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展会组织: 合作单位
Organizing: Supporting Group
Arno A. Evers展会公共关系公司工作队伍
Team Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR
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MOST orders three Fuel Cell Buses for Beijing
Specialities to be observed in China
活动日程安排, 2002 年8 月-2004年8月
Schedule of Activities
08/2002 - 08/2004
Meetings with SHI Dinghuan, Secretary General Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Information Meetings in Shanghai and Beijing, Feb. 2004
关于Arno A. Evers展会公共关系公司, 我们的合作伙伴和发展计划
About Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR, our partners and plans
Documentation– Information Day
18th August 2004 in Munich
incl. programm
1st Day of Chinese Cooperation
Opening doors to fuel cell commercialisation: Fuel Cells in China - A Survey of current Developments

资料来源: 燃料电池的今天
(pdf) - Source: Fuel Cell Today
北京/上海之行图片资料2003年11月, 2004年2月, 3月, 6月
Impressions from Shanghai and Beijing
Nov. 2003 / February 2004 / March 2004 / June 2004
About Shanghai Shen Zheng Int`l Business, Consultant Co., Ltd.
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In memoriam: Ludwig Boelkow
Conference Impressions
Impressions from Shanghai November 2004  
Impressions from Shanghai / Beijing October 2004
Michelin Challenge Bibendum 2004
Energy Asia 2004
Hydrogen and Fuel Cells 2004
Conference and Trade Show
Toronto, ON, Canada
Meetings in Singapore,
September 2004
Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Futures Conference, Perth, Australia
Exhibiting at World Renewable Energy Congress VIII Denver, CO, USA
Arno presenting at ACS National Meeting Philadelphia, PA, USA
IHK Energy-Podium 2004
15th World Hydrogen Energy Conference (WHEC15),
Yokohama, Japan
Impressions from HYFORUM 2004
Impressions from the
Energy Forum 2004, Varna, Bulgaria
Impressions from Dubai,
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Impressions from Shanghai, Beijing, P.R. China
Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF), Shanghai, P.R. China
H2PS: The 2003 Hydrogen Production and Storage Forum
Washington, D.C., USA
Impressions from
Washington, D.C., USA
Energy Asia 2003
PTC Asia 2003
CeMAT Asia 2003
Factory Automation Asia 2003
Shanghai, P.R. China
NESC 2003 - 6th Int'l Conference on New Energy Systems & Conversions
Impressions from Busan,
Impressions Zhuozheng Garden
in Su Zhou
2003 Fuel Cell Seminar,
Miami Beach, Florida, USA
f-cell forum, Stuttgart, Germany
Hypothesis V, Porto Conte, Italy
1st European Hydrogen Energy Conference, Grenoble, France
Cooperation for Energy Independence of Democracies in the 21st Century, Jerusalem, Israel

可更新能源技术在中国—氢能源/燃料电池, 11月4日—11月9日上海国际工业展会
中国科技部展厅 (简称MOST)
地点: 上海浦东国际博览中心
Meeting Point Renewable Energies China incl. Hydrogen + Fuel Cells, November 4-9
At the booth of the Chinese Ministry of Science and Technology (MOST)
Venue: Shanghai New International Expo Center, Pudong
Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network Nordrhein-Westfalen
杜塞尔多夫, 德国
Dusseldorf, Germany

Dr.-Ing. Frank M. Koch (middle) from Fuel Cell Network NRW, c/o NRW State Initiative on Future Energies, Germany at his Meeting Point in discussion with Soichiro Ogawa (right), Technology Research Laboratory No. 2, Nissan Motor Co., Ltd., Japan and Jaco Reijerkerk (left), Supply - Advanced Customer Applications, from Linde AG, Linde Gas Division, Germany.

Dr.-Ing. Frank M. Koch (right) from Fuel Cell Network NRW, c/o NRW State Initiative on Future Energies, Germany explains his fuel cell projects to a trade fair visitor. A represantative (middle) of Shanghai Shen Zheng Int'l Business Consultant Co., Ltd. helps with the translation.

Dr.-Ing. Frank M. Koch (left) from Fuel Cell Network NRW, c/o NRW State Initiative on Future Energies, Germany together with a chinese trade fair visitor at his Meeting Point.

Dr.-Ing. Frank M. Koch from Fuel Cell Network NRW, c/o NRW State Initiative on Future Energies, Germany in front of his Meeting Point on the first day of the Shanghai International Industry Fair (SIF) 2004



Company Information

公司名称: 燃料电池和Nordrhein-Westfalen(北威州)氢能源网络公司
Company Association Name Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network Nordrhein-Westfalen
Website Address

Company's Interests

The Fuel Cell And Hydrogen Network NRW aims at strengthening Nordrhein-Westfalen (NRW) as a production and research base for fuel cell and hydrogen technology. About 300 members from industry and science use the services of the network.
In NRW about 50 fuel cell projects at total volume of about 100 mill. euros have been funded by about 50 mill. euros. The themes range from single system components to fuel cell applications in the portable, stationary and mobile fields. NRW is increasingly regarded as one of the leading fuel cell locations in Europe. This fact is underlined by the close cooperation of the network and its members with partners from the USA, Canada and China.

Contact at the Fair:
弗兰克 · 考赫博士
Dr.-Ing. Frank M. Koch

Click here for the posters of Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network Nordrhein-Westfalen
燃料电池和Nordrhein-Westfalen(北威州)氢能源网络公司将参加此次2004年上海国际工业展会. 点击此处阅读更多信息
Fuel Cell and Hydrogen Network Nordrhein-Westfalen is participating in the Forum. Click here to find details.