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Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR Virtual Hydrogen and Fuel Cells FAIR Owned and operated by Arno A. Evers and his team
Four unique opportunities to promote hydrogen and fuel cells global:
(1) online with a virtual booth
(2) at “real life” international hydrogen and fuel cells conferences or trade shows
(3) both or (4) supporting

The global market entry of hydrogen and fuel cells seems to be close, however, challenges are still to be solved, especially in a period of fi nancial turmoil and economic uncertainty like nowadays. Use the H2FCVirtualFAIR to combine real life and the internet. Expand operations, information and marketing strategies, generate broad public support to accelerate the commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells.
Let an international experienced team support your goals!

Four reasons to attend

(1) Save travel cost, stress, time and many other resources
Reduce the exploitation of resources in attending the H2FCVirtualFAIR. On this one-of-a-kind online platform, exhibitors and users can use all services in the comfort of their own offi ce and/or home environment. All information updates are as close as a mouse click … !

(2) Network with international H2FC representatives
Profi t from attending international H2FC conferences/ trade shows together with us to meet participants of the H2FCVirtualFAIR and all conference attendees. You just can’t beat personal connections. No need to ship exhibits or brochures. We invite representatives from politics, academia, media and the public, which will enrich your “fair in a fair” … !

(3) Combine “real Life” and the Internet
Use the internet with new feedback and networking possibilities, combined with our constant development of new services, both virtual and face-to-face. Visit with us “real Life” international H2FC conferences or fairs. Overcome time and place barriers by making information available anytime, anyplace. Be hosted and act as a host respectively … !

(4) Post your own H2FC message online
Become a personal supporter of the H2FCVirtualFAIR. This membership entitles you to download your picture plus a personal video/audio/text message on the future of hydrogen and fuel cells, to be released on our online Personal Support Membership Gallery (PSMG). You are also entiteled to attend “realLife” international H2FC conferences or fairs at reduced prices … !

Additional reasons to attend

> Engage with those who share your vision
The H2FCVirtualFAIR is an ideal tool to create and achieve a common vision: The implementation of hydrogen and fuel cells to become global reality. To accomplish this goal, interested H2/FC pioneers, associations, companies and research institutions can join forces to launch an open platform for collaboration and innovation … !

> Join to launch personalized network services
The H2FCVirtualFAIR is tailored to your specifi c needs and requirements, while at the same time Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR and his team constantly develops new tools, as animated booths, to maximize the effi cient use of your internet presence. Our team personally assists you, to meet all your online and onsite demands … !

> Introduce your own H2/FC expertise
Benefi t with your participation at the H2FCVirtualFAIR from a user-friendly platform to present and distribute your hydrogen and fuel cells expertise and developments. Effective and easy to handle online procedures for participants and users alike, supported by by our experienced and dedicated team … !

> Treat yourself to Full Service
Use our unique Full Service Package, exceeding your requirements of an online and onsite service: customized virtual booths, easy up- and downloads, live networking opportunities plus a wide range of other new services. No investment in hardware, software, design, promotion and manpower required. Our renowed single point of contact meets all your expectations … !

> Exploit knowledge gained at 100+ H2/FC conferences
Arno A. Evers FAIR-PR and his team are actively committed to this topic since 1995. They attended and documented 100+ international H2/FC conferences worldwide. Arno is also the founder of Europe‘s largest and most important Group Exhibit Hydrogen and Fuel Cells at the annual Hannover Fair in Germany … !

Become part of our renowed webportal with more than 7.000 own different pages-URLs and 2.609.481 page views in 2008 alone. Achieve higher search engine rankings and sustained success for your own content, posted on the HFCVirtualFAIR, confi rmed by hundreds of our front page results in search engines like Google. Join our highly successful “real Life” events at international H2/FC conferences and trade shows.

Let our success be yours in implementing new ideas in the global commercialization of hydrogen and fuel cells!

Go to where the market is!

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