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Opening of the Group Exhibit
on Monday, 10 September 2001
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Opening of the Group Exhibit at HYPOTHESIS IV:
Participants: Ulrich Walter, Prof. Dr. Carl-Jochen Winter,
Prof. Dr. Ken-Ichiro Ota and Dr. Rolf Ewald (from left to right).

Introduction of Fuel Cell Initiatives of the German Federal States and
German Research Institutes:

Participants: Ulrich Walter, Dr. Karsten Schröder, Prof. Dr.-Ing. Ulrich Wagner,
Dr. Frank-Michael Baumann, Dr. Werner Lehnert and Dr. Manfred Wilms
(from left to right).

Introduction of four exhibitors with commercial products in the
market of hydrogen and fuel cell technology:

Participants: Ulrich Walter, Uwe Küter, Jörg Albrecht, Peter Purps
and Dr. Bernd Rohland (from left to right).

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