Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR

August 30 - September 02, 2011

Venue: Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten
Muenchner Strasse 17
82319 Starnberg (Germany)

Participants Guide to the WORKerence*

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The 2011 WORKerence covers 4 days in Starnberg (Germany) and will optimize the benefits of a “think tank” community assembled by Arno A. Evers and his team to consider each stage required in implementing a Global Hydrogen Society which will inevitably rely on sustainable technologies and renewable resources.

A skilled team has been assembled who are employing practical and collaborative approaches designed to implement the conditions necessary for a Global Hydrogen Society.

Advancing beyond previous limitations and goals of simple hydrogen technologies, the concept of the conference is to create the conditions necessary to empowering driver strategies to self sustaining, self financing and self realizing organized business utilities based on hydrogen as the energy carrier.

In providing expert leadership and innovation throughout; the aim is to realize a road map paper to a commercial enterprise.

Using known (and unknown) engineering which will sustain a community based on sustainable produced hydrogen, the construction of this alternative reality has the technology in place which can displace traditional fossil fuel usage. Further, replacing today’s low efficiency transmission electrical grids can also be replaced with superior energy systems whose distribution networks are based in energy demand which meets future need.
With a clearer path to efficiency gains over traditional wasteful systems the advantages of a new technological revolution will lead to better engineering outcomes and solutions.

Conferences or fairs are often very authoritative, but the topics raised by emerging renewable technologies specialists are often communicated as a pastiche of disjointed presentations. The results are often unclear and lack a central theme. However, the solution being offered at this WORKerence is a completely new format based upon the gains associated with specialist’s co-operation.

The four Workshop streams will feature the following topics:
 Source, Production and Storage of Hydrogen...
 Commercialization on its Way...
 Financing the Future...
 New Applications for New Markets...

The WORKerence offers a total of 20 interactive, moderated workshop sessions in four workshop streams. Each topic will be individually developed from the thoughts and inputs of the attendees paying particular attention to new market opportunities ready for commercial solutions, its costs, advantages and challenges. The relative small size of the WORKerence (ca. 60 participants), guarantees the maximum use of available networking time.

Unlike in regular conferences or single workshops, where the topics are only guidelines, covering the central concept, the WORKerence offers that content is actively modified during the process according to particular group requests and circumstance.

Overlapping subjects are used as onsite learning aids where the differences are encouraged to new interpretations being possible. During the WORKerence participants can change their workshop streams at any time and are encouraged to offer their own original contributions. Participation is vital and elaborating on your own experience, lessons learned and viewpoints will enrich the quality of debate where duplication of effort is kept to a minimum.

The structure of the WORKerence is explained briefly at the first get-together on August 30, where participants receive a 2-hour introductory talk/discussion that covers the unique aspects of the WORKerence. The aim is to set out the central theme, thus putting all the topics into perspective.
This also makes sure that the entire subject, and consequently each of the specific workshop streams, will take place in the time allotted with the highest possible efficiency. At the end of the introductory talk, participants will choose their individual subjects from 20 workshop sessions which will be performed in 4 interactive, moderated workshop streams.

The final project assignment of the WORKerence is to produce a paper which outlines a viable long-term strategy. The emphasis is always on the importance of the implementation of a Global Hydrogen Society, setting out the targets to be reached in 1, 5 and 10 years.
Creating a Sustainable Infrastructure based solely on Renewable Energies will after the plans adoption become the primary working tool for industry professionals worldwide and also feature as the basis of future WORKerences policy. It will anticipate the required guide lines for all further mutual activities of attendees and hydrogen ambassadors.

A draft of the paper will be continuously circulated for ongoing and real time discussion during the course of the WORKerence. Before final approval by all attendees on September 01 the paper will reflect the work, efforts and experience offered by the mutual patronage of all attendees.

It is our earnest desire that the WORKerence will open new intellectual vistas, inviting many more questions. Of course new solutions are always difficult to implement but with a clear vision and plan, the Hydrogen Society is waiting for all of us.

Thank you again for your kind consideration and attending our WORKerence.

Please use this LinkedIn group:
for your questions, remarks and additions and to find out more about the WORKerence.

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* This inaugural approach combines conference, workshops and forums as a single entity which we have termed a WORKerence.

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