales & MarketingGreenlight Power TechnologiesCanadaBurnabyBC
Teamleiter StromversorgungGruppen-Gas- und Elektrizit?tswerk Bergstra?e AktiengesellschaftGermanyBensheim 
Vertrieb Marktbereich KeramikH.C. Starck GmbHGermanyGoslar 
MarketingH.C. Starck GmbH & Co. KGGermanyGoslar 
Technical Leader Fuel Cells activitiesH.C. Starck GmbH & Co. KGGermanyGoslar 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerH.I.A.T. gGmbHGermanySchwerin 
General ManagerH2 ECOnomy, CJSCArmeniaYerevan 
Vice PresidentH2 ECOnomy, CJSCArmeniaYerevan 
DirectorH2 Logic ApSDenmarkHerning 
Ass. General Manager; Strategy and Planning AdvisorH2 Logic ApSDenmarkHerning 
Development ManagerH2 Logic ApSDenmarkHerning 
Development DirectorH2 Logic ApSDenmarkHerning 
Project CoordinatorH2ITItalyMilan 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerHA Hessen Agentur GmbHGermanyMarburg 
Geographin M.A., Umwelttechnik, Zukunftstechnologien und TechnologietransferHA Hessen Agentur GmbHGermanyWiesbaden 
Project EngineerHafslund ASANorwayHamar 
Managing DirectorHalda Rayala Corporation PVT. LtdIndiaChennai 
EU Funding & Project DevelopmentHans Bjerregaard Raadgivning ApSDenmarkHerning 
Managing DirectorHaskel Energy Systems LimitedUnited KingdomSunderland 
Managing DirectorHassas Engineering Co. Ltd.TurkeyIstanbul 
Teamleiter Me?systemeHBM Hottinger Baldwin Messtechnik GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrer & ProduktmanagementHeliocentris Energiesysteme GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Product ManagerHeliocentris Energiesysteme GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Leiter Marketing und VertriebHeliocentris Energiesysteme GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Kaufm?nnische LeitungHeliocentris Energiesysteme GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Chairman & Managing Director, PresidentHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence, Cedex 4 
Safety EngineerHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence, Cedex 4 
Manufacturing Department ManagerHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence Cedex 4 
Projects and Systems Department ManagerHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence, Cedex 4 
Media ContactHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence, Cedex 4 
Test and Process EngineerHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence Cedex 4 
Commerce & Projects, Engineer - Project ManagerHELION S.A.S.FranceAix-en-Provence Cedex 4 
Managing DirectorHexagon Automation (Qingdao) Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaQingdao 
Technical DirectorHexagon Automation ABSwedenHelsingborg 
Director of TechnologyHexion B.V.The NetherlandsArnhem 
President and Chief Marketing OfficerHexion B.V.The NetherlandsArnhem 
President and Chief Operating OfficerHexion B.V.The NetherlandsArnhem 
DirectorHIH Development A/SDenmarkHerning 
Managing DirectorHIPAS Ltd.United KingdomKent, England 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerHNP Mikrosysteme GmbHGermanyParchim 
V.P. Business Development & General CounselHoku Scientific, Inc.USAHonoluluHI
Assistant Manager, Senior EngineerHonda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbHGermanyOffenbach/Main 
Executive Vice President, Technology ManagementHTceramix SASwitzerlandYverdon-les-Bains 
EPF Mech. eng., M.sc Technology ManagementHTceramix SASwitzerlandYverdon-les-Bains 
Leiter Marketingh-tec EducationGermanyL?beck 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerh-tec EducationGermanyL?beck 
Gesch?ftsf?hrender GesellschafterHungarowind Szeleromu KFT.HungaryBudapest 
ProprietorHW TechnologiesAustraliaSydney NSW 
Administration ConsultantHydro, ElectrolysersNorwayNotodden 
FleetmanagerHydrogen Challenger GmbHGermanyBremerhaven 
ProjektleitungHydrogen Challenger GMBHGermanyBremerhaven 
Communication & AccountantHydrogen Innovation & Research CentreDenmarkHerning 
DirectorHydrogen Innovation & Research CentreDenmarkHerning 
Leiter EntwicklungHydrogenics CorporationGermanyGelsenkirchen 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerHydrogenics CorporationGermanyGelsenkirchen 
European Program ManagerHydrogenics CorporationGermanyGrimma 
Special Program ManagerHydrogenics CorporationGermanyGrimma 
Sales and Business Development ManagerHydrogenics CorporationGermanyGelsenkirchen 
Account Manager Telematic SolutionsI.T.E.N.O.S. GmbHGermanyM?nster 
Account Manager Telematic SolutionsI.T.E.N.O.S. GmbHGermanyNeussen 
Chairman of the boardIcelandic New Energy Ltd.IcelandReykjavik 
Marketing Communications Manager, Media ContactIdaTech, LCCUSABendOR
President & Chief Executive OfficerIdaTech, LCCUSABendOR
Senior Vice President, Chief Technology OfficerIdaTech, LCCUSABendOR
Senior Vice President, Sales & MarketingIdaTech, LCCUSABendOR
Vice President, Operations (Six Sigma Black Belt)IdaTech, LCCUSABendOR
Leitf?hige keramische SchichtenIKTS Fraunhofer InstitutGermanyDresden 
Marketing ManagerILT Technology SrlItalyPontedera (PI) 
?ffentlichkeitsarbeitIMA - Institut fuer Markenentwicklung und Kommunikationsberatung GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Au?endienstIMI Norgren Buschjost GmbH +Co. KGGermanyBad Oeynhausen 
Eng. Phys.Incdie ICPE-CaRomaniaBucharest 
Operational ManagerInDEC Pilot Production B.V.The NetherlandsPetten 
EngineerIndustrias Ramf? LTDAColumbiaBogot 
EngineerIndustrias Ramf? LTDAColumbiaBogot 
Research Coordinator, Head of Electrochemistry of Materials UnitINETI - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia IndustrialPortugalLisboa Codex 
Senior Staff Engineer Concept Engineering Product DefinitionInfineon Technologies AGGermanyM?nchen 
Senior Director Media Relations TechnologyInfineon Technologies AG Abt. CC MRT, Corporate CommunicationsGermanyMuenchen 
EMR-Planung, ProjektleiterInfraserv GmbH & Co. H?chst KGGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Projektleiter, Business Development, Division EnergienInfraserv GmbH & Co. H?chst KGGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Sales ManagerInnovative Concepts Publishers H2WorldThe NetherlandsAmstelveen 
Leiter Marketing und VertriebInstitut f?r Maschinen, Antriebe und elektronische Ger?tetechnik gGmbHGermanyNordhausen 
Research Fellow (IST); Associate Professor (Zimbawe), Mechanical Engineering, Research Group on Energy and Sustainable DevelopmeInstituto Superior T?cnico (DEM/STE)PortugalLisboa 
Laboratory ManagerINTASpainMadrid 
Director, Business DevelopmentIntelligent Energy Holdings Ltd.United KingdomLeicestershire 
Manager, Business DevelopmentIntelligent Energy Holdings PLC.United KingdomLondon 
Vice President Business DevelopmentIntelligent Energy Holdings PLC.United KingdomLondon 
Manager R&DIntelligent Energy Holdings PLC.United KingdomLoughborough, Leicestershire 
DirectorIntelligent Energy Holdings PLC.USAAlbuquerqueNM
VP, FinanceIntelligent Energy Holdings PLC.USAAlbuquerqueNM
Managing DirectorInteltek Automation Pvt. Ltd.IndiaAmbegaon, Pune 
Consultant - Business DevelopmentInternational Innovation Services, Ltd.United KingdomSheffield 
Associate Professor, Targeted Initiative ManagerInternational Science and Technology CenterRussian FederationMoscow 
Vertrieb Deutschland, OEM-ApplikationenIWAKI Europe GmbHGermanyWillich 
.General Manager (Engg. & Mktg.)Jakson Engineers LimitedIndia.Noida (UP) 
Director (B.E. Computers)Jaksons Limited Jakson Engineers LimitedIndiaNoida (UP) 
Commercial DirectorJames & James EarthscanUnited KingdomLondon 
Director, JETRO D?sseldorfJETRO Japanische AussenhandelszentraleGermanyD?sseledorf 
Managing DirectorJoensuun Tiedepuisto Science Park Ltd.FinlandJoensuu 
Managing DirectorJoflo Centrifuges Pvt. Ltd.IndiaHyderabad 
Business Development Manager, Commercial DevelopmentJohnson Matthey Fuel Cells, Inc.United KingdomReading, Berkshire 
General DirectorJoint Stock CompanyRussian FederationMoscow 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerK.R.U.G. Umwelttechnik GmbHGermanyNiclas 
WirtschaftsreferentKanadisches KonsulatGermanyHamburg 
Director, Environmental Materials Research CenterKatech Korea Automotive Technology InstituteSouth KoreaChonan, Chungnam 
Managing DirectorKishor Pumps Pvt. Ltd. Customer Support DivisionIndiaPune 
CEOKMF - Korea Metal Finishing Consultant Co.South KoreaSeoul 
Quality Control DirectorKoncar - Instrument Transformers Inc.CroatiaZagreb 
ResearcherKorea GAS Corporation Center for Gas Economics & ManagementSouth KoreaKyunggi 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerKr?merGermanyGenthin 
Associate PartnerKurmann, Iseli & Partner AG Mergers & ManagementSwitzerlandZ?rich 
Kompetenzknoten Harz "Wissenschaft und SOFC-Entwicklung"Landesinitiative Brennstoffzelle NiedersachsenGermanyClausthal-Zellerfeld 
Kompetenzknoten Harz "Wissenschaft und SOFC-Entwicklung"Landesinitiative Brennstoffzelle NiedersachsenGermanyClausthal-Zellerfeld 
Umweltingenieur, ProjektleitungLandesinitiative Brennstoffzelle NiedersachsenGermanyRosdorf/G?ttingen 
WirtschaftsministerLandesregierung Mecklenburg-VorpommernGermanySchwerin 
Manager - Production EngineeringLarsen & Toubro Limited Electrical & Electronics DivisionIndiaMumbai 
Project ManagerL-B-Systemtechnik GmbHGermanyOttobrunn 
Director Corporate ResearchLeister LasersystemsSwitzerlandK?giswil 
Senior Research Engineer, Chief Technology Officer Digital Appliance Research LaboratoryLG ElectronicsSouth Korea  
General Manager & Head of LGTCELG Technology Center EuropeGermanyNeuss 
Bevollm?chtigter des Vorstandes Material HandlingLinde AGGermanyWiesbaden 
AnwendungstechnikLinde AG Linde GasGermanyUnterschlei?heim 
Leiter Anwendungstechnik M?nchenLinde AG Linde GasGermanyUnterschlei?heim 
Redakteurin, EditorLocal Global GmbH Business MedienGermanyStuttgart 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrer, VerkehrsbetriebswirtLogitrain Limited i.G.GermanyErftstadt 
Tractor Overseas Marketing, General ManagerLS Cable Ltd.South KoreaGyeonggi-do 
Product Manager Fuel CellsMAGNUM Automatisierungstechnik GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
Chief ExecutiveMantri EnterprisesIndiaVisakhapatnam 
Product ManagerMaximator GmbHGermanyGronau 
Press Co-ordinatorMedia Services Europe - AsiaGermanyAugsburg 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerMedizlntechnik Promedt GmbHGermanyTomesch 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerMEKU Metallverarbeitungs-GmbH & Co. KGGermanyDauchingen 
Project Manager Fuel Cells, General ManagerMETAL-TECH LTD.IsraelBeer-Sheva 
Sales Manager, FC CoordinatorMicrotherm International N.V.BelgiumSint - Niklaas 
ChairmanMidwest Optoelectronics LLCUSAToledoOH
Marketing ManagerMiljobil Grenland ASNorwayPorsgrunn 
MinisterMinisterium f?r Verkehr, Energie und Landesplanung des Landes Nordrhein-WestfalenGermanyD?sseldorf 
B?roleiter und Sprecher des MinistersMinisterium f?r Wirtschafl und Arbeit SaarlandGermanySaarbr?cken 
Stellvertretender Ministerpr?sident, MinisterMinisterium f?r Wirtschaft, Verkehr, Landwirtschaft und Weinbau Rheinland-PfalzGermanyMainz 
Counsellor of the State Council People's Republic of ChinaMinistry of Science and TechnologyP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Counsellor of the State Council People's Republic of ChinaMinistry of Science and TechnologyP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Counsellor of the State Council People's Republic of ChinaMinistry of Science and TechnologyP.R. ChinaBeijing 
DirectorMirador Consulting Ltd.United KingdomLondon 
Commercial Attach? at the French Embassy in GermanyMission Economique de D?sseldorfGermanyD?sseldorf 
Deputy DirectorMOST - Ministry of Science and TechnologyP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Deputy DirectorMOST - Ministry of Science and TechnologyP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Vice Managing DirectorMT Alumet Co., Ltd.ThailandBangsamak Bangpakong Chachoengsao 
Manager Marketing and SalesMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Leiter Marketing und VertriebMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Manager - Marketing & SalesMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyOttobrunn 
President and Chief Executive OfficerMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyOttobrunn 
Ph.D. Student, VeterinarianNaresaun University Renewable EnergyThailandMuanag Phitsanulok 
Academic Program Representative Central EuropeNational InstrumentsGermanyM?nchen 
Senior Manager - Technology DevelopmentNaturgas Midt-NordDenmarkViborg 
Senior Research FellowNED University of Engineering and TechnologyPakistanKarachi 
DirectorNedlog - International Logistic Service BVThe NetherlandsVeenoord 
Technology ManagerNedStack Fuel Cell Technology BVThe NetherlandsArnhem 
Project ManagerNedstack Fuel Cell Technology BVThe NetherlandsArnhem 
Office ManagerNedStack Fuel Cell Technology BVThe NetherlandsArnhem 
CEO, DirectorNedStack Fuel Cell Technology BVThe NetherlandsArnhem 
DirectorNedStack Fuel Cell Technology BVThe NetherlandsArnhem 
TradeCommissionerNew Zealand Trade & Enterprise Ambassade de Nouvelle-ZelandeFranceParis 
President and CEONexTech Materials, Ltd.USALewis CenterOH
Sales/Marketing ManagerNexTech Materials, Ltd.USALewis CenterOH
Process EngineerNexus Global B.V.The NetherlandsArnhem 
President and CEON-GHY fuel processors for fuel cells, S.A.FranceAlbi Cedex 9 
Business Development ManagerN-GHY fuel processors for fuel cells, S.A.FranceAlbi Cedex 9 
Associe Fondateur, Chef de projectN-GHY fuel processors for fuel cells, S.A.FranceAlbi, Cedex 9 
Minister f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und VerkehrNieders?chsisches Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und VerkehrGermanyHannover 
Minister f?r Wissenschaft und KulturNieders?chsisches Ministerium f?r Wissenschaft und KulturGermanyHannover 
PressesprecherNieders?chsisches UmweltministeriumGermanyHannover 
StaatssekretNieders?chsisches UmweltministeriumGermanyHannover 
UmweltministerNieders?chsisches UmweltministeriumGermanyHannover 
Designer General - Director GeneralNIZ Ceramic Heat Engines CenterRussian FederationSt. Petersburg 
Project ManagerNormandie DeveloppementFranceCaen 
Marketing Director, ElectrolysersNorsk Hydro Electrolysers ASNorwayNotodden 
Director, Technology and Development, ElectrolysersNorsk Hydro Electrolysers ASNorwayNotodden 
President, ElectrolysersNorsk Hydro Electrolysers ASNorwayNotodden 
Responsabile AmministrazioneNovaphos SRLItalyMilano 
OrganisationNovara ExpeditionAustriaWien 
Dipl. Chemical Engineer, Chief Executive DirectorNovoCell Energy Systems S/ABrazilAmericana/SP 
General ManagerNurol Energy Production & Marketing Inc.TurkeyKavaklidere/ Ankara 
Lead Design Engineer, Process Development GroupNuvera Fuel CellsUSACambridgeMA
Technical Director - Europe Automotive Platform LeaderNuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.ItalyMilano 
Sales & Marketing ManagerNuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.ItalyMilano 
Director Marketing CommunicationsNuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.USACambridgeMA
Director of SalesNuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.USACambridgeMA
DirectorO3Tech Co., Ltd.South KoreaPasan-Dong Dalseo-Gu 
InhaberOmnitronic EngineeringGermanyWennigsen 
Manager of Electrode DevelopmentOvonic Fuel Cell CompanyUSARochester HillsMI
CEOP 21 GmbH Power for the 21st centuryGermanyBrunnthal/Muenchen 
Commercial ConsultantPadovaFiere SpAItalyPadova 
Marketing ConsultantPadovaFiere SpAItalyPadova 
General Sales Manager Europe, Vertriebsleiter EuropaParker Hannafin GmbHGermanyPleidelsheim 
ElektrotechnikermeisterP?rziwa Heizkordel GMBHGermanyHagen/ Hohenlimburg 
CEOPaxiTech SASFranceClaix 
Senior Scientist, ESHA ManagerPEMEAS GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Application DevelopmentPEMEAS GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Director CommunicationsPEMEAS GmbHGermanyKronberg im Taunus 
Engineer, ChairmanPetrokima Co.EgyptMohandesine, Dokki 
General ManagerPhoenix Trading Co., LLCUnited Arab EmiratesDubai 
ProjektentwicklungPhotovoltaik im BauwesenGermanyM?nchen 
UmweltberaterPLANET - Planungsgruppe Energie und Technik GbRGermanyOldenburg 
Redaktor, EditorPomiary Automatyka Robotyka - PAR Magazine of TechnologyPoloniaWarszawa 
VP Sales and MarketingPower + Energy, Inc.USAIvylandPA
General ManagerPower Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd.BangladeshDhaka 
Engineer, Manager, System PlanningPower Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. an Enterprise of Bangladesh Power Development BoardBangladesh  
Anwendungen und ProzessePraxair Surface Technologies GmbHGermanyRatingen 
Branch ManagerPrecision Control SDN. BHD.MalaysiaPerai, Wellesley 
Division Manger, Sales&Marketing DivisionPrecision Control SDN. BHD.MalaysiaShah Alam, Selangor 
Sales ExecutivePrecision Flow TechnologiesUSAFlorissantCO
DirectorPrismatic Solutions (M) SDN BHDMalaysiaPetaling Jaya, Selangor D.E 
DirectorPrismatic Solutions (M) SDN BHDMalaysiaPetaling Jaya, Selangor D.E 
Project ManagerPromosalonsThe NetherlandsAmsterdam 
General ManagerProprietor, New Energy ConsultingJapanIwata-gun, Shizuoka-ken 
Head of Business DevelopmentPROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
Gesch?ftsf?hrer/CEOPROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
Head of SalesPROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
freier Journalist, Mitglied im DJVPR-Service - AV-TechnikGermanyHemmingen 
DirectorPVLED Technology GroupTaiwan R.O.C.Chia-Yi City 
Regional Sales Manager, Asia and Latin AmericaQuestAir Technologies, Inc.CanadaBurnabyBC
Account Manager, Business Development and MarketingQuestAir Technologies, Inc.CanadaBurnabyBC
CEOQuinTech e.K.GermanyG?ppingen 
Ingenieur Luft- und RaumfahrttechnikRAMM dynamicsGermanyHamburg 
Senior PartnerRecchi Consulting S.A.S.ItalyPadova 
Manager, International Sales & MarketingReed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.JapanTokyo 
Physikingenieur, Development Manager Fuel CellsREINZ-Dichtungs-GmbH & Co. KGGermanyNeu-Ulm 
ProjektleiterRenergys GmbH Renewable Energy SolutionsGermanyLadenburg 
Gebietsleiter NordRietschle ThomasGermanyBad Oldesloe 
Application ManagerRietschle Thomas Puchheim GmbHGermanyPuchheim 
Marketing ManagerRietschle Thomas Puchheim GmbHGermanyPuchheim 
MarketingRietschle Thomas Puchheim GmbHGermanyPuchheim 
I E - ProductsRittal India Pvt. Ltd.IndiaNew Delhi 
Entwicklung Steuergeraete Pkw Kundengruppe DRobert Bosch GmbHGermanyStuttgart 
Produktspezialist AntriebstechnikRockwell Automation Zweigniederlassung der Rockwell International GmbHGermanyDreieich 
General managerRokura Aplicatii IndustrialeRomaniaBucharest 
ProjectleaderRoyal Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs of DenmarkDenmarkCopenhagen 
Chief ExcutiveRoyal Engineering Works - TrichyIndiaTrichy 
Abteilungsleiter AnwendungstechnikRuhrgas AGGermanyDorsten 
Chief ScientistRussian Federal Nuclear Center (RFNC)Russian FederationNizhniy Novgorod Region 
CEORWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyEssen 
Manager Strategic ProjectsRWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyEssen 
Presse und Public RelationsRWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyEssen 
Presse & Public RelationsRWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyEssen 
SystementwicklungRWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyMechernich 
Minister f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitSaarland Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitGermanySaarbr?cken 
Staatsminister, Stellvertretender Ministerpr?sident SachsensS?chsisches Staatsministerium f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitGermanyDresden 
New Businesses Advisor, Group Strategic Marketing DirectorSAES Getters S.p.A.ItalyLainate (MI) 
President and CEOSafe Hydrogen, LLCUSALexingtonMA
Market Segment Manager Energy ControlsSaia-Burgess Dreieich GmbH & Co. KGGermanyOldenburg 
General Manager/ Head of Competence Center/ PLC based ControlSaia-Burgess Dreieich GmbH & Co. KGSwitzerlandMurten 
Private Equity AnalystSAM - Sustainable Asset ManagementSwitzerlandZ?rich 
Vice PresidentSamsung SDI Co., Ltd.South KoreaGyonggi-do 
Manager New Technologies and Regulatory AffairsSartorius AGGermanyG?ttingen 
Executive MangerSC Electromax SRLRomaniaPetrosani, Hunedoara 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerSchalt- und Regeltechnik GmbHGermanyBerlin 
New Business/Venture CapitalSchott AG Corporate Research and Technology DevelopmentGermanyMainz 
Director Hydboforming Lines, Sales, Service and ProductionSchuler Hydroforming GMBH & Co. KGGermanyWilnsdorf 
Projektleiter BrennstoffzellenkomponentenSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Forschung und Entwicklung BrennstoffzellenkomponentenSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Director - Strategic DevelopmentSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Forschung und Entwicklung BrennstoffzellenkomponentenSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
PresidentSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Technische Beratung und VerkaufSchwank GmbHGermanyK?ln 
Managing HeadSecuritas EngineersIndiaPandav Nagar/ Delhi 
PDS, B?rgermeister und Senator f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und FrauenSenatsverwaltung f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und FrauenGermanyBerlin 
Director of ProjectsSenteztek Industrial SolutionsTurkeyKadikoy, Istanbul 
Senior Research ScientistSGL Carbon Japan Ltd.JapanKawagoe, Saitama 
Account ManagerSGL Carbon LLCUSASt. MarysPA
Director Sales & Marketing Fuel Cells ComponentsSGL Technologies GmbHGermanyMeitingen 
R & D Manager, Gas Diffusion Media, Fuel Cell ComponentsSGL Technologies GmbHGermanyMeitingen 
General ManagerShandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co., LtdP.R. ChinaShandong 
New Product DepartmentShandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co., LtdP.R. ChinaZibo, Shandong 
Export ManagerShandong Dongyue Shenzhou New Material Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaZibo City, Shandong Province 
Senior EngineerShanghai Electric Power Generation Group Wind Power DepartmentP.R. ChinaShanghai 
General Manager Solar Business GroupSharp Electronics (Europe) GMBHGermanyHamburg 
External Affairs and Communications ManagerShell Hydrogen B.V.The NetherlandsAmsterdam 
Domain LeaderSiemensUSA  
Referent, Strategische PlanungSiemens AGGermanyN?rnberg 
Key Account Manager, Energy PolicySiemens AGGermanyBerlin 
Press and Public RelationSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Leiter BrennstoffzellenprojektSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Senior Engineer ElectrochemistrySiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Station?re Brennstoffzellen EuropaSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Project Manager, Trade ShowsSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Department Head/Project, Manager PEM-Fuel CellSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Director, Fuel Cells PEM TechnologySiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Director, FinanceSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Sales Manager Marine SolutionsSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Projektleiter im Fachzentrum ElektrochemieSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Senior ConsultantSiemens AGGermanyErlangen 
Produktmanager ChromatrographieSiemens AGGermanyKarlsruhe 
President Power Transmission and Distribution - ServiceSiemens AGGermanyN?rnberg 
Senior EngineerSiemens ASNorwayTrondheim 
VP, Power Generation & Transmission, Executive Account ManagementSiemens Canada LimitedCanadaMississaugaON
Director Technology Management Center for ControlsSiemens Dematic CorporationUSAGrand RapidsMI
Leiter Business DevelopmentSiemens Schweiz AGSwitzerlandZ?rich 
MarketingSiemens SolarUSACamarilloCA
Director, CT Emerging TechnologiesSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAOrlandoFL
Vice President, Business DevelopmentSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
President, Stationary Fuel CellsSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
Manager of Sales and Tactical MarketingSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
Director Technology & InnovationSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
Manager, Tactical Marketing, Government & Commercial Programs, Stationary Fuel CellsSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
Manager, Innovation ProgramsSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
PresidentSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
Managing DirectorsiGEN Ltd.United KingdomAberdeen, Scotland 
Project DirectorSingapore Exhibition Services Pte. Ltd.SingaporeSingapore 
Team Manager, Battery Development TeamSKC Co., Ltd.South KoreaKyonggi-do 
Product Development Manager MembershipSociety of Manufacturing Engineers (SME)USADearbornMI
Dpto. de Energias RenovablesSodeanSpainSevilla 
Architect and EngineerSoldans ApSDenmarkHolstebro 
Product ManagerSoltec Energy Systems Ltd.IsraelHerzlia 
EngineerSolu EnergyColumbiaMonter?a, C?rdoba 
Membranes Senior Program Manager, New Product TechnologiesSolvayBelgiumBrussels 
DirectorSoslaires Canarias, S.L.SpainIngenio, Gran Canaria 
Technical SecretariatSpanish Hydrogen AssociationSpainTres Cantos - Madrid 
ChairmanSRE - Solu??es Racionais de Energia, S.A.PortugalRamalhal TVD 
Product EngineerSRE - Solu??es Racionais de Energia, S.A.PortugalTorres Vedras 
Systems EngineerSRE - Solu??es Racionais de Energia, S.A.PortugalTorres Vedras 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerStart H?rth Zentrum f?r Technologie und Existenzgr?ndung GmbHGermanyH?rth 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerStaxon GmbHGermanyBerlin 
European Account Manager; Fuel Cells and Gas ProcessingStewart Warner South Wind CorporationUSAIndianapolisIN
SalgskonsulentStrandmollen Industrigas A/SDenmarkEjby 
Group Vice PresidentS?D-CHEMIE AGGermanyBruckm?hl 
ECN Fuel Cell Technology Fuel ProcessingSulphCatch BVThe NetherlandsPetten 
Managing DirectorSulphCatch BVThe NetherlandsPetten 
StrategymanagerSulphCatch BVThe NetherlandsPetten 
Physiker, Marketing & VertriebSulzer Hexis AGSwitzerlandWinterthur 
Chemieingenieur, Leiter Marketing & VertriebSulzer Hexis AGSwitzerlandWinterthur 
Marketing & VertriebSulzer Hexis AGSwitzerlandWinterthur 
DirectorSundaram AssociatesIndiaPune 
ChefredakteurSunMedia Verlags- GmbHGermanyHannover 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrersweps GmbH Sonne, Wind, Energie, Produkte GmbHGermanyWolfenb?ttel 
ManagerTanaka Kikinzoku International K.K.GermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Technische IndustrievertretungTanaka Kikinzoku International K.K.GermanyN?rnberg 
Project Leader, Technical DepartmentTanaka Kikinzoku International K.K.JapanKanagaya Pref. 
Chief Manager, Products Marketing DivisionTanaka Kikinzoku International K.K.JapanTokyo 
BE ComputerTaylor Crawford DeeringIrelandOffaly 
FotografinTeam Arno A. Evers FAIR-PRGermanyStuttgart 
Manager - Project/SalesTech O.E.M. International Corp.Taiwan R.O.C.Taichung 
ChefredakteurTechmedia Consult GmbHGermanyDachau 
Diplom PhysikerTechnische Universit?t ClausthalGermanyClausthal-Zellerfeld 
Pers?nliches Mitglied der Deutsch Indonesischen Handelskammer EKONIDTechnisches B?ro Manfred Bartosiewicz Elektro-und Datentechnik Entwicklung, Planung und KonstruktionGermanyBremen 
Managing DirectorTechnohub Co., Ltd.ThailandBangkok 
Project Manager Research & Development DepartmentTechnova, Inc.JapanTokyo 
VerlagsleitungTechTex-Verlag GmbH & Co. KGGermanyBudenheim 
Responsabile di redazione area meccanicaTecniche NuoveItalyMilano 
RedazioneTecniche NuoveItalyMilano 
RedazioneTecniche NuoveItalyMilano 
DirectorTelevision Network 'STS-Open TV'Russian FederationTomsk 
Marketing ManagerTesla Jihlava, a.s.Czech RepublicJihtava 
Director of Business Development Europetetra-DUR GmbHGermanySeevetal-Meckelfeld 
Director of Trade DevelopmentThe Commonwealth of Massachusetts Massachusetts Office of International Trade and InvestmentGermanyBerlin 
KEY Account ManagerThe Fuel Cell ReviewUnited KingdomBristol 
Editor - Manufacturing Engineer and R&D EfficiencyThe LeeUnited KingdomStevenage 
JournalistThe St. Petersburg TimesRussian FederationSt. Petersburg 
Head of the Marketing and international Contacts DepartmentThe State Scientific Centre of Russia Central R&D Institute of Robotics and Technical CyberneticsRussian FederationSt. Petersburg 
Engineering SupportThermodynamik Verfahrenstechnik Maschinenbau Produkt-DesignGermanyStemenfels 
Market Development, Manager AutomotiveTicona GmbHGermanyKelsterbach 
Manager Sales - Turkey, Middle East North Africa & PakistanTimken Germany GmbHGermanyHaan 
European Technology ResearchToppan Printing Co., Ltd.United KingdomLondon 
Renewable Energy Trade PomoterTrade Promotion ServiceUnited KingdomLeicestershire 
Managing DirectorTransceram GmbHGermanyLaudenbach 
Manager Market DevelopmentTreibacher Industrie AGAustriaAlthofen 
Head of Market DevelopmentTreibacher Industrie AGAustriaAlthofen 
Manager Market DevelopmentTreibacher Industrie AGAustriaTreibach-Althofen 
Research DeptTROPICAL S.A.GreeceAthens 
PresidentTROPICAL S.A.GreeceAthens 
VorentwicklungTruma Ger?tetechnik GmbH & Co. KGGermanyPutzbrunn bei M?nchen 
Assistant Professor Applied EcoDesignTU Delft Delft University of Technology Faculty of Industrial Design EngineeringThe NetherlandsDelft 
Leiter Kompetenzzentrum - Brennstoffzellen/WasserstofftechnikT?V S?D Industrie Service GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Vice President Research & DevelopmentUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau- Wolfgang 
Application Engineer, ModellingUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau-Wolfgang 
AnwendungstechnikUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau- Wolfgang 
Head of Marketing & Sales Manager AsiaUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau-Wolfgang 
Vice-President & Global General ManagerUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau-Wolfgang 
Stellvertretender Ministerpr?sident und UmweltministerUmweltministerium Mecklenburg-VorpommernGermanySchwerin 
InstitutsleiterUniversit?t HannoverGermanyHannover 
Assistant Professor Hydrogen & FC SystemsUniversity of CassinoItalyCassino (FR) 
ProjektleiterURS Deutschland GmbHGermanyWennigsen 
Chemieingenieur (TH), VHN-SystemtechnikVaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGGermanyRemscheid 
Leiter Partnerbetreuung und Projektmanagement BrennstoffzelleVaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGGermanyRemscheid 
Diplom-Volkswirt, Pressereferent/UnternehmenskommunikationVaillant Deutschland GmbH & Co. KGGermanyRemscheid 
Verkauf und Support, Micro GC und Analyzer, Key Account Manager PetrochemieVARIAN Deutschland GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
Leiterin Marketing/KundenzentrumVDI Wissensforum IWB GmbhGermanyD?sseldorf 
B?rgermeisterVerbandsgemeinde KaiserseschGermanyKaisersesch 
Entwicklung Neue TechnologienViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf /Eder 
Entwicklung Neue Technologien, ProjektleitungViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf/Eder 
President & CEOVirent Energy Systems, Inc.USAMadisonWI
Chief Technical Officer and Executive Vice PresidentVirent Energy Systems, Inc.USAMadisonWI
Manager Regional Marketing High Precision Resistors DivisionVishay Electronic GmbH c/o Vishay Semiconductor GmbHGermanyHeilbronn 
Forschung und Entwicklung, NormungVolkswagen AGGermanyWolfsburg 
Chemist/EngineerW.L. Gore & Associates Inc.USAElktonMD
Mitglied des VorstandsWasserstoff- und Brennstoffzellen-Initiative Hessen e.V.GermanyFrankfurt am Main 
CEOWatt-Ever ConsultingThe NetherlandsDen Hoorn 
Advanced Technology, Central R&DWebasto AGGermany  
Leiter Zentrale Entwicklung, R&DWebasto AGGermanyStockdorf 
Entwicklungsingeieur APUWebasto AGGermanyStockdorf 
Group Vice President, Corporate CommunicationsWebasto AGGermanyStockdorf 
Corporate Marketing, Exhibition & Event CoordinatorWebasto AGGermanyStockdorf 
Associate Editor, Fuel Cell MagazineWebcom Communications Corp.USAGreenwood VillageCO
Associate EditorWebcom Communications Corp.USAGreenwood VillageCO
Betriebsleiter, Betrieb MoisburgWiking Gesellschaft f?r Apparatebau Weitzmann & Co.GermanyHamburg 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerWilhelm Eisenhuth GmbH KG Pr?zisionsformenbauGermanyOsterode-Lerbach 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerWIND GmbH Wissenschaftlicher Informationsdienst K?lnGermanyK?ln 
PartnerWiperdrive EngineeringIndiaMumbai 
Berater Industrie, Mobilit?t, Dienstleistungen/AsienWirtschaftsf?rdung Berlin International GmbH Berlin Business Development CorporationGermanyBerlin 
Teamkoordinator Industrie, Mobilitaet/AmerikaWirtschaftsf?rdung Berlin International GmbH Berlin Business Development CorporationGermanyBerlin 
Wirtschaftsminister des Landes Baden-W?rttembergWirtschaftsministerium Baden-W?rttembergGermanyStuttgart 
Leitung Online-RedaktionWissenschaft.de komedia GmbHGermanyLeinfelden-Echterdingen 
Center ManagerWista Management GMBH Adlershof BerlinGermanyBerlin 
freier JournalistWolfgang SchmidGermanyM?nchen 
Gesch?ftsfuhrer / Managing DirectorWS Reformer GmbHGermanyRenningen 
KorrespondentXinhua Nachrichten Agentur (China) Berliner B?roGermanyBerlin 
Senior ManagerYamaha Motor Co., Ltd. Vehicle Research Department R&D OperationsJapanShizuoka 
DirectorYamatake CorporationJapanKanagawa 
Product Engineer, Drives Engineering Section, Drives DepartmentYaskawa Mechatronics SolutionsGermanySchwalbach 
JournalistZeitung f?r kommunale WirtschaftGermanyM?nchen 
Abteilung Wirtschafts-und Industriepolitik, Au?enwirtschaft, Absatzf?rderungZentralverband Elektrotechnik- und Elektronikindustrie e. V.GermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Responsable for AsiaZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Fachgebietsleiter Elektrochemische WasserstofftechnikZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Electrochemical Hydrogen TechnologyZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Bereich Marketing,Sales/Purch. ContactZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Responsable for AsiaZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Werkzeugmachermeister, WerkstattleiterZentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
CEO/ Gesch?ftsf?hrerZollern GmbH & Co. KGGermanySigmaringen 


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