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MOST orders three Fuel Cell Buses for Beijing
Specialities to be observed in China
活动日程安排, 2002 年8 月-2004年8月
Schedule of Activities
08/2002 - 08/2004
Meetings with SHI Dinghuan, Secretary General Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Information Meetings in Shanghai and Beijing, Feb. 2004
关于Arno A. Evers展会公共关系公司, 我们的合作伙伴和发展计划
About Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR, our partners and plans
Documentation– Information Day
18th August 2004 in Munich
incl. programm
1st Day of Chinese Cooperation
Opening doors to fuel cell commercialisation: Fuel Cells in China - A Survey of current Developments

资料来源: 燃料电池的今天
(pdf) - Source: Fuel Cell Today
北京/上海之行图片资料2003年11月, 2004年2月, 3月, 6月
Impressions from Shanghai and Beijing
Nov. 2003 / February 2004 / March 2004 / June 2004
About Shanghai Shen Zheng Int`l Business, Consultant Co., Ltd.
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In memoriam: Ludwig Boelkow
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Impressions from Shanghai November 2004  
Impressions from Shanghai / Beijing October 2004
Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004
Energy Asia 2004
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004
Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, ON, Canada
Meetings in Singapore,
September 2004
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Futures Conference, Perth, Australia
Exhibiting at World Renewable Energy Congress VIII Denver, CO, USA
Arno presenting at ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA, USA
IHK Energy-Podium 2004
15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC15),
Yokohama, Japan
Impressions from HYFORUM 2004
Impressions from the
Energy Forum 2004, Varna, Bulgaria
Impressions from Dubai,
United Arab Emirates
Impressions from Argentina
Impressions from Shanghai, Beijing, P.R. China
Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF), Shanghai, P.R. China
H2PS: The 2003 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum
Washington, D.C., USA
Impressions from
Washington, D.C., USA
Energy Asia 2003
PTC Asia 2003
CeMAT Asia 2003
Factory Automation Asia 2003
Shanghai, P.R. China
NESC 2003 - 6th Int'l Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions
Impressions from Busan,
Impressions Zhuozheng Garden
in Su Zhou
2003 Fuel Cell Seminar,
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
f-cell forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Hypothesis V, Porto Conte, Italy
1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France
Cooperation for Energy Independence of Democracies in the 21st Century, Jerusalem, Israel

可更新能源技术在中国—氢能源/燃料电池, 11月4日—11月9日上海国际工业展会
中国科技部展厅 (简称MOST)
地点: 上海浦东国际博览中心
Meeting Point Renewable Energies China incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, November 4-9
At the booth of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong
About Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR, where do we come from?

Arno A. Evers sources come from the German aircraft industry, where he had an experience of top level public relation work for more than 20 years. After the foundation of Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR, Starnberg, Germany we have been organizing and realizing Group Exhibits at international fairs like HANNOVER FAIR, CeBIT and World EXPO 2000 since 1990. The great variety of our exhibitors and themes (see our previous projects) like “Hydrogen and Fuel Cells”, “Bionics - Engineering taught by nature” and “NeuroScience” lead to planned synergy effects between the participating exhibitors and the fair visitors. Besides these rather technical and science oriented themes we also organized several Groups Exhibits at CeBIT (biggest computer fair in the world) about social themes like the influence that implementing new technologies have on the society in general. All these topics are very complex and sensitive, nevertheless it is our speciality and target to explain the different contents in understandable and comprehensive ways.

Advantages through our experiences

The huge variety of background education of our team from different faculties like social sciences, engineering, economics, art and biology adding together different knowledge from their different fields of education. This additionally leads to a better understanding and acknowledge of our highly qualified customers and their related working fields.
Several factors account to our success, one is to create a unique mixture between the exhibitors and the visitors. The founder of a small start up company meets the chairman of the board of a world company or the professor meets a workman. Experts on the spot from the science and technology departments and high ranking decision makers of our exhibitors are explaining their work to our visitors.

Group Exhibit – Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, HANNOVER FAIR

Now in its 10th year, Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR has been organising the Group Exhibit – Hydrogen + Fuel Cells (H2/FC) at the annual HANNOVER FAIR, the world’s largest Industry and Energy fair, since 1995. Our Group Exhibit is considered the world biggest and respected international information hub for the H2/FC industry. Well-known and regarded as the meeting point for qualified visitors, high-level executives and influential economic leaders. Multinationals, SME’s, research institutions and industry associations come together to exhibit their latest progresses in R+D technology development and production. Hydrogen, Fuel Cells, and related products/services will be featured.

Our Full Service Packages

Our exhibitors realise the advantage which we offer through our proven Service Packages and also appreciate our dedication to personalised services and care for the ‘little details’ - before, during and after the show. We want to make a fair participation as easy as possible for our customers. We take care about everything from the booth building, the press work, Internet documentation, organisation for guided VIP tours for top ranking politicians (the German Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder was visiting us in 2001 and 2002). Our organisation also includes the catering, networking evenings, just everything that relieves our customers from a lot of work. The exhibitors should have the time to think about the most important and valuable things at a fair, their exhibits and the content. It’s not only our policy but also our philosophy in building up and securing long-lasting relationships.

Development of the Group Exhibit H2/FC at the HANNOVER FAIR 1995-2004

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The development of the Group Exhibit H2/FC at HANNOVER FAIR was not easy in the beginning. After the start in 1995 it took Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR seven years hard work to achieve the major breakthrough at 2001 with 70 international exhibitors from nine countries. We had the good luck to start early, so that we could implement successfully the presentation of a new technology at a fair. In the beginning we started with 10 exhibitors only from one country (Germany), ten years later we have gained 100 exhibitors from 19 countries. All are dedicated to drive the Hydrogen and Fuel Cells technology from the R&D stage to commercialisation. We are very proud about the fact that our Group Exhibit Hydrogen and Fuel Cells has been developed into the biggest commercial exhibition of its kind worldwide.

Cooperation James Ding, Shanghai Shen Zheng Int’l Business Consultant Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China and Arno A. Evers, Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR, Starnberg, Germany

After this successful development at Hannover Fair we would like to take the opportunity to continue our work in China.
At the Shanghai Fuel Cell Vehicle Conference December 2002 in Shanghai, we met for the first time the organizer of the event Mr. James Ding, Shanghai Shen Zheng Int’l Business Consultant Co., Ltd, Shanghai, P.R. China. James Ding also visited the Group Exhibit (H2/FC) at HANNOVER FAIR 2003 in Germany. At an other time, James Ding was also visiting high ranking representatives from the biggest German companies all over Germany. The background and the working style of James Ding was convincing us many times to prove that we found the right partner in working together on new fields in implementing new ideas in China. Arno A. Evers has already visited China seven times within the last two years. Both companies are now cooperating successfully.

Our plans at Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIIF)

After careful research at a first step we have together found out that Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIIF) enables us to offer our international customers, with whom we have a long lasting relationship, an ideal platform to cooperate with Chinese research institutes, associations and companies. On the other side this Chinese / German cooperation being located at trade fairs could give Chinese companies/institutions the opportunity to present themselves and make mutual research work and business in Europe. This would support the decision to enter the international market.
James Ding and Arno A. Evers have now the target/goal to introduce/establish and then continue every year at SIIF a new technological topic. The introduction of a new theme is like the growth of a plant. This process can take time for years, but in the end you have a satisfying result (see development chart 1995-2004). According to our experiences and business contacts we think it is a wise decision to start at SIIF 2004 with Hydrogen and Fuel Cells. Hydrogen and Fuel Cells is our main topic for 10 years now. In this field we are experts visiting more than 20 conferences every year worIdwide. In our database we have 15.000 qualified names and addresses from people working actively in this field from all over the world.

Every year a new topic, old ones continue, targeting World EXPO 2010 Shanghai

After implementing the first topic H2/FC at the SIIF November 2004 successfully, we suggest in 2005 to implement an additional second topic:
" Manufacturing and Remanufacturing Technology”.
In this field we are working very closely together with Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rolf Steinhilper, Chair Manufacturing & Remanufacturing Technology, at University Bayreuth Germany. Prof. Steinhilper has also worked as an expert and trainer building up the Shanghai Industrial Management Training Center (SIMTC) in Shanghai already as early as 1987 and 1988.
In 2006 additionally the added new topic could be “NeuroScience” and in 2007 for example “Bionic”. The continuation of this concept will enable the Chinese public to learn more about all six different (2004-2009) future oriented themes, and to see research institutions and companies working actively in these fields in 2009. This concept would then lead to a better understanding of the motto of the Shanghai World EXPO 2010. To reach the target of this unique event, bringing together Chinese and overseas specialized personnel and the general public to fulfilling the commitment of "holding a successful, splendid and memorable World EXPO".

Our experience from World EXPO 2000 Hannover, Germany

At the World EXPO 2000 Hannover, Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR was the coordinator for “Go Basic” the exhibition part of the Global Dialogue Conference “Science & Technology – Thinking the Future”. Prof. Steinhilper, head of the EXPO Office for German Sciences was subcontracting Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR to realize this exhibition. 26 Research and Science Institutes from four different countries were presenting their contribution like “Product Life Cycle Management”, “From Virtual World to real production”, “Physical and Virtual Mobility”, “Deciphering the Human Genome” and many more. At organizing the World EXPO 2000 in Hannover we collected a lot of experience how to present science oriented topics so that the mass of visitors and the medias feel attracted and were just interested in sometimes difficult to understand new ideas.
At the World EXPO 2010 Shanghai together we would be able to present the developing themes that we started to grow at the Shanghai International Industry Fair.