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deutsch My thoughts about hydrogen
filling stations
Philippines A visit at the BATAAN Nuclear Power Plant in The Philippines,
February 2019  
english NEW! Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden  
english Visit to NOORo I to III
in Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference  
english The Hydrogen Energy Summit 2018
Chiang Mai, Thailand (via Skype)
english Arno's Interview
 @ Hannover Messe 2017
deutsch 1. Klimaschutzkongress
auf der Insel Sylt
Arno's and Juan's Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Arnos und Juans Interview
@ Hannover Messe 2014
Interview with Arno: This book is the crowning of my life's work
Interview mit Arno: Dieses Buch ist der krönende Abschluss meines Lebenswerks
About "Our" Energy- Infrastructure on the way to Energiewende
Arnos Vortrag:
Sind wir noch zu retten?
kulturstudio: Klartext No 50 - Arno A. Evers - Energiewende auf der Erde
Arno's EnergieGedanken
jetzt auch auf YouTube!
Fernseh-Sendung zum Thema Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen
Open Letter to Angela Merkel, Federal Chancellor of Germany, the founder and to all members of the German Ethics Commission "Secure Energy Supply"
Offener Brief an Angela Merkel, Bundeskanzlerin, die Gründerin und alle Mitglieder der Ethikkommisson "Sichere Energieversorgung"
Carta abierta al Angela Merkel, Canciller Federal de Alemania, fundador y miembros del Comité de Ética Alemán convocado por la Canciller de Alemania para “Asegurar el abastecimiento de energía”
Invitation to WORKerence
Visits at MagneGas™
Arno was invited speaker at WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates,
September 25-30, 2010
Arno's Activities on LinkedIn
Arno's Blog
Arno received the Hydrogen Award
for his Lifetime Contribution to Hydrogen Energy...
It`s all about Energy:
Energy Images
Objective and unbiased
Information Graphics
1. Energy Balances
1.1 World Energy Balance
1.2 Energy Balance in Germany
2. Production of hydrogen
2.1 Hydrogen from direct solar
2.2 Hydrogen from renewable energies
2.3 MagneGas™ from renewable energies
2.4 Hydrogen from fossil fuels
2.5 Hydrogen from nuclear energy
3. Production of electricity
3.1 Electricity from hydrogen
3.2 Electricity from renewable energies
3.3 Electricity from fossil fuels
3.4 Electricity from nuclear energy
4. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells on their way to commercialisation
4.1 A proposal to future energy supplies
Your Personal Power Provider (3P+)
4.2 Virtual Power Plant
5. Four steps to a new Energy Supply
5.1 Revolution in the garage
5.2 The cars are the keys
6. Energizing the world
6.1 Energy Efficiency
6.2 Global Energy Consumption
6.3 Digital Technologies and Consumer Electronics
6.4 Exampl. from Aircraft/Mining Industries
7 The 15 biggest global players
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H2/FC Links
Visits and Workshops
Hans-Olof Nilsson's Off-The-Grid Hydrogen House near Goteborg, Sweden
Visit at the Italian demonstration plant of MagneGasâ„¢ on February 7th and 8th, 2011
Hydrogen Plant of Emirates Industrial Gases Co. Ltd ( EIGC) at Dubai, UAE
Huerta Solar en Tabernas, Spain, October 2009
Andasol, Spain, October 2009
Antares DLR H2, Stuttgart, Germany, September 2009
German Aerospace Center (DLR) Deutsches Zentrum für Luft-und Raumfahrt eV, Stuttgart, Germany, Institute of Technical Thermodynamics (ITT) Institute of Vehicle Concepts Stuttgart, Germany, June 2009
Brennstoffzellen-Boote für den Freizeitbereich, Hochschule Konstanz, Konstanz, Germany June 2009
AFCC Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation, Burnaby, BC, Canada June 2009
Powertech Labs Inc., a: "... wholly owned subsidiary of BC Hydro (a Crown corporation of the Government of British Columbia), Surrey, BC, Canada June 2009
Plataforma Solar de Almería, Spain
How Airbus conquered the
US market in the 70s
The Arecibo Observatory
Arecibo, Puerto Rico
Hat Creek Radio Observatory,
Hat Creek, CA, USA
National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Green Bank, WV, USA
Wright Brothers National Memorial, Kitty Hawk, NC, USA
Fuel Cell Bus Trial, Perth, Australia
California Hydrogen Highway, USA
SPACEFEST 2009, San Diego, USA
Impressions from worldwide Conferences, which we attended to promote the commercialisation of Hydrogen and Fuel Cells:
#117 2nd Edition of Internationalflag
Conference on Green Chemistry and Renewable Energy
#116 2020 6th International flag
Conference on Environment and Renewable Energy (ICERE 2020), 24-26 February 2020, Hanoi, Vietnam
#115 4th Annual ASEAN Solar + flag
Energy Storage Congress & Expo 2019 14- 15 Nov, 2019 The Bellevue Manila, Philippines
#114 SFERA-III 1st Summer School &flag
Doctoral Colloquium at CNRS-PROMES in Odeillo, France
September 9th-13th, 2019
#113 Starmus V, June 24 – 29, 2019flag
Zurich, Switzerland a global festival of science communication and art
#112 Visit to NOORo I to III in flag
Ouarzazate, Morocco as part of the SolarPACES 2018 conference, October 6, 2018
#111 The Hydrogen Energy Summit flag
2018 Chiang Mai, Northern Thailand Arno's presentation: Off the Grid – Unveiling new ways for our Energy supply January 26, 2018
#110 1. Klimaschutzkongress auf der
Insel Sylt
25. September 2015 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Eine „Insel- Lösung“ für Sylt? Neue Wege zur Energieversorgung der Insel Sylt
#109 6. Hamburger Klimawoche
29. August 2014 Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Physikalische und Gesellschaftliche Rahmenbedingungen der Energiewende
MesseKongress RegioEnergie+++ flagDreieich 2012
9. September 2012
Vortrag von Arno A. Evers: Sind wir noch zu retten?
#107 WREC World Renewable Energy Congress XI
September 25-30, 2010

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Oct 2010
#106 18th World Hydrogen Energy Conference WHEC 2010,
May 16 - 21

Essen, Germany

Jun 2010
#105 "Bright Horizons 6" - A Journey
to the Edge of the Cosmos

Eastern Caribbean

Dec 2009
#104 2009 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Palm Springs, CA, USA

Nov 2009
#103 Fuel Cell Technologies:
Mumbai (Bombay), India
Nov 2009
#102 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany
Sep 2009
#101 SolarPACES 2009
Berlin, Germany
Sep 2009
#100 5th Annual Hydrogen Implementation Conference
Charleston, WV, USA

Aug 2009
#99 Intersolar North America
San Francisco, CA, USA

Jul 2009
#98 European FUEL CELL FORUM 2009
Lucerne, Switzerland

Jun 2009
#97 HFC2009
Vancouver, Canada

Jun 2009
#96 telescon 2009
Vienna, Austria

May 2009
#95 Hydrogen Works
San Diego, CA, USA

Feb 2009
#94 ICEPAG 2009
Newport Beach, CA, USA

Feb 2009
Milan, Italy

Nov 2008
#92 Fuel Cell Seminar & Exposition
Phoenix, AZ, USA

Oct 2008
#91 H2Expo
Hamburg, Germany

Oct 2008
#90 f-cell
Stuttgart, Germany

Sep 2008
#89 INTELEC 2008
San Diego, CA, USA

Sep 2008
#88 2008 Formula Zero Championship
Rotterdam, The Netherlands

Aug 2008
#87 HyForum 2008
Changsha, P.R. China

Aug 2008
#86 WREC X 2008
Glasgow, Scotland, UK

Jul 2008
#85 KMCM 2008
Vancouver, BC, Canada

Jul 2008
#84 Lucerne FUEL CELL FORUM 2008 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jun 2008
#83 17th World Hydrogen
Energy Conference (WHEC) Australia
Brisbane, Australia
Jun 2008

The role of the young generation ...
#82 Renewable Energy Asia
Bangkok, Thailand Thailand
Jun 2008
#81 Selected Hydrogen Fueling Stations in California, USA USA
Apr 2008
#80 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference 2008USA
Sacramento, CA, USA
Mar / Apr 2008
#79 FC EXPO 2008 Japan
Tokyo, Japan
Feb 2008
#78 Der 4. Deutsche Wasserstoff Germany
Congress 2008
Essen, Germany
Feb 2008
#77 ISEPD 2008 Korea
Changwon, Korea
Jan 2008
#76 20TH World Energy Congress & Exhibition Italia
Rome, Italy
Nov 2007
#75 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Italia
Montecatini Terme, Italy
Nov 2007
#74 2007 Fuel Cell Seminar & ExpositionUSA
San Antonio, Texas, USA
Oct 2007
#73 KOREA ENERGY SHOW 2007 Korea
Seoul, Republic of Korea
Oct 2007
#72 Tenth Grove Fuel Cell Symposium GB
London, UK
Sep 2007
#71 Solar Tech India 2007 India
New Delhi, India
Sep 2007
#70 SES-Fachtagung
Zurich, Switzerland
Aug 2007
#69 HFCE 2007 China
Shanghai, P.R. China
Jul 2007
#68 IHEC 2007 Turkey
Istanbul, Turkey
Jul 2007
#67 KMCM 2007 Germany
Düsseldorf, Germany
Jul 2007
#66 Kick Off Meeting zur Leitinnovation Mikrobrennstoffzelle Germany
Munich, Germany
Jun 2007
#65 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2007: International Conference &
Trade Show
Vancouver, BC, Canada

April / May 2007
#64 GENERA - Energy and Environment International Fair
Madrid, Spain
Feb / Mar 2007
#63 World Renewable Energy Congress [WREN]
Fremantle, Australia
Feb 2007
#62 Environment 2007
Exhibition & Conference UAE
Abu Dhabi, UAE
Jan 2007
#61 2nd Annual Fuel Cells Durability & Performance 2006 USA
Miami Beach, FL USA
Dec 2006
#60 EDTA Conference & Exposition USA
Washington, DC, USA
Nov 2006
#59 The Fuel Cell Seminar USA
Honolulu, Hawaii, USA
Nov 2006
#58 Fraunhofer Symposium
Berlin, Germany
Oct 2006
#57 Renewables to Hydrogen Forum USA
Albuquerque, NM, USA
Oct 2006
#56 Alternative Transport Energies Conference Australia
Perth, Western Australia
Sep 2006
#55 Power-Gen Asia China
Hong Kong, Hong Kong
Sep 2006
#54 World Renewable Energy
Congress IX and Exhibition Italy
Florence, Italy
Aug 2006
#53 R&D in the field of Hydrogen and Fuel Cell in Germany and Europe Germany
Clausthal, Germany
Jul 2006
#52 Lucerne Fuel Cell Forum 2006 Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland
Jul 2006
#51 16th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC) France
Lyon, France
Jun 2006
#50 NHA Annual Hydrogen Conference
Long Beach, CA, USA
Mar 2006
#49 FC EXPO 2006
Tokyo, Japan
Jan 2006
#48 Wasserstoff und Brennstoffzellen im Automobil
Essen, Germany
Apr 2006
#47 Fuel Cell Seminar
Palm Springs, USA

Nov 2005
#46 Internationale ASUE-Fachtagung
Essen, Germany

Nov 2005
#45 EHEC 2005
Zaragoza, Spain

Nov 2005
#44 Fuel Cell Summit:
A Road Map to Commercialization
Uncasville, CT, USA

Oct 2005
#43 2005 Grove Fuel Cell Symposium
London, UK

Oct. 2005
#42 WHTC 2005 World Hydrogen Technologies Convention (WHTC) Singapore, Singapore
Oct. 2005
#41 f-cell 2005, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2005
#40 The 27th International Telecommunications Energy Conference - intelec '05
Berlin, Germany

Sep. 2005
#39 IHK Nord Wasserstoff – Tagung
Lübeck, Germany

Sep. 2005
#38 ICHS - International Conference on Hydrogen Safety , Pisa, Italy
Sep. 2005
#37 IHEC-2005
International Hydrogen
Energy Congress & Exhibition

Jul. 2005
#36 93. Bunsen Kolloquium
Jun. 2005
#35 European Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technology Platform (HFP)
Brussels, Belgium

Mar. 2005
#34 Cairo 9th International Conference on Energy & Environment
Sharm El-Sheikh, Egypt

Mar. 2005
#33 1st International Fuel Cell Expo
Tokyo, Japan

Jan. 2005
#32 H2PS: The 2004 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum,
Washington, DC, USA

Dec. 2004
#31 Impressions from Shanghai
Nov. 2004
#30 Renewable Energies China incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
Shanghai, PR China

Nov. 2004
#29 Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004
Oct. 2004
#28 Energy Asia 2004
Oct. 2004
#27 Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004
Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, ON, Canada

Sep. 2004
#26 Meetings in Singapore,
Sep. 2004
#25 Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Futures Conference, Perth, Australia
Sep. 2004
#24 Exhibiting at World Renewable Energy Congress VIII
Denver, CO, USA

Sep. 2004
#23 Arno presenting at ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA, USA
Aug. 2004
#22 Promotion of FP6, for European Union, Delegation of the European Commission, Shanghai
Jul. 2004
#21 IHK Energy-Podium 2004
Jul. 2004
#20 15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC15)
Yokohama, Japan

Jun. 2004
#19 Impressions from the
Energy Forum 2004
Varna, Bulgaria

Jun. 2004
#18 Impressions from HYFORUM
May 2004
#17 Impressions from Dubai
United Arab Emirates

May 2004
#16 Impressions from Argentina
May 2004
#15 Promoting Hydrogen Production from Patagonia, Argentina
May 2004
#14 Impressions Zhuozheng Garden
in Su Zhou

Mar. 2004
#13 H2PS: The 2003 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#12 Impressions from
Washington, D.C., USA

Dec. 2003
#11 Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF), Shanghai, P.R. China
Nov. 2003
#10 Energy Asia 2003
PTC Asia 2003
CeMAT Asia 2003
Factory Automation Asia 2003
Shanghai, P.R. China

Nov. 2003
Nov. 2003
#8 NESC 2003 - 6th Int'l Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions
Nov. 2003
#7 Impressions from Busan

Nov. 2003
#6 2003 Fuel Cell Seminar
Miami Beach, Florida, USA

Nov. 2003
#5 Impressions from Shanghai, Beijing, P.R. China
Nov 2003 - Jul. 2004
#4 f-cell forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Sep. 2003
#3 Hypothesis V, Porto Conte, Italy
Sep. 2003
#2 1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France
Sep. 2003
#1 Cooperation for Energy Independence of Democracies in the 21st Century
Jerusalem, Israel

Aug. 2003
Shanghai International
Industry Fair (SIF) 2004

International Meeting Point with Conference, Renewable Energies China, incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, Shanghai, China  
In memoriam: Daniela Peschka
In memoriam: Ludwig Boelkow
Corporate Information
International Commercial Visitors 2003
Group Exhibit
Hydrogen + Fuel Cells
Hall 13
April 7-12 2003

(some examples only)
+ flag - + company - + position - + city - + state - + country -
3MAdministrative CoordinatorSt. PaulMNUSA
3M Corporate Enterprise DevelopmentManagerSt. PaulMNUSA
A. Friedr. Flender GmbHMember of the Board of DirectorsBocholt Germany
ABB AGVerkauf und Projektleitung Energy & AutomationLinz Austria
ABB Group Services Center GmbHDEABB Trainee ProgrammMannheim Germany
AD ConsultantsMember of the BoardM?nchen Germany
Adam Opel AGManager CommunicationsR?sselsheim Germany
Adam Opel AG R?sselsheim Germany
AIG GmbH Beraten & PlanenGesch?ftsf?hrerLeinefelde Germany
Air LiquideVice President, Hydrogen DevelopmentParis France
Air Liquide DTA Paris, cedex 07 France
AIST InnovationsVice RepresentativeOsaka Japan
AJUSANew Technologies R&D DirectorAlbacete Spain
Albany International Techniwave, Inc.ManagerRochesterNHUSA
Al-Bonian InternationalManagerTripoli Lebanon
ALPHEADirecteurForbach France
Alstom Energietechnik GmbH Hannover Germany
ALSTOM Transport SystemesChef de Programme Energy ManagementRueil-Malmaison Cedex France
Ametek P.I.E GmbH Meerbusch Germany
AMETEK Precision Instruments Europe GmbHSales Manager Europe, Africa, Middle EastMeerbusch Germany
AMETEK Precision Instruments Europe GmbHApplication EngineerMeerbusch Germany
AMPOWER International Enterprise Co., Ltd.General ManagerTaipei Taiwan R.O.C.
ANTRIEB Bremen Germany
Aptronic AGCEOBad Sassendorf-Lohne Germany
AQWON Speinshart Germany
Arbeitsgemeinschaft Wasserkraftwerke Niedersachsen und Schleswig-Holstein e.V. Warburg Germany
Arbin InstrumentsEuropean RepresentativeHamburg Germany
ARBURG CREDIT & FINDER INT'L CORP.Marketing ManagerTaipeh Hsien Taiwan R.O.C.
ARC Seibersdorf research GmbH Seibersdorf Austria
ARDOUR CAPITAL PARTNERSHead of Energy Technology GroupNew YorkNYUSA
ARGEMUCEngineer VDI Public RelationsM?nchen Germany
ARGEMUCEngineer VDIMunich Germany
AS ElcogenChairman & CEOTallinn Estonia
Ascom Energy Systems GmbHHead of Sales and ServiceSoest Germany
ASF THOMAS Industries GmbHMarketing ManagerPuchheim Germany
ASF THOMAS Industries GmbHMarketing ManagerPuchheim Germany
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.Chairman, Chief Technical OfficerMarlboroughMAUSA
Aspen Aerogels, Inc.Chairman / Chief Technical OfficerMarlboroughMAUSA
Aspen Products Group, IncChairman / Chief Technical OfficerMarlboroughMAUSA
Association Francaise de l'Hydrog?ne Paris France
Association Francaise de l'Hydrog?ne Paris France
Atlas Technology Corp.Chief Service Eng.Taipei Taiwan R.O.C.
AtofinaFluoropolymers Sales Manager EuropeD?sseldorf Germany
AUDI AG Neckarsulm Germany
AUDI AGLeiter EntwicklungssteuerungIngolstadt Germany
Avista Laboratories, Inc.Vice President, Marketing & SalesSpokaneWAUSA
Avista Laboratories, Inc.Marketing CoordinatorSpokaneWAUSA
AxaneMarketing and SalesSassenage France
AXANE Fuel Cell SystemsDirector Marketing & SalesSassenage France
AXIMA REFRIGERATION GmbHKey-Account-ManagerHeilsbronn Germany
Ballard Material Products, Inc.Managing DirectorLowellMAUSA
Ballard Power Systems Kirchheim/Teck-Nabern Germany
Ballard Power Systems AGDirector System Engineering & DesignKirchheim/Teck-Nabern Germany
Ballard Power Systems AGManaging Director Europe and Transportation ProgramsKirchheim/Teck-Nabern Germany
Ballard Power Systems CorporationVice-PresidentDearbornMIUSA
Ballard Power Systems Inc.Corporate RelationsBurnabyBCCanada
Ballast NedamManagerLeerdam The Netherlands
BAM Bundesanstalt f?r Materialfoschung und -pr?fung Berlin Germany
Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and TechnologyHead of Department - Nuclear Energy and Radiation Protection, Radioacktive Waste Management, DistricMunich Germany
Bavarian Ministry for Economic Affairs, Transport and TechnologyHead of Division - Energy, Mining, Mineral Resources, Environmental AffairsMunich Germany
BayernKapital Risikokapital-beteiligungs GmbHGesch?ftsf?hrerLandshut Germany
Bayrisches Zentrum f?r Angewandte Energieforschung e.V.Bereichsleiterin KorrosionGarching Germany
BdWProject ManagerFrankfurt am Main Germany
Bee Power Systems Arnhem The Netherlands
BEE power systems BV Arnhem The Netherlands
Beijing University of TechnologyProfessor, DeanBeijing P.R.China
Berliner ZeitungFreelance JournalistDelmenhorst Germany
BertelsmannSpringer CZ s.r.o.Managing Editor-in-ChiefPraha 5 Czech Republic
BeselResearch & Development Dept. SubdirectorMadrid Spain
between Lizenz GmbHGesch?ftsf?hrerStuttgart Germany
Bewag AG Berlin Germany
BIGS Gelsenkirchen Germany
BIGS - C.Bluck Industrial Graphic Service Gelsenkirchen Germany
Bio-Solar-Haus Magdeburg Germany
BMW GroupPowertrain and Chassis Systems Future PropulsionMunich Germany
Bosch Rexroth AGTechnical Coordinator Wind Energy PredevelopmentLohr am Main Germany
Bridge - Talent & Technology GmbHManaging DirectorBerlin Germany
Brueninghaus Hydromatik GmbH Elchingen Germany
Bundesamt f?r Energie BFEDirectorIttigen Switzerland
B?ro f?r Presse- und ?ffentlichkeitsarbeitManagerAugsburg Germany
business-picturesManagementNeustadt am Main Germany
BWT AktiengesellschaftChairmanMondsee Austria
C-2T GmbHDirectorK?ln Germany
CAMP INN INC. MarkhamONCanada
Canadian EmbassyTechnology Officer, Business Development OfficerBerlin Germany
Canadian EmbassyCounsellor Science and TechnologyBerlin Germany
CDP CapitalSenior Partner Industrial TechnologiesMontr?alQCCanada
CEA - Commissariat ? l'?nergie atomiqueStrategic Marketing UnitGrenoble Cedex 9 France
CEA - Le Comissariat ? l'?nergie atomique Fontenay aux Roses France
CEA/GRENOBLE - DEN/DTP/SETEXHead of Systems Thermal Hydraulics LaboratoryGrenoble Cedex 9 France
CEAG AGTechnology ScoutOstbevern Germany
Center of High and Intellectual TechnologiesGeneral DirectorMoscow Russia
Ceramic Fuel Cells LimitedBusiness Development RepresentativeLondon United Kingdom
CHARLES NOLAN & CO. LTDTechnical Sales EngineerDublin 6 Ireland
Chauffage & Eau ChaudeMarketing ManagerBourg-La-Reine France
ChevronTexaco Technology VenturesDevelopment ManagerBellaireTXUSA
ChevronTexaco Technology VenturesMarketing SpecialistHoustonTXUSA
Chhabi Electricals Pvt. Ltd.DirectorMumbai India
Chinese Academy of SciencesDirector, DICP, CASDalian P.R. China
Chinese Academy of SciencesGroup LeaderDalian P.R.China
Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor, Director of Fuel Cell R&D Center, Assistant Director of DICPDalian P.R.China
Chinese Academy of SciencesAssociate ProfessorDalian P.R.China
Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor, Director of Lab for Environmental EngineeringDalian P.R.China
Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessorChangchun P.R.China
Chinese Academy of SciencesProfessor, President of Chinese Society for SSI, Council Member of Asian Society for SSIShanghai P.R.China
Chrysalix Energy Management Inc.President & CEOVancouverBCCanada
Chrysalix Energy Management Inc.Entrepreneur in ResidenceVancouverBCCanada
Circutor S.A.Export Area ManagerViladecavalls Spain
Circutor S.A.Sales & Marketing Manager PFC DivisionViladecavalls Spain
Cognis Deutschland GmbHManagerD?sseldorf Germany
COLSEIN Ltda. Bogot?, D.C. Colombia
Communaut? d'agglom?ration de Forbach - Porte de France Forbach Cedex France
COMSOL AB Stockholm Sweden
CONTROL INFOTECH LTDManaging DirectorBangalore India
CRES - Centre for Renewable Energy SourcesSenior Coordinator - RES & Hydrogen, Mechanical EngineerPikermi Greece
CSB Auto PartsChief Engineer, General ManagerShenzhen P.R. China
Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.General Manager D?sseldorf Liason OfficeD?sseldorf Germany
DaimlerChrysler AGSenior ManagerSindelfingen Germany
DaimlerChrysler AG Kirchheim/Teck-Nabern Germany
Danfoss A/SManager, Business Development , Burner ComponentsNordborg Denmark
Danfoss Drives A/SPresidentGraasten Denmark
DanthermR&D ManagerSkive Denmark
DanthermProject Manager R&DSkive Denmark
DANWAY - Electrical & Automation Systems Engg. GroupGeneral ManagerDubai U.A.E.
Davies ParkCMCEdmontonABCanada
deconPollution Prevention and ControlBad Homburg v.d.H. Germany
Delegation of German Industry & Commerce ShanghaiProject Manager Environment, Science & Technology, Business Services & European ProjectsShanghai P.R. China
DELTA N.V.R&D Manager EnergieproductieJA Middelburg The Netherlands
Der TagesspiegelRedaktion Wissenschaft / MobilBerlin Germany
Deutsche Verlags-Anstalt GmbHOnline-RedakteurStuttgart Germany
Deutscher Wasserstoff Verband e.V. (DWV)VorstandsmitgliedBerlin Germany
Deutsches Zentrum fuer Luft-und Raumfahrt e.V. DLR-Stuttgart Stuttgart Germany
DFAKorrespondent f?r n-tvBerlin Germany
Diamond Lite SAGeneral ManagerThal Switzerland
DKR Development, L.L.C.PartnerHoustonTXUSA
DLR German Aerospace CenterHead Project Electrochemical Energy Technology Plasma and Surface TechnologyStuttgart Germany
DS dynatecPr?sidentMalakoff (Paris) France
DT Industries Assembly & Test EuropeBusiness Manager, Fuel Cell SystemsBuckingham United Kingdom
Du Pont de Nemours International S.A.Business Manager Europe, MEA / Global Business Manager DMFCLe Grand-Saconnex Switzerland
DuPont Fuel CellsMarketingLe Grand-Saconnex, Geneva Switzerland
Dynacast Deutschland GmbH & Co KGElektromeisterBr?unlingen Germany
EC Power A/SManager, Control SystemsRoskilde Denmark
eclareon GmbHManaging DirectorBerlin Germany
EDF   France
EHN Energ?a Hidroel?ctrica de Navarra S.A.Director de Compras y Log?sticaPamplona Spain
Eichhoff GmbHManagement EMV-SystemtechnologieSchlitz Germany
Eichhoff GmbHConsultantMunich Germany
EISL TECHNICS GES.M.B.H. Salzburg Austria
Electrabel Deutschland AGInternational Key Account ManagerBerlin Germany
Electro Kavir Co.Member of Board, Quality Management RepresentativeTehran Iran
ElectroChem, Inc.Technical Sales ManagerWoburnMAUSA
ElectroChem, Inc.Vice President & Chief Technology OfficerWoburnMAUSA
Elektro instalatorChefredakteurWarszawa Poland
Elektro- und Solarmobilbrief Regensburg Germany
ELEKTROKARBONProduction and Technical DirectorTopolcany Slovakia
ELEKTROPRAKTIKERFreelancerBerlin Germany
Elimsan HidrenerY?netim Kurulu BaskaniIzmit Turkey
ELIN EBG Motoren GmbHManager DirectorWiener Neudorf Austria
ELIN EBG Motoren GmbHManager DirectorWeiz Austria
Enektpo TemaPublisherLviv Ukraine
ENERCON (INDIA) LTD.R&DBhimpore, Daman India
Energia Rinnovabili Italia s.r.l.President & CEOGenova Italy
Energia Rinnovabili Italia s.r.l.Responsabile ProgettiGenova Italy
ENERGONVice PresidentMoscow Russia
ENERGON Carl-Jochen Winter GmbH Ueberlingen Germany
Energoprojekt-Katowice SADesigner of Automation & Measurement SystemsKatowice Poland
Energy Development asChairmanOslo Norway
Energy NewsDataReporterSeattleWAUSA
Enertech Solutions Ltd. East Grinstead United Kingdom
Enertech Solutions Ltd. East Grinstead United Kingdom
Entire PowerProject Coordinator European OfficeMilan Italy
entropiPresidentIstanbul Turkey
EPCOR Power Development Corp.Vice President, Power Development and AcquisitionEdmontonABCanada
Erasmus Centre for Sustainable Development and Management (ESM) Rotterdam The Netherlands
Erdgas Schwaben GmbHMarketing ManagerAugsburg Germany
ErgoPack Deutschland GmbHManagerH?chst?dt/Donau Germany
ET - EnergieTechnologie GmbH Brunnthal-Nord Germany
ET EnergieTechnologieMarketingBrunnthal-Nord Germany
european fuel cell gmbhManaging DirectorHamburg Germany
european fuel cell gmbhProduct Manager Fuel Cell TechnologyHamburg Germany
European Hydrogen Association Brussels Belgium
EVA Fahrzeugtechnik GmbH M?nchen Germany
E-VISION BVBAManaging DirectorKasterlee Belgium
EWE AG Oldenburg Germany
F.A. Kettaneh & Co. Ltd.Head of Electrical Dept.Amman Jordan
Fachpresse Z?rich AGRedakteurZ?rich Switzerland
FACTS 4U Dortmund Germany
FEMLAB GmbHSupport and Product ManagerG?ttingen Germany
FEMLAB GmbHMarketing ManagerG?ttingen Germany
Festo Korea Co., Ltd.Sales EngineerSeoul Korea
Fonderia Di TorboleSales DepartmentTorbole Casaglia (BS) Italy
Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbHManagerAachen Germany
Ford Forschungszentrum Aachen GmbHResearch EngineerAachen Germany
Forschungsallianz Brennstoffzellen Baden-W?rttemberg Stuttgart Germany
Forschungszentrum Juelich GmbH J?lich Germany
Forschungszentrum J?lich GmbH J?lich Germany
Forschungszentrum Karlruhe GmbH Karlsruhe Germany
Forschungszentrum Karlsruhe GmbH Eggenstein-Leopoldshafen Germany
Fraunhofer Insitut Photonische MikrosystemeProgram Leader - SensorsDresden Germany
Fraunhofer Institut Dresden Germany
Fraunhofer Institut for Solar Energy SystemsMarketingFreiburg Germany
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy SystemsMarketingFreiburg Germany
French Hydrogen Association Paris France
Freudenberg FCCT oHGSealing Technology Product DevelopmentWeinheim Germany
Fuel Cell Markets Ltd.DirectorIver / Bucks United Kingdom
Fuel Cell Markets Ltd.ChairmanIver / Bucks United Kingdom
Fuel Cell TodayDeputy EditorLondon United Kingdom
Fuel Cell TodayManagerLondon United Kingdom
FuelCon AGChairmanMagdeburg-Barleben Germany
FuelCon AGVorstandMagdeburg-Barleben Germany
fumatech GmbHGeneral ManagerVaihingen/Enz Germany
FuMA-Tech GmbH St. Ingbert/Saar Germany
FutureCamp GmbHManaging DirectorMunich Germany
FutureCamp GmbH M?nchen Germany
FutureCarbon GmbHManaging DirectorBayreuth Germany
FutureCarbon GmbHManaging DirectorBayreuth Germany
G.A.I.A. mbHGesch?ftsf?hrerLambsheim Germany
Galaxy Bearings Ltd.CEOShapar, Dist. Rajkot India
Gast Manufacturing Co. Ltd.European Sales ManagerHigh Wycombe, Bucks United Kingdom
GAZ Technik GmbHManagerEspelkamp Germany
GE Hungary Rt.Process EngineerBudapest Hungary
General Electric Plastics GmbHIndustry MarketingR?sselsheim Germany
General Electric Plastics GmbHIndustry Marketing Manager GermanyR?sselsheim Germany
General Electric Power SystemsGlobal Marketing Director, GE WindAtlantaGAUSA
General Motors DetroitMIUSA
German Hydrogen Association (DWV)Chairman of the BoardBruchk?bel Germany
Ghisalba S.p.A.Business OfficerCascine Vica Rivoli (Torino) Italy
Government of Western AustraliaAgent GeneralLondon United Kingdom
Greenlight Power Technologies, Inc.President / COOBurnabyBCCanada
Greenlight Power Technologies, Inc. SidneyBCCanada
GridEx Power Pty LtdCorporate Development ManagerNewtownNSWAustralia
Grupo Larcos Industrial Ltd.Manager - FinanceLa Paz Bolovia
H.C. Starck GmbHManager, Marketing & SalesSelb Germany
H2 ECOnomyVice PresidentYerevan Armenia
H2 ECOnomyPresidentGlendaleCAUSA
H2scan LLCExecutive Vice PresidentValenciaCAUSA
HABCO INCORPORATEDVice President - SalesGlastonburyCTUSA
HABCO INCORPORATEDEngineering ManagerGlastonburyCTUSA
Hagaric Enterprise Ltd. / Hagaric New Technology Corp.Managing Director / CEOXiamen, Fujian 361012 P.R. China
Hangzhou Risheng New Technology Equipment Co., Ltd.Technical ManagerHangzhou (Zhejiang) P.R. China
hannoverpicture FotoagenturFotojournalistHannover Germany
HANSA-FLEX Hydraulik GmbH & Co. KG Barleben Germany
Hansen Windenergie-Service ElektromaschinenbauGesch?ftsf?hrer/ Managing DirectorHusum Germany
Hardware Software Netzwerk Reparatur AusbildungComputeringenieurHannover Germany
HEIN GASSales ManagerHamburg Germany
Heinzinger electronic GmbHManaging DirectorRosenheim Germany
HELION - Fuel Cell MakerTechnical DirectorAix en Provence - Cedex 04 France
HELION - Fuel Cell MakerSafety EngineerAix en Provence - Cedex 04 France
HELUKABEL GmbHTechnische LeitungHemmingen / Stgt. Germany
HERA - Hydrogen Storage Systems GmbH N?rnberg Germany
HERA - Hydrogen Storage Systems IncDirector, Business DevelopmentLongueuilQCCanada
HERA - Hydrogen Storage Systems Inc.Director, Business DevelopmentLongueuilQCCanada
Hesco (P.J.S.)President-CEOTheran-15859 Iran
Hessisches Ministerium f?r Wissenschaft und Kunst Wiesbaden Germany
Hexion B.V.Director of OperationsArnhem The Netherlands
Hexion B.V.Director of Marketing and SalesArnhem The Netherlands
Hexion B.V.Director of Marketing and SalesArnhem The Netherlands
HIAT Hydrogen Institute of Applied Technologies gGmbHChemiker - BrennstoffzellenSchwerin Germany
HIGHBURY Business CommunicationsManaging EditorCheam, Surrey United Kingdom
Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbHSenior EngineerOffenbach/Main Germany
Honda R&D Europe (Deutschland) GmbHSenior EngineerOffenbach/Main Germany
HPL MediaGesch?ftsf?hrerEutin Germany
HtceramixCOOLausanne Switzerland
h-tec EducationLeiter MarketingL?beck Germany
h-tec Hydrogen Energy SystemsManaging DirectorL?beck Germany
HV Electrica IncGeneral ManagerMontreal, P.Q.QCCanada
HYDAC OY InternationalMyynti-insin??riTampere Finland
Hydraulik und Spezialmontagen Wolgast GmbHSales EngineerWolgast Germany
HYDROGEIT Berlin Germany
Hydrogenics CorporationSales ManagerMississaugaONCanada
Hydrogenics CorporationDirector of Marketing, Government LiaisonMississaugaONCanada
HydrogenSource LLC South WindsorCTUSA
HydrogenSource, LLCPresidentSouth WindsorCTUSA
HydrogenSource, LLCManager Product Safety and ReliabilitySouth WindsorCTUSA
HydrogenWorksChief Marketing OfficerDenverCOUSA
Hydrosphere - Gesellschaft f?r Wasser- und Verfahrenstechnik mbHManagerFlensburg Germany
HyRadix Inc.Vice President, Business DevelopmentDes PlainesILUSA
HyRadix Inc.Business Development AssociateDes PlainesILUSA
I.T.E.N.O.S. GmbHDirector Telematic SolutionsM?nster Germany
I.T.E.N.O.S. GmbH M?nster Germany
Icelandic New Energy Ltd.Research AssistantReykjav Iceland
Icelandic New Energy Ltd.General ManagerReykjavik Iceland
ICN high tech. supplies and constructionsManaging DirectorAthens Greece
IdaTech BendORUSA
IdaTech, LLC BendORUSA
IEO TRANSFORMATOREN B.V.Marketing DirectorBreda The Netherlands
IF, LLCPresidentCanyon CountryCAUSA
ifm electronic gmbhSales Technician for Wien, Lower AustriaWien Austria
IMBERT GMBH F?R ENERGIE UND UMWELTGesch?ftsf?hrender GesellschafterWeilerswist Austria
IMG Institut f?r Maschinen, Antriebe und elektronische Ger?tetechnik gGmbHScientific ManagerNordhausen Germany
IMG Institut f?r Maschinen, Antriebe und elektronische Ger?tetechnik gGmbHProject ManagerNordhausen Germany
Imperial College of Science, Technology and MedicinePost-Doctoral Research AssociateLondon United Kingdom
Independent Power Technologies LTDManaging DirectorMoscow Russia
Independent Power Technologies, Ltd.Head of Research AssistantMoskow Russian Federation
Industrie- und Handelskammer L?neburg-WolfsburgManager Invations DevelopmentL?neburg Germany
Industrie- und Handelskammer zu K?lnTechnology and Innovation ConsultantK?ln Germany
INEGI - Instituto de Engenharia Mec?nica e Gest?o Industrial Le?a do Balio Portugal
inercon GmbHGesch?ftsf?hrerDresden Germany
INET, Tsinghua UniversityChairmann, China Association for Hydrogen Energy (CAHE) DirectorBeijing P.R. China
INETIHead of Electrochemistry UnitLisboa Portugal
INETI - Instituto Nacional de Engenharia e Tecnologia IndustrialResearch in Electrochemistry & CorrosionLisboa Portugal
Infraserv GmbH & Co. H?chst KGHead of Business DevelopmentFrankfurt am Main Germany
Ingenieurb?ro f?r integrierte Systeme Leichlingen Germany
Ingenieurb?ro M. Kokemor Rahden Germany
innotech GmbHInvestment ManagerKarlsruhe Germany
Institut f?r Energie- und Verfahrenstechnik BremerhavenHead of InstituteBremerhaven Germany
Instituto de Engenharia Mec?nica e Gest?o Industrial Leca do Balio Portugal
Instituto Superior T?cnicoResearch Fellow; Associate ProfessorLisboa Portugal
Intelligent EnergyManaging Director CommercialLondon United Kingdom
Intelligent Energy Ltd. London United Kingdom
Intercool Middle EastGroup President & CEOAmman Jordan
International Innovation Services Ltd.DirectorSheffield United Kingdom
International Solar Energy Society, German SectionChairmanKarlsruhe Germany
Invest?UKSenior Project Manager - EuropeLondon SW I H OET United Kingdom
IVT Center Turku Turku Finland
J. K. Switchboards Ltd.Imports - Exports ManagerNicosia-Cyprus Cyprus
J3E?diteur D?l?gu?, R?dacteur en chefParis Cedex 18 France
Jindal Aluminium Ltd.General ManagerBangalore India
John Deere ePower TechnologiesManager, MarketingMolineILUSA
JOHN DEERE WERKE ZWEIBR?CKENProject Engineer LogisticsZweibr?cken Germany
John Wiley & Sons, LtdB2B Manager Communications TechnologyChichester, West Sussex United Kingdom
Johnson Controls GmbHProject Manager DaimlerChrysler Business UnitSindelfingen Germany
JournalistFreelance JournalistWilhelmsdorf Germany
JournalistFreelance JournalistParis France
JournalistFreelance JournalistTorontoONCanada
Juan Pelegrin Consulting Z?rich Switzerland
K&D Kommunikation und Design GmbHBusiness Development ManagerHannover Germany
K.P.T. BUILDING Bangkok, Wattana Thailand
KAMUE Kommunikation-Agentur Medien Umwelt Energie KG Hamburg Germany
KANKAANP?? WORKSManager, SalesKankaanp Finland
KfWSenior Power EngineerFrankfurt am Main Germany
KHAOS CO., LTD.General ManagerKuritagun Shiga Japan
Klockner-Moeller LtdProduction ManagerDublin 11 Ireland
K?hler & Ziegler GmbHVertrieb / SalesLollar Germany
Korea Gas CorporationSenior ResearcherAnsan-City Korea
K?HRER ELEKTROSYSTEME GmbHManagerBenningen Germany
Laempoetaito Oy Pori Finland
L-B-Systemtechnik GmbHProject Manager HydrogenOttobrunn Germany
LEE Ruhr-University Bochum Bochum Germany
LEM Deutschland GmbHVertrieb IndustriewandlerGross-Gerau Germany
Lenzing Plastics GmbH & Co KGSales Manager Yarns for Braided PackingsLenzing Austria
Leroy SomerMarketing Manager Alternator DivisionAngoul?me Cedex France
LG ChemSenior Scientist Corporate R&DDaejeon Korea
LG Technology Center EuropeGeneral Manager & Head of LGTCENeuss Germany
Loctite European GroupMarket Development ManagerGarching-Hochbr?ck Germany
Longreach Capital Pty Ltd Bulla Victoria Australia
Los Alamos National LaboratoryTechnical Staff Member/ Project LeaderLos AlamosNMUSA
Ludwig B?lkow Systemtechnik GmbH Ottobrunn Germany
Mainova AGProject EngineerFrankfurt am Main Germany
Marokkanische Vereinigung in Deutschland ausgebildeter Fach- und F?hrungskr?fteAssesseurCasablanca 01 Morocco
Martin Walter Ultraschalltechnik AGKey Account ManagerStraubenhardt Germany
Membrane Reactor Technologies Ltd.President & CEOVancouverBCCanada
MES-DEA S.A.Electrical Engineer, Components Sales ManagerStabio Switzerland
MES-DEA saComponents Sales ManagerStabio Switzerland
Messer Griesheim GmbHSales Manager Cryogenic and VPSA On-Site SystemsKrefeld Germany
Messer Griesheim GmbHSales Manager Synthesegas-On-Site-AnlagenKrefeld Germany
METAL-TECH LTD.Project Manager Fuel CellsBeer-Sheva Israel
Methanex CorporationInfrastructure Manager - Fuel Cell DepartmentVancouverBCCanada
mevoxis medienmanagementGesch?ftsf?hrerWunsdorf Germany
Millennium CellVice President Development - TransportationEatontownNJUSA
Millennium Cell EatontownNJUSA
MiniHYDROGEN ApsSales DirectorIkast Denmark
Mitsui & Co. Deutschland GmbHDirectorD?sseldorf Germany
MK & Associates Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire United Kingdom
MLG K?ln-Ossendorf Germany
MOOG Holding GmbHMarketing Manager EuropeB?blingen Germany
Morgan Fuel CellBusiness Development ManagerBromborough United Kingdom
Morgan Fuel CellBusiness Development ManagerBromborough, Wirral United Kingdom
MTU CFC Solutions GmbH Munich Germany
MTU CFC Solutions GmbHVice President, COO / CTOMunich Germany
MTU CFC Solutions GmbH M?nchen Germany
Multi-Contact (South East Asia) Pte LtdGeneral ManagerSingapore Singapore
MVV Energie AG Mannheim Germany
nash_elmo Industries GmbHProduktmanagerBad Neustadt Germany
National Institute for Scientific Research in Electrostatics and ElectrotechnologiesDirectorBucharest 3 Romania
NATIONAL INSTRUMENTSAcademic Program Representative Central EuropeMunich Germany
National Instruments Germany GmbHTechnical Sales EngineerMunich Germany
National Thermal Power CorporationManager ElectricalSonebhadra India
Nature Power Consult Magdeburg Germany
NedStack Fuel Cell Technology BVGeneral ManagerArnhem The Netherlands
NedStack fuel cell technology B.V.DirectorArnhem The Netherlands
NEWAGE AVK SEGMarketing CONCYCLEKempen Germany
NEWAGE AVK SEGChief Engineer - R & DStamford, Lincolnshire United Kingdom
N-GHYPresident - Directeur GeneralALBI Cedex France
N-GHY fuel proscessors for fuel cells, S.A.PresidentALBI Cedex 9 France
NITTO DENKOBusiness Development ManagerHasselt Belgium
Nohken Inc.Coordinator System Engineering Dept.Osaka 564-0052 Japan
NokiaArea Manager, EuropeHamburg Germany
nordpressRedakteurIsernhagen Germany
Norsk Hydro ASAManager Business Development HydrogenOslo Norway
Norsk Hydro ElectrolysersMarketing DirectorNotodden Norway
Norsk Hydro Electrolysers ASAdministration SecretaryNotodden Norway
Northern Institute of TechnologyGlobal Technology Management MechatronicsHamburg Germany
Northrop Grumman - Component TechnologiesVertriebsingenieurFriedrichshafen Germany
NTDA EnergDirector - Strategy & Investor RelationsPaterna (Valencia) Spain
Nuvera Fuel CellsDirector Hydrogen Systems Business DevelopmentCambridgeMAUSA
Nuvera Fuel CellsVice President MarketingCambridgeMAUSA
Nuvera Fuel CellsDirector Distributed GenerationCambridgeMAUSA
Nuvera Fuel Cells, Inc.Marketing DirectorCambridgeMAUSA
Office of Naval Research Int'l Field OfficeAssociate DirectorLondon, NW1 5TH U.K. United Kingdom
Ohio Department of DevelopmentTrade AdvisorColumbusOHUSA
?kotest VerlagEditorFrankfurt am Main Germany
OMG AG & Co. KGDirector Marketing & SalesHanau-Wolfgang Germany
OMG AG & Co. KG Hanau-Wolfgang Germany
Operational Energy Group LimitedManaging DirectorBangkok Thailand
OptimisourcesManagerCh?lons en Champagne France
OWP Offshore Wind Power Development GmbHManaging DirectorErkelenz Germany
P21 GmbHSales ManagerBrunnthal / Munich Germany
P21 GmbHSales ManagerBrunnthal Germany
Parker Hannifin UK LtdMarketing ManagerDewsbury West Yorkshire United Kingdom
Payam   Iran
PIOS - hydrogen - cycle Ulm Germany
PIOS Hydrogen Cycle Ulm Germany
PIREXManagerSan Agustin Peru
PlanEnergiProject ManagerSk?rping Denmark
PLANET - Planungsgruppe Energie und Technik GbRUmweltberaterOldenburg Germany
Plug Power Inc.Director of MarketingLathamNYUSA
Plug Power Inc. LathamNYUSA
polyMaterials AGChemistKaufbeuren Germany
Porous Materials, Inc.Technical DirectorIthacaNYUSA
Pressefoto BerlinFotografBerlin Germany
prevost ltd. Annecy-le-Vieux Cedex France
PROGRAMA Opini?o LivreDirectorPorto Alegre - RS Brazil
PROTON ENERGY SYSTEMSDirector of SalesWallingfordCTUSA
PROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbHHead of SalesStarnberg Germany
PROTON MOTOR Fuel Cell GmbHHead of SalesStarnberg Germany
PSI Gifhorn Germany
PSI Presse - Service - International Hannover-Isernhagen Germany
qualiflowDirector R/D, R&D Vice PresidentMontpellier - Cedex 9 France
QuestAir TechnologieAccount ManagerBurnabyBCCanada
QuestAir Technologies Inc.Manager, Planning & External CommunicationsBurnabyBCCanada
QuinTech e.K. G?ppingen Germany
raci s.r.l.responsabile ufficio tecnicoMilano Italy
rami?-trade d.o.o.ManagerPodstrana Croatia
Remeha B.V.Technical DirectorApeldoorn The Netherlands
REpower Systems AGCEOHamburg Germany
ResearchAlliance Fuel Cells Baden-WuerttembergGeneral ManagerStuttgart Germany
RHODIUS GmbHProduktentwicklungWeissenburg Germany
Roen EstAmministratoreMedicina (BO) Italy
ROEN EST FUEL CELLManagerMedicina (BO) Italy
Ruhrgas AGVice PresidentEssen Germany
Ruhrgas AG Essen Germany
RWE Fuel Cells GmbH Essen Germany
S&C ELECTRIC CANADA LTD.PresidentTorontoONCanada
S?hk? & teleEditor in ChiefHelsinki Finland
Saia-Burgess Dreieich GmbH & Co. KGMarket Segment Manager Energy ControlsOldenburg Germany
Saia-Burgess Dreieich GmbH & CO. KGMarket Segment Manager Energy ControlsOldenburg Germany
Saltek s.r.o. Praha 4 Czech Republic
Samsung SDI CO. LTD.Senior ScientistBerlin Germany
Samsung SDI CO. LTD.Acting ManagerBerlin Germany
Samtech International, Inc.Vice President General ManagerCarsonCAUSA
Sapphire Controls LtdDirectorNorwich NR7 8SQ United Kingdom
SarounehSales ManagerOroumieh Iran
Schleicher & Co International AGLeitung MarketingMarkdorf/ Bodensee Germany
Schneider Consultoria Industrial LtdaIndustrial ConsultorChap?co Brazil
Schneider ElectricCorporate R & DGrenoble cedex 9 France
Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHProject Manager Fuel CellsHeuchelheim Germany
Schunk Kohlenstofftechnik GmbHForschung und Entwicklung, Projektmanager BrennstoffzelleHeuchelheim Germany
Schweizerische BotschaftBotschafterBerlin Germany
Scientific Generics LimitedBusiness Area ManagerCambridge, Harston United Kingdom
Sci-Tech International ApSDirectorHoersholm Denmark
Sehil Aussenhandels-GmbHGesch?ftsf?hrerHamburg Germany
SEIM S.r.l.Sales ManagerCusago (MI) Italy
SES ASTRASenior Station Infrastructure Engineer, Power/Telecommunication/Security Team CoordinatorCh?teau de Betzdorf Luxembourg
SETE Technical Services S.A.Chief Operations OfficerJeddah Kingdom of Saudia Arabia
SGB StarkstromMarketing AssistantRegensburg Germany
SGL TECHNOLOGIES GmbHDirector Sales & Marketing EuropeMeitingen Germany
SGL TECHNOLOGIES GmbH Meitingen Germany
Shanghai Meijian L.P.G. Co. Ltd.Vice ChairmanShanghai P.R. China
Shanghai Transportation UniversityProfessor, Deputy DirectorShanghai P.R.China
Shenyang Staunche Technology LimitedManagerShenyang P.R. China
Sherkat Sahami CharkheshgarMaintenance ManagerTehran Iran
SHERPAQ Heerlen The Netherlands
SIEB & MEYER AGSalesL?neburg Germany
Siemens Dematic Corp.Director Technology Management Center for ControlsGrand RapidsMIUSA
siGEN LimitedManaging DirectorAberdeen Scotland
SinduflexManagerCacia Portugal
Smart Fuel Cell GmbHMarketingBrunnthal-Nord Germany
Solar Energy Group SrlProject ManagerMilano Italy
Solar-Dorf Kettmannshausen e.V.Member of the BoardWipfratal Germany
SOTEG S.A.CEOEsch-sur-Alzette Luxembourg
Spark Energy S.p.A.Responsabile Vendite ItaliaPossagno (TV) Italy
SPD Landesverband Baden-W?rttembergPressesprecherStuttgart Germany
Splendor GmbHGesch?ftsf?hrerJesteburg Germany
sreGeneral Manager & CEOLisboa Portugal
sre solu??es racionais de energiaGeneral ManagerLisboa Spain
sre solu??es racionais de energiaSystems EngineerLisboa Spain
Staatsministerium Baden-Wuerttemberg Stuttgart Germany
Stad GENKSchepenGenk Belgium
Stadt Espelkamp Espelkamp Germany
Stadt EspelkampTechnical Architect and City Planer AK NWEspelkamp Germany
Stadtverkehr Essen Germany
Stephan Riemann Dienstleistungen Mechatronik Ehringshausen Germany
Stuttgart Region Economic Develpoment CorporationDirectorStuttgart Germany
Subodh TechnologistsManaging DirectorNavi Mumbai India
Sulzer Hexis AGMarketing & SalesWinterthur Switzerland
Sulzer Hexis AGMarketingWinterthur Switzerland
Sumitomo Benelux S.A./N.V.DirectorBrussels Belgium
Sumitomo Chemical Deutschland GmbHSenior Manager Business DevelopmentD?sseldorf Germany
Sunmedia Verlags-GmbHHerausgeber, Gesch?ftsf?hrerHannover Germany
Suvrema S.r.l. Roma Italy
swb BremerhavenVorstandsreferentBremerhaven Germany
Sweidan Trading Est.General ManagerAmman Khalda Jordan
Syspilot Industrie Consulting GmbH B?blingen Germany
T- Systems International GmbHConsultant Life Cycle EngineeringLeinfelden- Echterdingen Germany
T+I Technologie- und InnovationsConsult GmbHConsultPotsdam Germany
TAIM-TFG Zaragoza Spain
tapas-multimedia Lehrte Germany
Tavrida Electric AGManagerin Kommunikation/ PR/ ITErlangen Germany
TECH-MADE 2000 LTDTechnical Director Electrical Controls SpecialistBudapest Hungary
Technical   Germany
Technische Universit?t Berlin Berlin Germany
Technische Universit?t ClausthalInstitutsdirektorClausthal-Zellerfeld Germany
Technische Universit?t Clausthal Clausthal-Zellerfeld Germany
Technische Universit?t Clausthal Clausthal-Zellerfeld Germany
Technische Universit?t Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany
Techno SK Co., Ltd.Vice PresidentSeoul Korea
TechnoPress Eichwalde/Berlin Germany
Tecnofil s.r.l. Cerro Maggiore (MI) Italy
TerlizziProjects ManagerSao Paulo Brazil
THALES instruments GmbHManaging DirectorOldenburg Germany
The Hydrogen & Fuel Cell LetterEditor & PublisherRhinecliffNYUSA
The IEEEditor - Power Engineering MagazineStevenage United Kingdom
The National Confederation of Employers of the Republic of MoldovaCounsellorChisinau Republic of Moldova
The University of Science and Technology of ChinaDirector, Department of Material Science and Engineering  P.R. China
Tianjin University Tianjin P.R. China
Timken Engineering and Research - India (P) Ltd.Global Manager - Product TechnologyBangalore India
TOPPAN PRINTINGS CO. LTD London United Kingdom
Toyota Motor EuropeSenior Specialist Government AffairsBrussels Belgium
TQ-Systems GmbHRepresentative of TQ GroupSeefeld Germany
Truma Ger?tetechnik GmbH & Co. KGVorentwicklungPutzbrunn bei M?nchen Germany
Tsinghua UniversityDepartment of ChemistryBeijing P.R. China
T-Systems International GmbHConsultant Life Cycle EngineeringLeinfelden-Echterdingen Germany
TUTHILL Transport TechnologiesEuropean Sales ManagerWavre Belgium
T?V NORD AKADEMIE Hannover Germany
T?V Nord e.V.Projektleiter Stabsstelle Neue Gesch?ftsfelderHamburg Germany
Ubi FranceHead of Department Energy - EnvironmentParis France
udomi - competence in fuel cell systemsManagerNeuenstein Germany
Umwelt Kontor - Renewable Energy AGSenior Projects ManagerErkelenz Germany
Umweltinstitut - Umwelt ttz BremerhavenProject ManagerBremerhaven Germany
UNEPExecutive Director, Under-Secretary-GeneralNairobi Kenya
University of Applied Science Erfurt Erfurt Germany
University of Applied Science M?nster Steinfurt Germany
University of Applied Science Schmalkalden Schmalkalden Germany
University of Applied Sciences Bielefeld Bielefeld Germany
University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt Darmstadt Germany
University of Applied Sciences D?sseldorf D?sseldorf Germany
University of Applied Sciences D?sseldorf D?sseldorf Germany
University of Applied Sciences Stralsund Stralsund Germany
University of Hanover Hannover Germany
Uponor Unipipe SystemsGeneral ManagerHassfurt Germany
UTEC-ThomsenManaging DirectorGda?sk-Oliwa Poland
UTET PERIODICICarporedattoreMilano Italy
Vaillant GmbHProduct Manager Fuel Cell TechnologyRemscheid Germany
Vaillant GmbH Remscheid Germany
vandecappelle N.V.ManagerWetteren Belgium
Vandenborre Hydrogen Systems N.V.Sales Manager EuropeOevel Belgium
Vandenborre Hydrogen Systems N.V.ChairmanOevel Belgium
VDI Verlag GmbHSenior EditorD?sseldorf Germany
VDS Verkehrstechnik GmbHManagerL?bau Germany
Verein Deutscher IngenieureLeiter Presse- und ?ffentlichkeitsarbeitK?ln Germany
Verlag f?r Technik und WirtschaftRedaktionMainz Germany
verlag moderne industrie AG & Ko.KGEditorLandsberg Germany
VIPNieders?chischer Ministerpr?sidentHannover Germany
VIPMinister of Economic Affairs, Employment and Transport of the State of Schleswig-Holstein, GermanyKiel Germany
VIPMember of Parliament, Professor of Economics, Budget & Finance CommitteeBudapest Hungary
VIPTech GmbHVertrieb & Marketing Gesch?ftsf?hrerinN?rtingen Germany
Visitor D?ren Germany
Visitor Duisburg Germany
Visitor Waltrop Germany
Visitor Altenberge Germany
Visitor Berlin Germany
Visitor Freiburg Germany
Visitor Holle/Grasdorf Germany
Visitor Ronnenberg Germany
Visitor Hannover Germany
Visitor Darmstadt Germany
Visitor Pattensen Germany
VisitorEigenkapitalfinanziererMettmann Germany
VisitorSales DevelopmentBerlin Germany
Visitor Clichy France
Visitor Paris France
VisitorConsultant, Advanced Electric Transport, Hydrogen Economy & Fuell Cell ApplicationsParis France
Visitor   Guatemala
Visitor   Japan
VisitorConsultant Natural ResourcesTriesenberg Principality of Liechtenstein
VisitorChemical EngineerBahcelievler/Istanbul Turkey
VNG-Verbundnetz Gas Aktiengesellschaft Leipzig Germany
Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg Germany
Volkswagen AG Wolfsburg Germany
VWEW Energieverlag GmbHEditorFrankfurt am Main Germany
W.L. Gore & Associates GmbH Putzbrunn/M?nchen Germany
W.L. Gore & Associates GmbHUnternehmensbereich Industrieprodukte/ KommunikationswirtPutzbrunn/ M?nchen Germany
Walther Pr?zision Schnellkupplungssysteme Haan Germany
W?rtsil? CorporationDesignerEspoo Finland
Webasto Thermosysteme GmbHDirector Development APUNeubrandenburg Germany
Welt der Wunder GmbH M?nchen Germany
Whitby Bird & Partners ENGINEERSDirectorCambridge United Kingdom
wiba M?nchen Germany
wimat groupI & DQueluz Portugal
Wissens- und Innovationsnetzwerk Polymertechnik Wolfsburg Germany
Wolfgang Bock Gartenbaubetrieb Pflanzenexport KG Bremen Germany
Wolfgang SchmidFreelance JournalistM?nchen Germany
Wolfgang Steche Fotografie Hamburg Germany
Woodward Industrial Controls Sta. Genebra Brazil
WSB Service GmbHManagerDresden Germany
Yamuna Gases & Chemicals Ltd.Jt. Managing DirectorNew Delhi India
Zastava VozilaDeputy Manager General Production & Supply & InfrastructureKragujevac Yugoslavia
ZBT - Zentrum f?r Brennstoffzellen Technik Duisburg Germany
Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-ForschungFachgebietsleiter Elektrochemische WasserstofftechnikUlm Germany
Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttembergFachgebietsleiter Elektrochemische WasserstofftechnikUlm Germany
Zentrum f?r Sonnenenergie- und Wasserstoff-Forschung Baden-W?rttemberg Ulm Germany
ZERI Deutschland e.V.Deputy ChairmanHannover Germany
ZfK - Zeitung f?r kommunale WirtschaftJournalistM?nchen Germany
Zorge Industrie BVManager Sales & MarketingAG Katwijk The Netherlands
ZPT Saar e.V.Projektleiterin MessenSaarbr?cken Germany
ZukunftsZentrum HertenSoftwareentwicklerHerten Germany
ZVEIDepartment Economic and Industrial Policy, Foreign Trade, Sales PromotionFrankfurt am Main Germany




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