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2nd Edition of International Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy
Sunny Houses @ Samal Island
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Development 1995-2006
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deutsch My thoughts about hydrogen
filling stations
Philippines A visit at the BATAAN Nuclear Power Plant in The Philippines,
February 2019  
english NEW! Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden  
english Visit to NOORo I to III
in Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference  
english The Hydrogen Energy Summit 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand (via Skype)
english Arno's Interview
 @ Hannover Messe 2017
deutsch 1. Klimaschutzkongress
auf der Insel Sylt
Arno's and Juan's Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Arnos und Juans Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Interview with Arno: This book is the crowning of my life's work
Interview mit Arno: Dieses Buch ist der krönende Abschluss meines Lebenswerks
About "Our" Energy- Infrastructure on the way to Energiewende
Arnos Vortrag:
Sind wir noch zu retten?
kulturstudio: Klartext No 50 - Arno A. Evers - Energiewende auf der Erde
Arno's EnergieGedanken
jetzt auch auf YouTube!
Fernseh-Sendung zum Thema Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen
Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany, the founder and to all members of the German Ethics Commission "Secure Energy Supply"
Offener Brief an Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin, die Gründerin und alle Mitglieder der Ethikkommisson "Sichere Energieversorgung"
Carta abierta al Angela Merkel, Canciller Federal de Alemania, fundador y miembros del Comité de Ética Alemán convocado por la Canciller de Alemania para “Asegurar el abastecimiento de energía”
Invitation to WORKerence
Visits at MagneGas™
Arno was invited speaker at WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
September 25-30, 2010
Arno's Activities on LinkedIn
Arno's Blog
Arno received the Hydrogen Award
for his Lifetime Contribution to Hydrogen Energy...
It`s all about Energy:
Energy Images
Objective and unbiased
Information Graphics
1. Energy Balances
1.1 World Energy Balance
1.2 Energy Balance in Germany
2. Production of hydrogen
2.1 Hydrogen from direct solar
2.2 Hydrogen from renewable energies
2.3 MagneGas™ from renewable energies
2.4 Hydrogen from fossil fuels
2.5 Hydrogen from nuclear energy
3. Production of electricity
3.1 Electricity from hydrogen
3.2 Electricity from renewable energies
3.3 Electricity from fossil fuels
3.4 Electricity from nuclear energy
4. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells on their way to commercialisation
4.1 A proposal to future energy supplies
Your Personal Power Provider (3P+)
4.2 Virtual Power Plant
5. Four steps to a new Energy Supply
5.1 Revolution in the garage
5.2 The cars are the keys
6. Energizing the world
6.1 Energy Efficiency
6.2 Global Energy Consumption
6.3 Digital Technologies and Consumer Electronics
6.4 Exampl. from Aircraft/Mining Industries
7 The 15 biggest global players
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H2/FC Links
Visits and Workshops
Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden
Visit at the Italian demonstration plant of MagneGasâ„¢ on February 7th and 8th, 2011
Hydrogen Plant of Emirates Industrial Gases Co. Ltd ( EIGC) at Dubai, UAE
Huerta Solar en Tabernas, Spain, October 2009
Andasol, Spain, October 2009
Antares DLR H2, Stuttgart, Germany, September 2009
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt eV, Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Technical Thermodynamics (ITT) Institute of Vehicle Concepts Stuttgart, Germany, June 2009
Brennstoffzellen-Boote für den Freizeitbereich, Hochschule Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany June 2009
AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Burnaby, BC, Canada June 2009
Powertech Labs Inc., a: "... wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro (a Crown corporation of the Government of British Columbia), Surrey, BC, Canada June 2009
Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spain
How Airbus conquered the
US market in the 70s
The Arecibo Observatory
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Hat Creek Radio Observatory,
Hat Creek, CA, USA
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV, USA
Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk, NC, USA
Fuel Cell Bus Trial, Perth, Australia
California Hydrogen Highway, USA
SPACEFEST 2009, San Diego, USA
Impressions from worldwide Conferences, which we attended to promote the commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells:
#117 2nd Edition of Internationalflag
Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy
#116 2020 6th International flag
Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2020), 24-26 February 2020, Hanoi, Vietnam
#115 4th Annual ASEAN Solar + flag
Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019 14- 15 Nov, 2019 The Bellevue Manila, Philippines
#114 SFERA-III 1st Summer School &flag
Doctoral Colloquium at CNRS-PROMES in Odeillo, France
September 9th-13th, 2019
#113 Starmus V, June 24 – 29, 2019flag
Zurich, Switzerland a global festival of science communication and art
#112 Visit to NOORo I to III in flag
Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference, October 6, 2018
#111 The Hydrogen Energy Summit flag
2018 Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand Arno's presentation: Off the Grid – Unveiling new ways for our Energy supply January 26, 2018
#110 1. Klimaschutzkongress auf der
Insel Sylt
25. September 2015 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Eine „Insel- Lösung“ für Sylt? Neue Wege zur Energieversorgung der Insel Sylt
#109 6. Hamburger Klimawoche
29. August 2014 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Physikalische und Gesellschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen der Energiewende
MesseKongress RegioEnergie+++ flagDreieich 2012
9. September 2012
Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Sind wir noch zu retten?
#107 WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
September 25-30, 2010

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Oct 2010
#106 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference WHEC 2010,
May 16 - 21

Essen, Germany

Jun 2010
#105 "Bright Horizons 6" - A Journey
to the Edge of the Cosmos

Eastern Caribbean

Dec 2009
#104 2009 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Palm Springs, CA, USA

Nov 2009
#103 Fuel Cell Technologies:
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Nov 2009
#102 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany
Sep 2009
#101 SolarPACES 2009
Berlin, Germany
Sep 2009
#100 5th Annual Hydrogen Implementation Conference
Charleston, WV, USA

Aug 2009
#99 Intersolar North America
San Francisco, CA, USA

Jul 2009
#98 European FUEL CELL FORUM 2009
Lucerne, Switzerland

Jun 2009
#97 HFC2009
Vancouver, Canada

Jun 2009
#96 telescon 2009
Vienna, Austria

May 2009
#95 Hydrogen Works
San Diego, CA, USA

Feb 2009
#94 ICEPAG 2009
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Feb 2009
Milan, Italy

Nov 2008
#92 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Oct 2008
#91 H2Expo
Hamburg, Germany

Oct 2008
#90 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 2008
#89 INTELEC 2008
San Diego, CA, USA

Sep 2008
#88 2008 Formula Zero Championship
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Aug 2008
#87 HyForum 2008
Changsha, P.R. China

Aug 2008
#86 WREC X 2008
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Jul 2008
#85 KMCM 2008
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jul 2008
#84 Lucerne FUEL CELL FORUM 2008 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jun 2008
#83 17th World Hydrogen
Energy Conference (WHEC) Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Jun 2008

The role of the young generation ...
#82 Renewable Energy Asia
Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
Jun 2008
#81 Selected Hydrogen Fueling Stations in California, USA USA
Apr 2008
#80 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2008USA
Sacramento, CA, USA
Mar / Apr 2008
#79 FC EXPO 2008 Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2008
#78 Der 4. Deutsche Wasserstoff Germany
Congress 2008
Essen, Germany
Feb 2008
#77 ISEPD 2008 Korea
Changwon, Korea
Jan 2008
#76 20TH World Energy Congress & Exhibition Italia
Rome, Italy
Nov 2007
#75 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Italia
Montecatini Terme, Italy
Nov 2007
#74 2007 Fuel Cell Seminar & ExpositionUSA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Oct 2007
#73 KOREA ENERGY SHOW 2007 Korea
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Oct 2007
#72 Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium GB
London, UK
Sep 2007
#71 Solar Tech India 2007 India
New Delhi, India
Sep 2007
#70 SES-Fachtagung
Zurich, Switzerland
Aug 2007
#69 HFCE 2007 China
Shanghai, P.R. China
Jul 2007
#68 IHEC 2007 Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Jul 2007
#67 KMCM 2007 Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Jul 2007
#66 Kick Off Meeting zur Leitinnovation Mikrobrennstoffzelle Germany
Munich, Germany
Jun 2007
#65 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2007: International Conference &
Trade Show
Vancouver, BC, Canada

April / May 2007
#64 GENERA - Energy and Environment International Fair
Madrid, Spain
Feb / Mar 2007
#63 World Renewable Energy Congress [WREN]
Fremantle, Australia
Feb 2007
#62 Environment 2007
Exhibition & Conference UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jan 2007
#61 2nd Annual Fuel Cells Durability & Performance 2006 USA
Miami Beach, FL USA
Dec 2006
#60 EDTA Conference & Exposition USA
Washington, DC, USA
Nov 2006
#59 The Fuel Cell Seminar USA
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Nov 2006
#58 Fraunhofer Symposium
Berlin, Germany
Oct 2006
#57 Renewables to Hydrogen Forum USA
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Oct 2006
#56 Alternative Transport Energies Conference Australia
Perth, Western Australia
Sep 2006
#55 Power-Gen Asia China
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sep 2006
#54 World Renewable Energy
Congress IX and Exhibition Italy
Florence, Italy
Aug 2006
#53 R&D in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in Germany and Europe Germany
Clausthal, Germany
Jul 2006
#52 Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum 2006 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jul 2006
#51 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) France
Lyon, France
Jun 2006
#50 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference
Long Beach, CA, USA
Mar 2006
#49 FC EXPO 2006
Tokyo, Japan
Jan 2006
#48 Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen im Automobil
Essen, Germany
Apr 2006
#47 Fuel Cell Seminar
Palm Springs, USA

Nov 2005
#46 Internationale ASUE-Fachtagung
Essen, Germany

Nov 2005
#45 EHEC 2005
Zaragoza, Spain

Nov 2005
#44 Fuel Cell Summit:
A Road Map to Commercialization
Uncasville, CT, USA

Oct 2005
#43 2005 Grove Fuel Cell Symposium
London, UK

Oct. 2005
#42 WHTC 2005 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Singapore, Singapore
Oct. 2005
#41 f-cell 2005, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2005
#40 The 27th International Telecommunications Energy Conference - intelec '05
Berlin, Germany

Sep. 2005
#39 IHK Nord Wasserstoff – Tagung
Lübeck, Germany

Sep. 2005
#38 ICHS - International Conference on Hydrogen Safety , Pisa, Italy
Sep. 2005
#37 IHEC-2005
International Hydrogen
Energy Congress & Exhibition

Jul. 2005
#36 93. Bunsen Kolloquium
Jun. 2005
#35 European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (HFP)
Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 2005
#34 Cairo 9th International Conference on Energy & Environment
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Mar. 2005
#33 1st International Fuel Cell Expo
Tokyo, Japan

Jan. 2005
#32 H2PS: The 2004 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum,
Washington, DC, USA

Dec. 2004
#31 Impressions from Shanghai
Nov. 2004
#30 Renewable Energies China incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
Shanghai, PR China

Nov. 2004
#29 Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004
Oct. 2004
#28 Energy Asia 2004
Oct. 2004
#27 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004
Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, ON, Canada

Sep. 2004
#26 Meetings in Singapore,
Sep. 2004
#25 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Futures Conference, Perth, Australia
Sep. 2004
#24 Exhibiting at World Renewable Energy Congress VIII
Denver, CO, USA

Sep. 2004
#23 Arno presenting at ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA, USA
Aug. 2004
#22 Promotion of FP6, for European Union, Delegation of the European Commission, Shanghai
Jul. 2004
#21 IHK Energy-Podium 2004
Jul. 2004
#20 15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC15)
Yokohama, Japan

Jun. 2004
#19 Impressions from the
Energy Forum 2004
Varna, Bulgaria

Jun. 2004
#18 Impressions from HYFORUM
May 2004
#17 Impressions from Dubai
United Arab Emirates

May 2004
#16 Impressions from Argentina
May 2004
#15 Promoting Hydrogen Production from Patagonia, Argentina
May 2004
#14 Impressions Zhuozheng Garden
in Su Zhou

Mar. 2004
#13 H2PS: The 2003 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#12 Impressions from
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#11 Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF), Shanghai, P.R. China
Nov. 2003
#10 Energy Asia 2003
PTC Asia 2003
CeMAT Asia 2003
Factory Automation Asia 2003
Shanghai, P.R. China

Nov. 2003
Nov. 2003
#8 NESC 2003 - 6th Int'l Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions
Nov. 2003
#7 Impressions from Busan

Nov. 2003
#6 2003 Fuel Cell Seminar
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Nov. 2003
#5 Impressions from Shanghai, Beijing, P.R. China
Nov 2003 - Jul. 2004
#4 f-cell forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2003
#3 Hypothesis V, Porto Conte, Italy
Sep. 2003
#2 1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France
Sep. 2003
#1 Cooperation for Energy Independence of Democracies in the 21st Century
Jerusalem, Israel

Aug. 2003
Shanghai International
Industry Fair (SIF) 2004

International Meeting Point with Conference, Renewable Energies China, incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, Shanghai, China  
In memoriam: Daniela Peschka
In memoriam: Ludwig Boelkow
Corporate Information
International commercial visitors 2004
Group Exhibit Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
April 19-24

(some examples only. sort columns by clicking on (+) or (-))
+ Flag - + Job_Position - + Company - + Country - + City - + State -
Advanced Applications Engineer Fuel Cell Components Program3M Corporate Enterprise DevelopmentUSASt. PaulMN
Director New Business Development3M FranceFranceCergy Pontoise Cedex 
Manager, Fuel Cell Components Program3M Research and DevelopmentUSASt. PaulMN
CEO3P-Energy GmbHGermanySchwerin 
CEO3P-Energy GmbHGermanySchwerin 
CEO3P-Energy GmbHGermanySchwerin 
Projektleiter4Wind GmbHGermanyEckernf?rde 
Managing DirectorA&B [G.Vasslliou) LTD - Electro-Mechanical ServicesCyprusNicosia 
Handlungsbevollm?chtigter Produktbetreuung KleinentwicklungenABB Stotz-Kontakt GmbHGermanyHeidelberg 
ProjektmanagerAbraxas MedienGermanyBremen 
CTOAccagen SaSwitzerlandMassagno 
DirectorACME Tele Power Pvt. Ltd.IndiaNew Delhi 
Director GeneralActel S.A. - Societate de Cercetare Proiectare S,I ExecutieRomaniaBucuresti 
Consultant, Advanced Electric Transport, Hydrogen Economy & Fuell Cell ApplicationsAdvanced Electric TransportsFranceParis 
Engineer, EconomistAgri ContactDenmarkHundested 
CEOAGT SrlItalyRoma 
Deputy General Manager Technology Development Center Electro Electric SystemsAhyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.South KoreaUlsan 
Managing Director, Gesch?ftsf?hrerAIR Application Innovation Rescarch Fertigung-Technologie GmbHGermanyHohen Luckow 
Developer Hydrogen EnergyAir LiquideFranceParis Cedex 07 
Responsable Produit Hydrog?neAir Liquide - Marketing Clients IndustrielsFranceParis Cedex 07 
Manager Technology Application Engineering PowerplantAirbus Deutschland GMBHGermanyHamburg 
Technology Application Engineering PowerplantAirbus Deutschland GMBHGermanyHamburg 
New Technologies R&D Director, PEM Fuel Cell TechnologiesAJUSA Grupo HMSSpainAlbacete 
Mech. Power Eng. Dept.AL Azhar University Faculty of EngineeringEgypt  
Group Leader, Ceramic EngineeringAlberta Research CouncilCanadaEdmonton, AlbertaAB
Venture ManagerAlberta Research CouncilCanadaEdmonton, AlbertaAB
Chief Operating OfficerAldwich Enviro-Management Sdn BhdMalaysiaPuchong, Selangor 
Marketing & Communications EngineerAlldataItalyCinisello B.MO (MI) 
PresidentAlphea Zentrum f?r WasserstofftechnologieFranceForbach 
Mechanical EngineerAMC Science & Technology Center - EuropeGermanyMainz-Kastel 
Director of Sales & MarketingAmetek Rotron - Technical & Industrial productsUSAKentOH
 Apgenco - Andhra Pradesh Power Generation Corporation Ltd.IndiaIbrahimpatnam 
Secretaria y TesoreriaAPPICE Spanish Fuel Cell AssociationSpainMadrid 
European RepresentativeArbin (Europe) GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Chief Engineer, Chief Scientist, CEOArbin InstrumentsUSACollege StationTX
Sales EngineerArbin InstrumentsUSACollege StationTX
General ManagerArcotronics Fuel Cells s.r.l.ItalySasso Marconi 
Electrical Distribution Systems Leiter Gesch?ftsentwlcklung Europa Dezentrale EnergieversorgungAREVA Energietechnik GmbHGermanyBremen 
Product ManagerARi Industries J nc.USAAddisonIL
Director GeneralAshoor Electric MotorsSaudi ArabiaJeddah 
 ASTRIS SPOL.SR.O. - Research and Development of Fuel CellsCzech RepublicVlasim 
PresidentAstris Energi, Inc.CanadaMississaugaON
Research and DevelopmentAstris Spol. SR.O.Czech RepublicCeska Lipa 
ManagerAstris Spol. SR.O.- Research and Development of Fuel CellsCzech RepublicVlasim 
Product Line Manager Hydrogen Sensor ModulesAtmi GmbHGermanyHohenschaftlarn 
Sales and Marketing DirectorAxane Fuel Cell Systems, Grenoble Agglomeration - Aor Liquide/AxaneFranceSassenage 
Managing DirectorAz Trading Company ( W.L.L.) Engineers & SuppliersKuwaitSafat 
ChefredaktionB & IGermanyIserlohn 
Mitglied der ChefredaktionB & TGermanyZiemetshausen 
Mechanical DesignerBallard Power SystemsCanadaBurnabyBC
CommunicationsBallard Power Systems AGGermanyKirchheim/Teck-Nabern 
Manager, Research InitiativesBallard Power Systems Inc. Stack Research and DevelopmentCanadaBurnabyBC
Business Development ManagerBallast Nedam - International Product ManagementThe NetherlandsLeerdam 
ManagerBaosteel Trading Europe GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Manager Maintenance DepartmentBarez Tires - Kerman Tire & Rubber CompanylranKerman 
Forschung Katalyse Katalysatortr?gerBASF Aktiengesellschaft The Chemical CompanyGermanyLudwigshafen 
Senior Expert Physics and Chemistry of InterfacesBayer Technology Services GmbHGermanyLeverkusen 
Sales ManagerBenefitek Co., Ltd.Taiwan R.O.C.Taipei 
WirtschaftsredakteurBerliner Morgenpost - Ullstein GmbhGermanyBerlin 
Research & Development Dpt. New business and organisation managerBesel S.A. Consultores T?cnicosSpainMadrid 
Research & Development Dept. Scientific Area ManagerBesel S.A. Consultores T?cnicosSpainBoecillo/Valladolid 
Research & Development Dpt. DirectorBesel S.A. Consultores T?cnicosSpainMadrid 
EU Regulation & Public Affairs ManagerBG Group - MicroGenUnited KingdomReading 
BetriebswirtBIGS - Bluck Industrial Graphic ServiceGermanyGelsenkirchen 
JournalistBj?rkman Media ConsultingGermanyBerlin 
MarketingBLEICHERT F?rderanlagen GmbHGermanyOsterburken 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerBohncke GmbHGermanyWallbach 
General ManagerBord na M?na Energy LimitedIrelandMayo 
Vice-DirectorBoreskov Institute of CatalysisRussian FederationNovosibirsk 
Leiter MarketingBosch Rexroth AGGermanyElchingen 
Gesandter - Leiter der Wirtschafts- und HandelsabteilungBotschaft von Rum?nienGermanyBerlin 
UnternehmensleitungBrandl MaschinenbauGermanyPfeffenhausen 
RedaktionBrennstoffzellen Magazin (BZM) Henrich Publikationen GmbHGermanyGilching 
ChefredakteurBrennstoffzellen Magazin (BZM) - Henrich Publikationen GmbHGermanyGilching 
 Brevini Riduttori SPAItalyReggio Emilia 
Gruppenleiter Entwicklung Technologie K?ltetechnik Produktbereich K?lteBSH - Bosch und Siemens Hausger?te GmbhGermanyGiengen 
MinisterialdirektorBundesministerium f?r Bildung und ForschungGermanyBonn 
RegierungsdirektorBundesministerium f?r Umwelt, Naturschutz und ReaktorsicherheitGermanyBerlin 
Regierungsdirektor Leiter des Referates IV A 2Bundesministerium f?r Wirtschaft und ArbeitGermanyBerlin 
StaatssekretBundesministerium f?r wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit und EntwicklungGermanyBerlin 
 Bundesverband B?rgerinitiativen UmweltschutzGermanyBonn 
Landtagsabgeordneter NiedersachsenB?ndnis 90 Die Gr?nenGermanyHannover 
Application ManagerB?rkert GmbH & Co, KGGermanyEgelsbach 
Segment ManagerB?rkert Gmbh & Co. KGGermanyIngelfingen 
Beratung - Verkauf-lmportBVI MagnetprodukteGermanyDortmund 
Area Sales ManagerC.C. Jensen NS -CJC Oil Filter SystemsDenmarkSvendborg 
Fuel Cell System Architecture & Components Electrical Systems EngineeringC.R.F.Societa Consortile per AzioniItalyOrbassano (TO) 
General Manager Energy MaterialsCabot CorporationUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Program Leader High Temperature Fuel Cell and Electrocatalyst Development Energy MaterialsCabot Corporation Superior MicroPowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Program Leader Hydrogen Air Fuel Cells and Electrocatalyst Development Energy MaterialsCabot Corporation Superior MicroPowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Manager, New Business DevelopmentCabot Corporation Superior MicroPowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Manager of R&D Energy MaterialsCabot Corporation Superior MicroPowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
General Manager Leader, Materials InnovationCabot Corporation Superior MicroPowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
Sales and Marketing Assistant Printable Electronics and DisplaysCabot Superior Micro PowdersUSAAlbuquerqueNM
PrincipalCapgemini U.S. LLCUSAAtlantaGA
Technical DirectorCASALE CHEMICALS S.A.SwilzerlandLugano 
Hydrogen & Fuel Cells Project ManagerCEAFranceFontenay-aux-Roses Cedex 
Managing DirectorCefivalFrancePersan 
Product Manager New BusinessCEKA Elektrowerkzeuge AG+Co. KGSwitzerlandWattwil 
Management of Technology & Energy Alternatives SuperintendentCEMIG Companhia Energ?tica de Minas GeraisBrasilBelo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 
Ger?ncia de Tecnologia e Alternativas Energ?icas EngenheiroCEMIG Companhia Energ?tica de Minas GeraisBrasilBelo Horizonte, Minas Gerais 
ELectrochemicat Hydrogen TechnologyCentre for Sobar Energy and Hydrogen Research Baden-WuerttembergGermanyUlm 
Sistemi Elettronici, Controllo di SistemiCentro Ricerche FiatItalyOrbassano (TO) 
Dpto. Acci?n EmpresarialCepyme CantabriaSpainSantander 
Executive DirectorCepyme Cantabria - Association of EmployersSpainSantander 
Customer Support; Process and MaterialsCeramThe NetherlandsBreda 
Chief Technology OfficerCeramic Fuel Cells LimitedAustraliaNoble Park, Victoria 
Business Development RepresentativeCeramic Fuel Cells LimitedUnited KingdomLondon 
ProprietorChampion ExtrusionsIndiaBangalore 
PresidentChin Woo Technology Corporation - Magnequench International Korea OfficeSouth KoreaJungwon-gu Sungnam city, Gyunggido 
 China Great Wall Industry (H.K.) Corp. Ltd.P.R. ChinaConnaught Rd.C., Hong Kong 
Vice President, InvestmentsChrysalix Energy Management Inc.CanadaVancouverBC
 Citon / Sigma SS SRLRomaniaBucharest 
R & D ManagerCi-Topia Co., Ltd. - Computerized Integration TechnologySouth KoreaGeumcheon-Gu, Seoul 
D?l?gu? R?gionalCNRS - Centre National de la Recherche ScientifiqueFranceNancy Cedex 
St. Scientist/Group LeaderColumbian Chemicals CompanyUSAMariettaGA
Director - Business DevelopmentColumbian Chemicals CompanyUSAMariettaGA
 Comercial Miver S.L.SpainElda (Alicante) 
General ManagerCommunica BuildingSouth AfricaCenturion 
(FH) - Ceng.Concept-Project H2ProjectsGermanyBertin 
ConsultantConsline AGGermanyM?nchen 
Executive EditorControll EngineeringUSAOak BrookIL
Bereichsleiter RavensburgControlmatic - Gesellschaft f?r Automation und Elektrotechnik mbHGermanyRavensburg 
Sales & Marketing ConsultantCosmopolitan Clothing AGGermanyTraunstein 
Chemical Engineer RES & Hydrogen Technologies SectionCRES - Centre for Renewable Energy SourcesGreecePikermi, Attiki 
Project Manager Electric SystemsCRF Centro Ricerche Fiat - Nuvera Fuel CellsItalyOrbassano (To) 
 Cugurcan - Elektrik M?hendislik Sanayi Ticaret Ltd. Sti.TurkeyEtiler/Istanbul 
Associate Business DevelopmentCytos Biotechnology AGSwitzerlandZ?rich-Schlieren 
Account Manager Long ManufacturingDana Canada CorporationCanadaBurlingtonON
Principal Engineer, Advanced Product Design Long ManufacturingDana CorporationCanadaOakvilleON
Director - Fuel Cell ProductsDana CorporationCanadaOakvilleON
Director - Fuel Cell Business Development Systems Integration & Advanced EngineeringDana Corporation Engine & Fluid Management GroupUSARochester HillsMI
Product Development Engineering Long ManufacturingDana Corporation Thermal ProductsCanadaOakvilleON
Technical Account Manager GermanyDana GMBH - Engine and Fluid Management Group System Integration & Advanced EngineeringGermanyNeu-Ulm 
Project Manager Fuel Cell DevelopmentDana Sealing Products - Victor Reinz Reinz-Dichtungs-GMBHGermanyNeu Ulm 
Manager Entwicklung BrennstoffzelleDana Sealing Products - Victor Reinz Reinz-Dichtungs-GmbHGermanyNeu-Ulm 
B.Sc., Elec. & Diploma in Econ. Regional Manager Industrial ControlsDanfoss A/SDenmarkNordborg 
Technical ManagerDayhim Farafan Co.lranTehran 
Advanced EngineerDelixi Electrical Equipment Stock ColtdP.R. ChinaZhejiang 
Vice G.engineer / Senior engineerDelixi Group Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaZhejiang 
ProjektierungDeutsche EXlDE GmbH Industrial Energy Central EuropeGermanyB?dingen 
ReporterDeutsche Welle TVGermanyBerlin 
Vorstandsmitglied / Board MemberDeutscher Wasserstoff verband e.V.GermanyBerlin 
Ehrenvorsitzender des VorstandesDeutscher Wasserstoff Verband e.V. German Hydrogen AssociationGermanyBruchk?bel 
Repr?sentatin der Deutschen Messe AG in Griechenland und in ZypernDeutsch-GriechischeGreeceAthen 
WirtschaftsredakteurDie Welt - Axel Springer Vellag AGGermanyBerlin 
Regional Manager and Editor European ManagerDiesel & Gas Turbine WorldwideGermanyOstfildern 
Surge Arresters Production ManagerDissan Disjonkt?r Salt Cihazlari VE Elektromekanik San. VE TIC. A.S.TurkeyIzmit 
Design ManagerDissan Switchgear Equipments and Electromechanical Industry and Trade Co.TurkeyIzmit 
Design ManagerDissan Switchgear Equiptments & Electromechanical Industry & Trade Co. Elimsan group of companies -TurkeyUzuntarla, Izmit 
Development ManagerDistrict de ForbachFranceForbach Cedex 
 DLR - German Aerospace Center Institute of Technical ThermodynamicsGermanyStuttgart 
Projektleiter Polymerelektrolyt Brennstoffzellen (PEFC/DMFC)DLR Deutsches Institut f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V.GermanyStuttgart 
 DLR Institut f?r Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. - Institut f?r FahrzeugkonzepteGermanyStuttgart 
Managing DirectorDmt GmbHGermanyHolzgerlingen 
 Drossbach N.A. Inc.CanadaTrentonON
Project Manager Engineering Services DivisionDSTA - Defence Science & Technology AgencySingaporeSingapore 
Programme Manager Engineering Services DivisionDSTA - Defence Science & Technology AgencySingaporeSingapore 
Business Manager Europe, MEA / Global Business Manager DMFC Fuel CellsDu Pont de Nemours International S.A.SwitzerlandLe Grand-Saconnex, Geneva 
Purchase DirectorDurst Phototechnik AGItalyBrixen 
Vorstandsmitglied / Board MemberDWV - Deutscher Wasserstoff Verband e.V.GermanyBerlin 
Account directorDynamo Marketing CommunicationsUnited KingdomHallow, Worcester 
 E2M ConsultingGermanyBerlin 
DaimlerChrysler Forschung und Technologie Elektrochemische Technik FT1/ETEADS Dornier GmbHGermanyFriedrichshafen 
Business Development ManagerEAE Elektrik A.S.TurkeyTR IstanbuI 
Projektleiter BrennstoffzellentechnologieEAM EnergiePlus GmbHGermanyKassel 
Leiter des AusbildungszentrumsEAZ - Elektro-Ausbildungszentrum Aalen e.V.GermanyAalen 
VorsitzenderEAZ Elektro-Ausbildungszentrum Aalen e.V.GermanyAalen 
Energy Long Term Scenarios EngineerEDF R&D - ECO-Efficiency and Industrial ProcessFranceMoret Sur Loing Cedex 
Power Supply Systems Unit Sales & Marketing ManagerEFACEC Sistemas de Electronica, S.A.PortugalMoreira Maia 
PhysicistEichhoff GmbHGermanySchlitz 
Vertriebsleiter/Sales ManagerELDIS Ehmki & Schmid OHGGermanyUnterschleissheim 
 Electrochemical Research GroupLibyaTripoli 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerElektro BauelementeGermanyStuttgart 
Research DepartmentElektrokarbonSlovakiaTopolcany 
Samostatny Konstrukt?r-projektant PKVElektrokarbon A.s.SlovakiaTopolcany 
DirectorElektrolites Power PVT. LTD.IndiaJaipur 
FachjournalistElektropraktiker - Huss Medien GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Projektmanager Integrierte KommunikationElektropraktiker Huss-Medien GmbHGermanyBerlin 
EngineerElementenergyUnited KingdomCambridge 
T?cnicoEletrosul - Empresa Transmissora de EnergiaPoland  
General ManagerElimsan - Hydrogen Energy Systems Co.TurkeyUzuntada, Izmit 
Switchgear Production ManagerElimsan group of companiesTurkeyUzuntarla 
General ManagerElimsan group of companiesTurkeyUzuntada 
Chairman of the BoardElimsan group of companies - Hidrener Hydrogen Energy Systems Co.TurkeyUzuntarta 
Vice-Director for MarketingElinta UABLithuaniaKaunas-31 
Director MarketingEmco LimitedIndiaThane 
Fuel Cell Business Development, Technological DevelopmentEnel Produzione - RecercaItalyPisa 
Project Manager Civil WorksEnercon GmbHGermanyBremen 
Gesch?ftsbereichsleiter ErzeugungEnergie AG Ober?sterreichAustriaGmunden 
Fachbereichsleiter E/MSR-TechnikEnergietechnik GmbHGermanyK?ln 
Responsabile Relazioni EsterneEnerTAD S.p.A.ItalyMilano 
 Enertech Solutions Ltd.United KingdomEast Grinstead 
Director, Fuel CellsEngelhard CorporationUSAIselinNJ
Manager Catalyst Development & QC Process Technology GroupEngelhard Italiana S.p.A.ItalyRome 
Fuel Cell Control SystemsEnkat A Division Of Hydrogenics CorporationGermanyGelsenkirchen 
Engineering ManagerEntegris Europe GmbHGermanyBad Rappenau 
MaschinenwerkstattEON Westfalen Weser AGGermanyKirchlengern 
General ManagerE-P Equipment Co., LtdP.R. ChinaHangzhou 
PresidentEpoch - Yu Chuan Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd.Taiwan R.O.C.Kaohsiung 
Project ManagerEpoch - Yu Chuan Technology Enterprise Co., Ltd.Taiwan R.O.C.Kaohsiung Taiwan 824 
 EPS Consulting & EngineeringGermanyHamm 
 ERGONIA S.A.GreeceMilos Island 
 Esoro AGSwitzerlandF?llanden 
ProjektledareETC - Battery and FuelCells Sweden ABSwedenNol 
Deputy Editor Corporate LocationEuromoney Institutional Investor PLCUnited KingdomLondon 
Chairman of Executive BoardEuropean Business Council for Sustainable EnergyGermanyDarmstadt 
 European Comission Jout Res. CentreThe NetherlandsPette 
Joint Research CentreEuropean Commission - D JRC - IEThe NetherlandsPetten 
Principal Scientific OfficerEuropean Commission - Directorate-General for Energy and TransportBelgiumBruxalles/ Brussel 
Managing DirectorEuropean Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Manager System IntegrationEuropean Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyHamburg 
ProduktmanagerEuropean Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Referentin WirtschaftspolitikEuropean Office VDMABelgiumBrussels 
 Evimp Project on Behalf of the Commission of the European UnionGermanyFrankfurt 
Chairman and Chief Executive OfficereVionyx, Inc.USAHawthorneNY
Redakteur PressesprecherEWE AktiengesellschaftGermanyOldenburg 
Leiter KompetenzzentrumFach Hochschule L?beck - Kompetenzzentrum Wasserstoff-und BrennstoffzellentechnologieGermanyL?beck 
Prodekan Fachbereich Wirtschaftswissenschaft, VolkswirtschaftslehreFachhochschule Erfurt University of Applied SciencesGermanyErfurt 
 Fachhochschule Konstanz - FB Maschinenbau Konstruktion und VerfahrenstechnikGermanyKonstanz 
Fachbereich Physikalische TechnikFachhochschule Wiesbaden - University of Applied SciencesGermanyR?sselsheim 
Process EngineerFAL - Federal Agricultural Research CentreGermanyBraunschweig 
Project DivisionFC EXPO Reed Exhibitions Japan Ltd.JapanTokyo 
Senior Project EngineerFCT Fuel Cell Test and Evaluation CenterUSAJohnstownPA
Wissenschaftlicher MitarbeiterFfE Forschungsstelle f?r Energiewirtschaft e.V.GermanyM?nchen 
Wissenschaftlicher MitarbeiterFfE Forschungsstelle f?r Energiewirtschaft e.V.GermanyM?nchen 
Projekt-ManagerFFE Forschungsstelle f?r Energiewirtschaft e.V.GermanyM?nchen 
Mitglied der AgenturleitungFink & Fuchs Public Relations AGGermanyWiesbaden 
Sales Engineer University ProgramFluent Deutschland GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
Ltr. InstandhaltungFluorchemie Dohna GmbHGermanyDohna 
Major of ForbachForbach Porte de France - Communaut? d'Asglom?rationFranceForbach Cedex 
Team Leader Hydrogen & Fuel Cell TechnologyFord Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbHGermanyAachen 
Gesch?ftsstellenleiterForschungsAllianz BrennstoffZellen Baden-W?rttemberg - FABZGermanyStuttgart 
Institut f?r Werkstoffe und Verfahren der Energietechnik (IWV)Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyJ?lich 
EngineerForschungszentrum J?lich GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyJ?lich 
Institut f?r Werkstoffe und Verfahren der Energietechnik (IWV)Forschungszentrum J?lich GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyJ?lich 
Projektleiter Brennstoffzelle (PBZ)Forschungszentrum J?lich GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyJ?lich 
Projekttr?ger Energie, Technologie, NachhaltigkeitForschungszentrum J?lich in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyD?sseldorf 
Head of Flow and Combustion Engineering DivisionForschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyKarlsruhe 
Nationale Fachkontaktstelle f?r ProduktionForschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH in der Helmholtz-GemeinschaftGermanyKadsruhe 
Project LeaderForschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH Institut f?r Kern-und Energietechnik (IKET)GermanyKarlsruhe 
BeraterFramatome ANP GmbHGermanyErlangen 
WirtschaftsredakteurFrankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Abteilung TechnologiemanagementFraunhofer Institut IPT Institut ProduktionstechnologieGermanyAachen 
Bevollm?chtigter Berater der InstitutsleitungFraunhofer Institut Informations-und DatenverarbeitungGermanyKarlsruhe 
 Fraunhofer Institut ProduktionstechnologieGermanyAachen 
MarketingFraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems - ISEGermanyFreiburg 
Leitender Ministerialrat, Referatsleiter Wirtschaft, Finanzen und InfrastrukturFreistaat Th?ringen - Th?ringer StaatskanzleiGermanyErfurt 
Referat Au?enwirtschaft/ Absatzf?rderungFreistaat Th?ringen Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft Arbeit und InfrastrukturGermanyErfurt 
Market Manager Critical HVACFreudenberg Vliesstoffe KGGermanyWeinheim 
Technical Support Manager Nigeria DivisionFrigoglass GroupGreeceAthens 
Vertriebsleitung Deutschland Sales Manager GermanyFronius Deutschland GMBHGermanyMelsungen 
Project Management Fuel CellFronius International GMBHAustriaWels-Thalheim 
Gesch?ftsf?hrender GesellschafterFuel Cell Ceramic GmbHGermanySt. Wolfgang 
Managing DirectorFuel Cell Markets Ltd.United KingdomIver, Bucks 
Sales ManagerFuel Cell Markets Ltd.United KingdomIver, Bucks 
Chief Financial OfficerFuel Cell Technologies Ltd.CanadaKingstonON
Marketing/Market ResearchFuel Cell TodayUnited KingdomLondon 
Chief ExecutiveFuel Cells UK - SynnogyUnited KingdomThorpe Waterville, Northants 
Vorstand CEOFuelCon AGGermanyMagdeburg-Barleben 
General ManagerFuelCon Systems Inc.CanadaVancouverBC
 Fukui Byora Co., Ltd.JapanFukui 
R&D ManagerFumatech GmbH - Funktionelle Membranen und AnlagentechnologieGermanySt. Ingbert 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerFumatech GmbH - Funktionelle Membranen und AnlagentechnologieGermanySt. Ingbert 
Marketing DepartmentFuyuan Century Fuel Cell Power Co. Ltd.P.R. ChinaBeijing 
Program Manager Authorised SecretaryGaskatel GmbHGermanyKassel 
Project Manager, Cogeneration/Power SytemsGastec Certification BVThe NetherlandsApeldoorn 
Director Sales Energy-ControllingGA-Tec Geb?ude-und Anlagentechnik GMBHGermanyHeidelberg 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerGatron GmbH Transformatorgase, Messen und BewertenGermanyGreifswald 
EngineerGaz de France - Research & Development DivisionFranceSaint- Denis la Plaine cedex 
Director Marketing / Communications & Govemment Affairs EuropeGE Wind Energy GmbHGermanySalzbergen 
System EngineerGeneral Hydrogen CorporationCanadaRichmondON
General DirectorGeneral TechnicsMoroccoCasablanca 
Marketing and Sales ManagerGenius Communication System Co., Ltd.ThailandNakornprathom 
 Geschka & Partner UnternehmensberatungGermanyDarmstadt 
Leitung MobilitGIS gemeinn?tzige Gesellschaft f?r integrative Sozialdienste mbHGermanyHannover 
Chairman of the Board of DirectorsGKH-Leasing CompanyRussian FederationMoscow 
 GLR - Solucoes em Neg?ciosBrazilBarra da Tijuca. Rio de JaneiroRJ
Sales ManagerGraphit Kropfm?hl AGGermanyHauzenberg 
Product Eng.Grupo Electrocell - Fuel cellsBrazilButanta - Sao Paulo 
Development DirectorH2 Logic - MiniHYDROGEN ApsDenmarkIkast 
Board MemberH2Forumg The Swedish Gas AssociationSwedenStockholm 
DirectorH2IT Fuel Cell AssociationItalyMilan 
Lecturer M.Sc. (Eng.H?me Polytechnic - Faculty of Technology / Environmental TechnologyFinlandHameenlinna 
Team Leader, Fuel Cell Development Team R & D CenterHankook Tire Co., Ltd.South KoreaDaejeon 
Research Engineer Fuel Cell Development Team R & D CenterHankook Tire Co., Ltd.South KoreaDaejeon 
Senior ManagerHannover Fairs China Ltd ShanghaiP.R. ChinaShanghai 
Design EngineerHeatricUnited KingdomDorset 
 Heinrich Hering GmbH - Fenster, Rolladen, MarkisenGermanyMudenbach 
 Helbio S.A.GreeceAthens 
Gesch?ftsf?hrer Managing DirectorHeliocentris Energiesysteme GmbHGermanyBerlin 
Systems Department ManagerHelion Fuel Cell MakerFranceAix-en-Provenoe Cedex 4 
Wissens-und Technologietransfer Hochschulregion S?dhessenHessisches Ministerium f?r Wissenschaft und KunstGermanyWiesbaden 
Regenerative EnergiesystemeHEW Hamburgische Electricit?ts-Werke AGGermanyHamburg 
Director af Marketing and SalesHexion B.V.The NetherlandsArnhem 
Scientific Leader/Fuel Cell DevelopmentHIAT Hydrogen - Institute of Applied Technologies gGrnbHGermanySchwerin 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerHIAT Hydrogen Institute of Applied Technologies gGmbHGermanySchwerin 
Fachbereich Lebensmittel technologie/Biotechnologie/ Verfahrens-und UmwelttechnikHochschule Anhalt (FH) - Hochschule f?r angewandte WissenschaftenGermanyK?then 
 Hochschule f?r Kunst & Design Burg GiebichensteinGermanyHalle/Saale 
Chief Engineer Engineering Research Department R3Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Tochigi R&D CenterJapanTochigi 
Engineering Research Department R3Honda R&D Co., Ltd. Tochigi R&D CenterJapanTochigi 
Wissenschaftliche MitarbeiterinHTA Luzern- Hochschule f?r Technik + Architektur - Institut f?r ProduktentwicklungSwitzerlandHorw 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerH-Tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbHGermanyL?beck 
Leiter MarketingH-TEC Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbHGermanyL?beck 
Produktionh-tec Wasserstoff-Energie-Systeme GmbH - Hydrogen Energy SystemsGermanyL?beck 
Geschaftsf?hrender GesellschafterH?ttenberger Produktionstechnik Martin GmbHGermanyLangg?ns 
Leiter ProzessentwicklungH?ttenberger Produktionstechnik Martin GmbHGermanyLangg?ns 
PresidentHWA Seong TradingSouth KoreaAnsan-City, Kyunggi- Do 
Marketing DirectorHydro ElectrolysersNorwayNotodden 
Business Development Manager Hydrogen New EnergyHydrogen Energi As - Institute for Energy TechnologyNorwayOslo 
Editor & PublisherHydrogen Fuel Cell LetterUSARhinecliffNY
Chief Executive OfficerHydrogen Power Inc.USASeattleWA
Vice President, Capital FinanceHydrogen Power Inc.USASeattleWA
Sales ManagerHydrogenicsCanadaMississauga, OntarioON
V.P. Business Development Sales & MarketingHydrogenics CorporationCanadaMississaugaON
Director of TechnologyHydrogenics CorporationCanadaMississaugaON
President and CEOHyRadix Inc.USADes PlainesIL
Vice President, Business DevelopmentHyRadix Inc.USADes PlainesIL
 Hysec InternationalIndiaSecunderabad 
Manager Technology Development Center Electro Electric SystemsHyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.South KoreaUlsan 
Vice PresidentI.S.T. International, Inc.USAHollywoodFL
Technical SalesIAC industrial automation & control (Pty)Ltd.South AfricaCenturion 
General ManagerIAC Industrial Automotive & Control (Pty)Ltd.South AfricaCenturion 
 Icon PublishersThe NetherlandsLeusden 
 Icon PublishersThe NetherlandsLeusden 
Head of DepartmentICPE - A Research Institute for Electrical Engineering - New Energy Sources LaboratoryRomaniaBucharest 
Diplom-ChemikerICT - Frauenhofer Institut Chemische TechnologieGermanyPfinztal/Berghausen 
Senior Vice President Sales and MarketingIda Tech, LLCUSABendOR
President & Chief Executive OfficerIdaTech, LLCUSABendOR
Founder, Senior Vice President Chief Technology OfficerIdatech, LLCUSABendOR
Project ManagerIEV ttz Bremerhaven Institut f?r Energie-und VerfahrenstechnikGermanyBremerhaven 
PresidentIF, LLC - The Art of the Possible in HydrogenUSABoca RaionFL
 IKE Institut f?r Kernenergetik & Energiesysteme Universit?t StuttgartGermanyStuttgart 
 IKT Institut f?r Kunststofftechnologie - Universit?t StuttgartGermanyStuttgart 
ProjektmanagerIMG Institut f?r Maschinen, Antriebe und elektronische Ger?tetechnik gGmbHGermanyNordhausen 
Diplom-Ingenieur Gruppenleiter Verfahrenstechnik und heterogene KatalyseIMM - Institut f?r Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbHGermanyMainz 
Chemical Process Engineering Process Engineering and Heterogeneous CatalysisIMM Institut f?r Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbH- Chemical Process TechnologyGermanyMainz 
Director Sales & Marketing EuropeIMW Industries Ltd.CanadaChilliweckB.C.
InnovationsmanagementINA-Schaeffler KGGermanyHerzogenaurach 
WissensmanagementINA-Schaeffler KGGermanyHerzogenaurach 
Umwelt - Area ManagerIndo-German Chamber of Commerce Deutsch Indische HandelskammerIndiaMumbai, Bombay 
Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Energy Lab. Innovative Energy Technology DivisionIndustrial Technology Research Institute - Energy & Resources LaboratoriesTaiwan R.O.C.Chutung, Hsinchu 
Journaliste Ind?pendantIndustrie & Technologies - La Forge - Cetim-InformationsFranceParis 
JournalisteIndustries et TechnologiesFranceNeyron 
Gesch?ftsf?hrer Innovation und Umwelt/InternationalIndustrie-und Handelskammer Ostth?ringen zu GeraGermanyGera 
Senior Industry Sector Officer Manufacturing Industries BranchIndustry CanadaCanadaMonctonNB
PEMCoat Research ScientistINEOS Chlor Enterprises LimitedUnited KingdomRuncorn 
Research Coordinator - Head of Electrochemistry of Materials UnitIneti - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia, Technologia e InovacaoPortugalLisboa 
 Infatec GmbH - Ingenieurb?ro f?r AutomatisierungstechnikGermanyHannover 
EditorInfomedia - Search The Industrial SourcebookIndiaMumbai 
Leiter Business Development Division EnergienInfraserv GmbH & Co H?chst KGGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Projektleiter Business Development Division EnergienInfraserv Gmbh & Co. H?chst KGGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Head of Business Development Division EnergienInfraserv GmbH & Co. H?chst KGGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Leitung MarketingInfraServ Wiesbaden Technik GmbH & Co. KGGermanyWiesbaden 
 Ingenieurb?ro J. D?hlerGermanyLeipzig 
 InnCrea Ltd.TurkeyEtiler/Istanbul 
Engineering Development ManagerInnova Engineering ConsultingSpainPU?OL (Valencia) 
Engeneering ManagerInnova Engineering ConsultingSpainPU?OL (Valencia) 
Prokuristin Abteilungsleiterin MarketingInstitut f?r Mikrotechnik Mainz GmbHGermanyMainz 
 Institute of Automotive Engineering - Wuhan University of TechnologyP.R. ChinaWuhan 
 Instytut Gornictwa Naftowego I Gazownictwa OIL and GAS InstitutePolandWarszawa 
Managing Director Business DevelopmentIntelligent EnergyUnited KingdomLondon 
Consultant - Business DevelopmentInternational Innovation Services LtdUnited KingdomSheffield 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerIntervect Deutschland GmbHGermanyEppingen 
President & CEO PowerWade Business UnitInventQjaya Sdn BhdMalaysiaCyberjaya, Selangor Darul Ehsan 
Commercial ManagerIOP PublishingUnited KingdomTemple Back Bristol 
Chemical EngineerIPM - Ballast NedamThe NetherlandsLeerdam 
Electrician Engineer?sloftIcelandReykjavik 
Managing DirectorIsotechItalyVicenza 
Chief Procurement OfficerISTC International Science and Technology CenterRussian FederationMoscow 
Associate Professor Chief Science CoordinatorISTC International Science and Technology CenterRussian FederationMoscow 
Handelsfachwirt Marketing und VertriebJ.G.Dahmen & Co. GmbH + Co. KGGermanyIserlohn 
Deputy General ManagerJSW - The Japan Steel Works, Ltd. - D?sseldorf OfficeGermanyD?sseldorf 
 KAMUE Kommunikations-Agentur Medien Umwelt Energie KGGermanyHamburg 
Senior Researcher, Environmental Materials Research Center R & D DivisionKatech Korea Automotive Technology InstituteSouth KoreaChungnam 
Technische Gesch?ftsleitungKiffe Engineering GmbHGermanyVillingen 
Sales Support Engineer HTLKNF Flodos - Innovative Technology WorldwideSwitzerlandSursee 
Head of Sales and MarketingKNF Flodos AG - Innovative Technology WorldwideSwitzerlandSursee 
Produktmanager FI?ssigkeitspumpenKNF Neuberger GmbH - Membranpumpen und SystemeGermanyFreiburg 
Member of the Managing BoardKoncar Electrical Engineering InstituteCroatiaZagreb 
Manager Business Development Team IKorea GAS Corporation - Office of Technology & Project PlanningSouth KoreaKyunggi 
Assistant Manager, R & P DepartmentKoyo Seiko Co., Ltd. - European Technical CentreThe NetherlandsAlmere 
Maintenance ManagerLacroix + Kress GmbHGermanyBad Arolsen 
Industrial Informatic SpecialistLafarge Cement A.S.Czech RepublicC?zkovice 
IC ForemanLafarge Cement A.S.Czech RepublicC?zkovice 
RegierungssprecherLand Brandenburg - StaatskanzleiGermanyPotsdam 
 Landeshauptstadt Hannover Fachbereich Bauen-HochbauGermanyHannover 
PrincipalLangenberg & Company Industrial Sector ResearchUSAOak ParkIL
Project ManagerLB Systemtechnik GmbHGermanyOttobrunnen 
Director ComercialLC Power - Lu?s Carneiro Solucoes de Energia, S.A.PortugalLeca da Palmeira 
AgenteLeitnerItalyPortico DI Caserta (CE) 
DirectorLestari Intan SDN.BHD.MalaysiaBandar Baru Bangi 
Senior Research Engineer Corporate R&DLG ChemSouth KoreaDaejeon 
General Manager & Head of LGTCELG Technology Center EuropeGermanyNeuss 
A Chief ClerkLG-Caltex Oil Corp. - Energy LeaderSouth KoreaDaejeon 
Coordinator Research and Technology DevelopmentLiebherr-Aerospace Lindenberg GMBHGermanyLindenberg 
Executive Director Hydrogen SolutionsLinde AGGermanyH?llriegelskreuth/Germany 
Supply Head of Advanced Customer ApplicationsLinde Gas AGGermanyH?llriegelskreuth 
Leiter Anwendungstechnik K?lnLinde Gas AGGermanyK?ln 
Leiter Anwendungstechnik Vertriebszentrum HamburgLinde Gas AGGermanyHamburg 
 L?sch-O-Mat, Palleske FeuerschutzGermanyGl?cksstadt 
 LV High-Tech AgenciesGermanyAsendorf 
 M. Torres Dise?os Industriales, SASpainTorres de Elorz (Navarra) 
DirectorMagnasia CorporationTaiwan R.O.C.Taipei 
Produktmanager BrennstoffzelteMAGNUM Automatisierungstechnik GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
Senior Konferenz ManagerinManagement Circle AGGermanyEschborn/ Ts. 
Gebietsleiter NordMankenberg GmbHGermanyL?beck 
 Marathon Kimya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S.TurkeyOkmeydani/Istanbul 
Presidente Amministratore DelegatoMasautomazioneItalySegrate (MI) 
Produktmanager / Product ManagerMasterflex AG - BrennstoffzellentechnikGermanyHerten 
Business ManagerMastervolt Germany GmbHGermanyGelnhausen 
 MAX-Planck-Institut f?r Festk?rperforschung - Abt. Maier, Nuclear Magnetic ResonanceGermanyStuttgart 
Wissenschaftlicher MitarbeiterMax-Planck-lnstitut f?r Gravitationsphysik Albert-Einstein-InstitutGermanyHannover 
Press Co-ordinatorMedia Services Europe - AsiaGermanyAugsburg 
PresidentMehmet Gazioglu - Aluminum & Machinery IndustriesTurkeyYakaclk, Istanbul 
Marketing & Communication SupportMESA - Manufacturas El?ctrias, S.A.SpainMungia (Vizcaya) 
Electrical Engineer Components Sales ManagerMES-DEA SASwitzerlandStabio 
Chemical Engineer R & D Fuel CellsMES-DEA SA Divisione Energie AlternativeSwitzerlandStabio 
 Meta MIX Ltd.BulgariaSofia 
Program Manager, Market DevelopmentMethanex CorporationCanadaVancouverB.C.
RedakteurinMI Verlag Moderne IndustrieGermanyLandsberg 
Special TechnologiesMicronas GmbHGermanyFreiburg 
Sales ManagerMicrotherm International N.V.BelgiumSint-Niklaas 
QualifizierungsingenieurMikutta EngineeringGermanyRoth 
 Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und Verkehr des Landes Schleswig-HolsteinGermanyKiel 
Secretary of StateMinistry Economy and CommerceRomaniaBucharest 
Program CoordinatorMinistry of Industry and ComerceRomaniaBucure 
Assistant Manager Sourcing Development & Purchasing Section Purchasing DepartmentMitsubishi Electric Corporation Energy & Public Infrastructure Systems CenterJapanKobe 
Marketing Manager Power Semiconductors Semiconductor Business UnitMitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.GermanyRatingen 
 MK & AssociatesUnited KingdomHuntingdon, Cambridgeshire 
DirectorModison Metals LimitedIndiaMumbai 
Production ManagerMoeller Electric Ireland Ltd.IrelandDublin 11 
Business Development ManagerMorgan Fuel CellUnited KingdomBromborough 
Marketing / Product DevelopmentMoteurs Leroy-Somer - Usine de SillacFranceAngoulle'Me Cedex 
AdministratorMouvement des Entreprises de France - MEDEF de l'Est ParisienFranceRosny-sous-bois Cedex 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerMSR Metall-Spezialrohr GMBHGermanySchwerte 
Senior Manager, New ApplloationsMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
President and Chief Executive OfficerMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyMunich 
Member of the Management BoardMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyMunich 
Manager, Marketing and SalesMTU CFC Solutions GmbHGermanyMunich 
Project Manager Project Center PEM Fuel CellsMTU Friedrichshafen GmbhGermanyFriedrichshafen 
Project Manager Project Center PEM - Fuel CellsMTU Friedrichshafen GmbHGermanyFriedrichshafen 
Produktmanagement AS-InterfaceMurrelektronik GmbHGermanyOppenweiler 
Superintendent O&M-OperationNational Thermal Power Corporation Ltd.IndiaJyothinagar - Karimnagar 
Dy. Chief Design Engineer (Mechanical) Project EngineeringNational Thermal Power Corporation Ltd. Engineering Office ComplexIndiaNoida 
Manager R&D TechnologyNEG Micon A/SDenmarkRanders 
Thermal Power Plant ManagerNeKa Power Generation Management Co.Iran  
Project ManagerNet Plan - Telecomunica??es, LdaPortugalLisboa 
Siv. Ok.New Energy Systems A/SNorwayLysaker 
Manager Business DevelopmentNexus GlobalThe NetherlandsArnhem 
Process EngineerNexus GlobalThe NetherlandsPostbus 
Directeur TechniqueN-GHY - Chief Technology OfficerFranceALBI Cedex 9 
Chairman and CEON-GHY - Fuel Processors for Fuel Cells, S.A.FranceALBI Cedex 9 
Ing?nieur d'?tudeN-GHY - Process engineering, prototype designFranceALBI Cedex 9 
Manager Corporate Project ENGK Insulators, Ltd.JapanNagoya 
Director & Corporate Project E LeaderNGK Insulators, Ltd.JapanNagoya 
Leiter des Referates TechnologiepolitikNieders?chsisches Ministerium f?r Wirtschaft, Arbeit und VerkehrGermanyHannover 
 Nigde University Makina M?h. B?l?m?TurkeyNigde 
 Nimsum AutotechIndiaPune 
Vice President Head of HydrogenNorsk Hydro ASANorwayOslo 
Repr?sentant Deutsche Messe AG Schweiz/LiechtensteinNovafair AG - Deutsche Messe AGSwitzerlandNiederweningen 
 Nuclear Research Institute Rez plcCzech RepublicPSC 
Platform Leader Hydrogen SystemsNuvera Fuel CellsItalyMilano 
Business Development ManagerNuvera Fuel CellsItalyMilano 
Director, Marketing CommunicationsNuvera Fuel CellsUSACambridgeMA
Vice PresidentNuvera Fuel CellsUSACambridgeMA
Executive Director Business Development and Strategic R & DNuvera Fuel CellsUSACambridgeMA
DirectorOffice National de l'ElectricitMoroccoCasahlanca 
Account ManagerOscar Chiaradia ExpoThe NetherlandsAmstenrade 
Redakteur, Editor?sterreichischer Wirtschaftsverlag GmbHGermanyLandsberg 
Assistant Executive EngineerP.S.E.B. - Guru Gobind Singh Super Thermal PlantIndiaPunjab 
Vice Chairman of the BoardPBS - Paykar Bonyan Sanat Co.IranTehran 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerPEM Precise Electrochemical Machining - TechnologiegesellschaftGermanyDillingen/ Saar 
Corporate Communications Technology & EnvironmentPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesGermanyKronberg im Taunus 
President & CEOPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Chemical EngineerPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
VP Finance and AdministrationPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Market Development ManagerPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Senior ScientistPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesUSATroyNY
Chief Technology OfficerPemeas GmbH - Fuel Cell TechnologiesUSAMurray HillNJ
 Peter Sauber Agentur - Messen, Ausstellungen, KongresseGermanyGerlingen 
Technical AdviserPetr?leo Brasileiro S.A. Petrobras, Gas Power & BUBrazilRio de JaneiroRJ
General ManagerPFW Technologies GmbHGermanySpeyer 
Power Supply SpecialistPhilips Consumer Electronics - BCU TV Innovation LabThe NetherlandsEindhoven 
Vorsitzender des Vorstands, Dipl.- Chemiker, Consultant Forschungsdir., LehrbeauftragterPhysikalischer VereinGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
 Pirelli Labs - Materiais InnovationItalyMilano 
ScientistPirelli Labs - Materials InnovationItalyMilano 
 Planet GbR - Planungsgruppe Energie und TechnikGermanyOldenburg 
Regional Sales ManagerPlug Power Holland BVThe NetherlandsApeldoorn 
Chief Technology OfficerPlug Power Inc.USALathamNY
Director of SalesPlug Power Inc.USALathamNY
Vice President & Chief ScientistPlug Power Inc.USANew YorkNJ
 PM Proton MotorGermanyStarnberg 
 PM Proton MotorUSAOwings MillsMD
Head of SalesPM Proton Motor Fuell Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
Head of Electrical Department PolyamidePolyamide High Performance GmbHGermanyObernburg 
Associated ProfessorPolytechnic University of Bucharest Faculty of Energetic Power Plant DepartmentRomaniaBucharest 
Gesch?ftsf?hrer/ Managing DirectorP?tz & Sand - Monheimer Ketten- und Metallwaren-Industrie GmbH & Co.KGGermanyStolberg 
Managing DirectorPower Instruments Pte LtdSingaporeSingapore 
After Sales SupportPower SystemsGreeceMetamorfosi Attika 
EditorPower TechnologyItaly  
Gesch?ftsf?hrer TechnikPowerPlus Technologies GmbHGermanyRemscheid 
PresidentPraj Industries Limited - ESD Engineering Software DivisionIndiaPune 
Product Manager Packaged GasesPraxair Espa?a, S.L.SpainMadrid 
Diplom-Chemiker Verkauf Industriegase AnwendungstechnikPraxair GmbHGermanyRhein am Biebesheim 
JournalistPresseb?ro EuropaGermanyHannover 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerPRO SIM Ingenieurb?ro GmbH - Ram SystemeGermanyHamburg 
Head of Business DevelopmentProton Motor Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
Gesch?ftsf?hrer / CEOProton Motor Fuel Cell GmbHGermanyStarnberg 
Director of Advanced TechnologyProtonex Technology CorporationUSASouthboroughMA
CEOProtonex Technology CorporationUSASouthboroughMA
Automotive Science & Advanced ResearchPSA Peugeot CitroenFranceV?lizy-Villacoublay Cedex 
Fuel Cell DevelopmentPSFU GmbH - Profil Schleif-, Fertigungs- und Umwelttechnik GmbHGermanyWernigerode 
Regional Sales Manager Business Development and MarketingQuestAir TechnologiesCanadaBurnabyBC
Manager, Sales and Distribution Channels Sales and MarketingQuestAir Technologies, Inc.CanadaBurnabyBC
Director, Corporate Development and External CommunicationQuestAir Technologies, Inc.CanadaBurnabyBC
 QuinTech e.K.GermanyG?ppingen 
Chairman and Chief Executive Officerr.bourgeoisFranceBesan?on Cedex 
AfdelingslederRAH Service a/sDenmarkRingkobing 
Assistant EngineerRajasthan Rajya Vidyut Utpadan Nigam Ltd.IndiaRamgarh-Jaisalmer 
Sales DirectorRenewable Energy World James & James (Science Publishers) LtdUnited KingdomLondon 
Riyadh Branch ManagerRiyadh Branch AKTESaudi ArabiaRiyadh 
DirectorRockwell Automation AGSwitzerlandAarau 
Technical Marketing SpecialistRohm and Haas CompanyBelgiumGrimbergen 
Chief Scientist Professor, D.Sc. (Physics & Maths)Russian Federal Nuclear Center - VNIIEFRussian FederationNizhnigy Novgorod Reg 
 Russian Nuclear CenterRussian Federation  
Editor in chief Local branchRussian State Television and Radio CompanyRussian FederationSt-Petersburg 
New Business DevelopmentR?tgers Chemicals AGGermanyDuisburg 
SystementwicklungRWE Fuel Cells GmbHGermanyMechernich 
Conseiller TechniqueS.A.T.M. Soci?t? Africaine de Technologie et de ManagementGermanyBerlin 
Directeur G?n?ralS.M.R.I. - Societe Marocaine de Realisations IndustriellesMoroccoCasablanca 
 S++ Simulation ServicesGermanySchwerin 
 Sabrow HI-Tech Equipment & Automations LimitedNigeriaPort Harcourt 
Scientific AdvisorSaes Getters S.p.A.ItalyLainete (MI) 
Metallurgy & Materials Lab. Corporate R&D LaboratoriesSaes Getters S.p.A.ItalyLainate, Milan 
Market Segment Manager Energy ControlsSaia-Burgess Dreieich GmbH & Co. KGGermanyOldenburg 
Techno-Marketing Project LeaderSaint-Gobain C.R.E.E.FranceCavaillon Cedex 
Member of Research Staff Materials and Devices Lab.Samsung - SAITSouth KoreaSuwon 
Member of Tech. Staff Materials and Devices LabSamsung - SAITSouth KoreaYongin-Si, Gyeonggi-Do 
Manager Planning GroupSamsung Corning Precision Glass Co., Ltd.South KoreaAsan-City, ChungNam 
Senior ScientistSamsung SDI Co., Ltd.GermanyBerlin 
General ManagerSaran Tejarat Spadana (S.T.S.)IranTehran 
Projektleiter Vertrieb Geb?ude / EnergieSchneider Electric GmbHGermanyRatingen 
Secretary General, Deputy Dean Associate ProfessorSchool of Automotive Engineering Wuhan University of Technology Hubei Electric Vehicle CommitteeP.R. ChinaWuhan 
Leiter Marketing/VertriebskoordinationSCHOTT Electronic Packaging GmbHGermanyLandshut 
Leitung Vertrieb & MarketingSchroff GmbhGermanyStraubenhardt 
Leitung ProduktentwicklungSchroff GmbHGermanyStraubenhardt 
Product ManagerSchroff GmbHGermanyStraubenhardt 
CNC Programmierung, Schulungen Externe-und Werkstattprogrammierung PersonaldienstleistungenSchulz & Freiberger GbRGermanyD?sseldorf 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerSchunk Ingenieurkeramik GmbHGermanyWillich-M?nchheide II 
Forschung und Entwicklung BrennstoffzellenkomponentenSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Research and Development Project Manager Fuel Cell ComponentsSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Head of Basic Research and DevelopmentSchunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Director Strategic DevelopmentSchunk Materials GmbHGermanyHeuchelheim 
Botschaftsrat Handel, Landwirtschaft, VerkehrSchweizerische BotschaftGermanyBerlin 
DirectorSci-Tech International ApSDenmarkHoersholm 
Leiter ProjektmanagementSCM-Ges. f?r Projektmanagement u. Kommunikationsmarketing mbHGermanyMarburg 
Vice Chief Engineer, Senior EngineerSeari Group Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaShanghai 
New Business ManagerSEC Industrial Battery Co. Ltd.United KingdomIver, Bucks 
DevelopmentSFC Smart Fuel Cell AGGermanyBrunnthaI- Nord 
Director Sales & Marketing Europe Fuel Cell ComponentsSGL CARBON Group - SGL TECHNOLOGIES GmbHGermanyMeitingen 
Account Manager Fuel Cell ComponentsSGL Carbon Group - Technic Inc.USASt. MarysPA
Director Technical Sales + Service Fuel Cell ComponentsSGL Carbon Group - Technologies GmbHGermanyMeitingen 
Marketing & Sales Associate Senior Manager Fuel Cell Components / Asia New Technologies BusinessSGL Carbon Japan Ltd.JapanKawagoe, Saitama 
Responsabile Ricerca e SviluppoSGS future s.r.I.ItalyCavalese 
Director of the Board General ManagerShanghai Aton Electric Co., Ltd.P.R. China  
EngineerShanghai Energy Conservation Supervision CenterP.R. ChinaShanghai 
General ManagerShanghai M. Wave M&E Technology Development Co, , LtdP.R. ChinaShanghai 
Director ? General ManagerShanghai Najie Electric Complete Co., Ltd.P.R. China  
General Manager, Professorship Senior EngineerShanghai SEC Modern Traffic Equipment Co., LtdP.R. ChinaShanghai 
 Shanghai Sun Shine Environmental Sci-tech Service Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaShanghai 
 Shanghai Sun Shine Environmental Sci-tech Service Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaShanghai 
Gesch?ftsf?hrerSH-Schneewei? GmbHGermanyWesterheim 
Vorstand, DirectorSieb & Meyer AGGermanyL?neburg 
Sales & Marketing DirectorSIEL S.p.A. IItalyTrezzano Rosa (Milan) 
Product Manager ET200 PLCSiemens AGGermanyN?rnberg 
 Siemens AGGermanyBremen 
Produktmanager ChromatrographieSiemens AG Automation & Drives Process Instrumentation & AnalyticsGermanyKarlsruhe 
President Power Transmission and Distribution - ServiceSiemens AG Power Transmission and DistributionGermanyN?rnberg 
President, Stationary Fuel CellsSiemens Westinghouse Power CorporationUSAPittsburghPA
ManagerSinduflex - Sistemas Industriais Flex?veis, Lda.PortugalCacia 
Vice Director, Senior EngineerSinotechmart - China Technology Market Management & Promotion CenterP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Director, ResearcherSinotechmart - China Technology Market Management & Promotion CenterP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Senior EngineerSinotechmart - China Technology Market Management & Promotion CenterP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Programer Manager, EngineerSinotechmart - China Technology Market Management & Promotion CenterP.R. ChinaBeijing 
Research Engineer, CRD R&D CenterSK CorporationSouth KoreaDaejeon 
Research Engineer Battery Development TeamSKCco., Ltd.South KoreaKyonggi- do 
Sales Manager EuropeSmalltimesmedia - Big News in Small Tech.GermanyF?rth 
VP Sales and Business DevelopmentSmalltimesmedia - Big News in Small Tech.USAAnn ArborMI
Gesch?ftsf?hrerSmart Dolphin GmbHGermanyHamburg 
SalesmanagementSmart Dolphin GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Technical Sales & DistributionSmart Electronic Development GMBHGermanyStuttgart 
Executive DirectorSNC Technology Ltd.ThailandPathumthani 
 Solar Mais - Energia e Ambiente, LdaPortugalLisboa 
Senior Program ManagerSolvay - Direction Centrale Recherche & TechnologieBelgiumBruxelles 
Business Deployment ManagerSolvay Chemicals SectorBelgiumBrussels 
Senior ManagerSolvay Managment SupportGermanyHannover 
 Sonne, Wind & W?rmeGermanyBielefeld 
 Sonne, Wind & W?rmeGermanyBielefeld 
 Sonne, Wind & W?rmeGermanyBielefeld 
Sales EngineerSorrento Electrical & Mechanical Components (Hong Kong)P.R. ChinaTsuen Wan N.T.H.K, Hong Kong 
ChefredakteurSpringer-VDI-Verlag GmbH & Co. KGGermanyD?sseldorf 
 SPS MagazinGermanyMarburg 
 SPS MagazinGermanyMarburg 
 SPS MagazinGermanyMarburg 
ChefredakteurSPS MagazinGermanyMarburg 
Director de Desem'eMmento / Development DirectorSRE - Solu??es Racionais de Energia, S.A.PortugalTorres Vedras 
Global Business Development Manager Fuel Cells and Gas ProcessingStewart Warner Heat ExchangersUSAIndianapolisIN
European Account Manager Fuel Cells and Gas ProcessingStewart Warner South Wind Corporation Dunlop Fluid DynamicsUnited KingdomCoventry 
Sales promotionStill GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Leiter Verkaufsf?rderung und TrainingStill GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Mitglied der Gesch?ftsf?hrungStill GmbHGermanyHamburg 
PresseabteilungStill GmbHGermanyHamburg 
Manager, Sales SupportStuart EnergyCanadaMiasissaugaON
CEO and PresidentStuart Energy EuropeBelgiumOevel (Westerlo) 
European Program ManagerStuart Energy EuropeGermanyGrimma 
Special Program ManagerStuart Energy EuropeGermanyGrimma 
Sales Manager EuropeStuart Energy Europe N.V.BelgiumOevel (Westerlo) 
Area Sales ManagerStuart Energy Europe N.V.BelgiumOevel (Westedo) 
Director Sales & Marketing Europe Fuel CellS?D-Chemie AGGermanyBruckm?hl 
Service/Support/TrainingSulzer Hexis LtdSwitzerlandWinterthur 
Head of Marketing & SalesSulzer Hexis Ltd.SwitzerlandWinterthur 
 Suvrema S.r.l.ItalyRoma 
SeniorAdvisorSwedish Ruihua (Group) CorporationP.R. ChinaShanghai 
Generalkonsul Leiter Swiss Business Hub GermanySwiss Business Hub Germany cio Schweizerisches GeneralkonsulatGermanyStuttgart 
Vice President & General ManagerTDI Europe Transistor Devices, Inc.IrelandCarrigtwohill, County Cork 
Sr. Technical Sales Engineer, Dynaload DivisionTDI Transistor DevicesUSAHackettstownNJ
Program Manager AC Power SystemsTDI Transistor DevicesUSACedar KnollsNJ
President TDI InternationalTDI Transistor DevicesUSACedar KnollsNJ
PartnerTeam ConsultingNorwayNotodden 
Manager Consultancy DivisionTebodin Czech Republic, s.r.o.Czech RepublicPrague 8 
Anwendungstechnik und Vertrieb Dichtung und PumpenserviceTechnical - Industriebedarf GmbHGermanyB?nde 
ArbeitsbereichsleiterTechnische Universit?t Hamburg - HarburgGermanyHamburg 
Leitung Umwelt-und Energietechnologie Leitung Material-und NanotechnologieTechnologie Stiftung Hessen GmbHGermanyWiesbaden 
UmwelttechnikTechnologieStiftung Hessen GmbHGermanyWiesbaden 
ManagerTechnology Centre of the Academy of SciencesCzech RepublicPrague 6 
Director of R&D CenterTechnology Development AreaP.R. ChinaBeijing Economic 
 Tecimpex GmbHGermanyGelsenkirchen 
Chairman & CEOTEDAS - Turkish Electricity Distribution CorporationTurkeyBah?etievler Ankara 
Manager, Fuel Cell ProductsTeledyne Energy SystemsUSAHunt ValleyMD
General ManagerTetra A.S.TurkeyGayrettepe/Istanbul 
Technology Leader, Energy & Emissions Product Development Commercial AirplanesThe Boeing CompanyUSASeattleWA
Head of LaboratoryThe Boreskov Institute of Catalysis - Academy of Sciences of Russia Siberian BranchRussian FederationNovosibirsk 
European Technology ResearchToppan Printing Co. LtdUnited KingdomLondon 
Coordinator, Advanced Technology Department Production & Engineering DivisionToyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing EuropeBelgiumZaventem 
Engineer Advanced Technology Department Production Engineering DivisionToyota Motor Engineering & Manufacturing EuropeBelgiumZaventem 
 Trend Research GmbH - Institut f?r Trend-und MarktforschungGermanyBremen 
Research DeptTropical S.A.GreeceAthens 
PresidentTropical S.A.GreeceAthens 
UmwelttechnikTSH TechnologieStiftung Hessen GmbHGermanyWiesbaden 
Member of the Turkish Parliament Represeting Kayseri Member of Planning and Budget CommitteeTurkish Grand National AssemblyTurkeyBakanliklar - Ankara 
Deputy for AydanTurkiye B.M.M.Turkey  
Chairman of the Committee on Industry, Trade, Energy, Natural Resources and TechnologyTurkiye B.M.M. - Grand National Assembly of TurkeyTurkeyAnkara 
Managing DircctorTurnus Energy GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Managing DirectorTurnus Energy GmbHGermanyM?nchen 
Bauassessor Leiter Patent-Verwertungs-AgenturTuTech Technologie GmbH - Technische Universit?t Hamburg-HarburgGermanyHamburg 
Abteilung Druckbeh?lteranlagenT?V S?ddeutschlandGermanyM?nchen 
Division Manager Energy SystemsT?V S?ddeutschlandGermanyM?nchen 
Project Director Office of the Chief Executive OfficerUmicore AG & Co. KGBelgiumBrussels 
Innovation Project LeaderUmicore AG & Co. KGBelgiumBrussels 
Project Leader HydrometailurgyUmicore AG & Co. KGBelgiumOlen 
Engineer, Fuel ProcessingUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau- Wolfgang 
Vice-President & Global General, ManagerUmicore AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau- Wolfgang 
Leiter Marketing, Vertrieb & AnwendungstechnikUmicore AG & Co. KgGermanyHanau-Wolfgarrg 
AnwendungstechnikUmicore Fuel Cells AG & Co. KGGermanyHanau- Wolfgang 
Responsabile Area Ufficio StudiUnione degli Industriali della Provincia di VareseItalyVarese 
Area Ricerca, lnnovazione e QualitaUnione degli Industriali della Provincia di VareseItalyVarese 
United Nations ConsultantUnited Nations - Industrial Development OrganisationAustriaVienna 
 University Erlangen-Nuremberg Institute for Process Technology & MachineryGermanyErlangen 
Assistant Professor Hydrogen & FC SystemsUniversity of Cassino - Department of Industrial EngineeringItalyCassino (FR) 
 University of Engineering - Fuel Cell Technology - Research ScholarPakistanIslamabad 
Associate Director, BSc (Hons) MSc MBA CEng MIEEUniversity of St Andrews Research & Enterprise ServicesUnited KingdomScotland 
General ManagerUTA Auto Industrial Co., LtdTaiwan R.O.C.Taiwan 
Head of Marketing and Sales Fuel CellsVaillant GmbhGermanyRemscheid 
Pressereferent / UnternehmenskommunikationVaillant GmbHGermanyRemscheid 
Program Manager Fuel Cell ProductsVaillant GmbH - Vaillant Hepworth GroupGermanyRemscheid 
 Vandenborre Hydrogen Systems - A Stuart Energy CompanyRussian FederationMoscow 
Managing DirectorVandenborre Hydrogen Systems - A Stuart Energy CompanyRussian FederationMoscow 
Verkauf Micro GC und Analyser Key Account Manager PetrochemieVarian Deutschland GmbHGermanyDarmstadt 
ChefredakteurVDI Verlag GmbHGermanyD?sseldorf 
Stellvertretender Bereichsleiter TechnikVDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbHGermanyTeltow 
Fachberater ProductronicVDI/VDE Innovation + Technik GmbHGermanyTeltow 
Projektmanager Assistent der Hauptgesch?ftsf?hrungVDMA Hauptgesch?ftsf?hrungGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
PresidentVehicle Projects LLCUSADenverCO
RedakteurVerlag Moderne IndustrieGermanyLandsberg 
VorstandVersalis AGGermanyBurghausen 
stellvertr. VertriebsleiterVestas Deutschland GmbHGermanyHusum 
General ManagerVia Arcadia, S.LSpainSabadell 
Leiter Entwicklung Neue TechnologienViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf (Eder) 
Entwicklung Neue TechnologienViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf /Eder 
Generalbevollm?chtigterViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf/Eder 
Entwicklung Neue Technologien ProjektleitungViessmann WerkeGermanyAllendorf (Eder) 
Entwicklung SonderfahrzeugeVolke Entwicklungsring GMBHGermanyWolfsburg 
Produktionsplanung Aggregate/Komponenten TechnologieentwicklungVolkswagen AGGermanyWolfsburg 
Grafik designer - Art DirectionVon Sch?nholtz WerbeagenturGermanyBodenheim 
Systemengineering - WertanalyseVossloh Locomotives GmbhGermanyKiel 
Senior Research Scientist, MSc. Fuel CellsVTT CHEMICAL TECHNOLOGYFinlandVTT 
JournalistVVS ForumSwedenTystberga 
Objektleiter/ProductmanagerVWEW Energievedag GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Chefredakteur/Editor in ChiefVWEW Energieverlag GmbhGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Journalist, Projektleitung BrennstoffzelleVWEW Energieverlag GmbHGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
Editor-in-Chief / ChefredakteurVWEW Energieverlag GmbH - Euro Heat & PowerGermanyFrankfurt am Main 
 W.L. Gore & Associates GmbHGermanyPutzbrunn 
 W.L. Gore & Associates GmbHGermanyPutzbrunn 
Stv. Gesch?ftsf?hrerWBzU Weiterbildungszentrum Brennstoffzelle UIm e.V.GermanyUlm 
Managing DirectorWEKA AG ? SwitzerlandSwitzerlandB?retswil 
Inzenjer prodajeWIG d.o.oYugoslaviaNovi Beograd 
PresidentWillstrong- Guangzhou Willstrong Building Material Co., Ltd.P.R. ChinaGuangzhou 
VertriebWitt & Sohn AG IGW VentilatorenGermanyPinneberg 
PR & MarketingWPD GmbHGermanyBremen 
Freier JournalistWS - Presseb?ro f?r Technische Geb?udeausr?stungGermanyM?nchen 
Managing DirectorWS Reformer GmbHGermanyRenningen 
Professor Senior Engineer, Vice Chief EngineerXi?an Senyuan Distribution Automation Apparatus Co., Ltd Xi?anSenyuan Switchgear Research InstituteP.R. ChinaXi?an 
Manager, Research & Development HeadquartersYamatake CorporationJapanKanagawa 
JournalistYangz DailyP.R. China  
Commercieel directeurYourenergy CooperatieThe NetherlandsRotterdam 
Laboratory HeadYUKOS Research & Development CentreRussian FederationMoscow 
Lead SpecialistYUKOS Research & Development CentreRussian FederationMoscow 
 ZBT - Zentrum f?r BrennstoffzellenTechnik GmbH DuisburgGermanyDuisburg 
Elektrochemische WasserstofftechnikZSW - Zentrum fur Sonnellenergle und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden W?rttembergGermanyUlm Deutschtand 
Etektrochemische Verfahren und ModettierungZSW - Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Werkzeugmachermeister / WerkstattleiterZSW - Zentrum fur Sonnenenergie-und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Etectrochemical Hydrogen TechnologyZSW Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUlm 
Head of Department Electrochemical Hydrogen TechnologyZSW Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergGermanyUIm 




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